[Mobile – Special] April Fools Day: Ensemble Stars, A3 and Yumeiro Cast 2017 Edition

Today is the day where you too can be the April Fool. April Fools Day is taken very seriously in Japan and is prolly one of the most anticipated dates when it comes to being entertained by parodies/jokes set up by companies that produce your favorite games and animes. Mobages are especially predictable to use this day to its full potential by putting out bonus content, be it gags or free stuff. I’ll be rounding up what happened with my three favorite mobages.

Sorry I won’t be doing anything else for April Fools other than this post. So… Happy April Fools 😆

Ensemble Stars – Sentimental Liars

2017-04-01 10.03.17

The teachers of Yumenosaki are back at it again. This is a sequel to last year’s April Fools Day event, where we saw Jin and Akiyan as young babbies, still youthful and full of dreams of being idols. I summed it up in this post.

Just like last year, we have a story written by Akira-sensei and 2 bonus cards of Jin and Akiyan. We also get a short clip of their debut song when they were idols… however it doesn’t last long (maybe under a minute) and most of the sample of the song was just the two of them bickering to each other, we only get a few lines of their beautiful singing voices 😆 The jokes on us, I guess.


Edit: Just today–2/4/2017–(I hope this is real), they announced that they will be releasing a CD for Jin & Akiomi in July 2017. There will be a full version of their song “Sentimental Liars” and two solo songs each, one for Jin and another for Akiomi. The titles for the solo songs have yet to be confirmed or recorded. There will be karaoke ver. in the CD too. You can watch the preview here (you may be blocked from seeing it depending on your country).

The story, if I can sum it up and do it accurately, is that Akiyan found a video of them as idols. We see both Jin and Akiyan in their unit uniforms and also find out that Jin’s older brother died around before their debut, however he was told to use this as publicity by announcing it to all of his fans to help boost the sales of their CD. He laments that his brother is definitely going to heaven, however where he is going is prolly hell for what he’s done. He wonders if he was cut out for being a super idol, thinking about what his parents said about becoming a doctor. Akiomi also laments on how he would prolly not be a super idol like Jin, despite him saying again and again that he will be and trying so hard to reach to Jin’s levels. I think in this story he seems to be less hopeful and youthful than he was during Ensemble Stardust, like he’s become disillusioned to being an idol but not as badly as Jin is now.

2017-04-01 10.12.04

There was a few other plot points in the story but I seemed to have zoned out while trying to juggle two games at once, sorry. But hopefully there will be a full translation up online!

As for the cards, thankfully this time they don’t have a lot of nodes on their idol road to unlock but it does cost a few large jewels… Thankfully their idol uniforms are unlockable, tho it would’ve been hilarious if they wore it as adults too lol.

A4! / Act! Addict! Actors! Academy!

A3! has become A4! (they even have a title call where the cast members say “A-四!” lol). Its not a complete makeover of the app though, you get 1 young Isuke “Ouji-sama” Matsukawa card for logging in and all of the daily missions give out another Isuke card and 17 daiya for completing it all, so you can bloom your Isuke.

The story for the April Fools Day Event is with Isuke’s card so you have to max his affection to read the two part story. Let me tell you, the story was comedy gold (well to me it was).

So the story is about Izumi (the heroine of A3), on her first day of school at Hanasaki Academy (the high school Sakuya, Masumi and Banri attend). Her brothers–Sakyo the oldest brother, Omi the second eldest and Kazunari the third eldest–are ready to send her off to her new school. Sakyo gets sentimental over the fact she’s grown up, like it was only yesterday that she was saying that she wanted to marry Sakyo when she gets older (no lie, this is what Sakyo is thinking). Her brothers, if not all of the dudes around Izumi, tell her she’s gotten beautiful and stuff. If you haven’t noticed yet but this story is full of otome game cliches/tropes, and its done on purpose. Don’t you worry, there’s more to come.

So Sakuya is Izumi’s childhood friend and is here to walk her to school, Tsuzuru is Sakuya’s older brother and the three of them would hang out all the time as kids and having not seen her for a long time, compliments on how beautiful she’s become (and then muttering under his breath after they left on how he wished he was a high schooler again just to hang out with her at high school lmao). Muku and Yuki have a moment with Izumi too, where they are happy to see her (their old senpai) going to Hanasaki. At Hanasaki Academy, we meet the Chairman/President/Principal of the school: Homare, who recites a poem, as he always does. In a gaggle of fangirls, the prince of the school, Isuke, arrives at school with his talking idol parrot Kamekichi. Young Isuke talks like a delinquent and is kinda edgy lol, totally the opposite to the Isuke we know today. The first time he meets Izumi he calls her a “まな板女” (flat chested) and that pisses her off but he already peaced out before she could react.

We get to see Itaru as the homeroom teacher, who sort of bullies Izumi by making her carry heavy stuff for him. Tasuku and Tsumugi are also teachers, tho Tsumugi seems to think the reason why Itaru is making her carry that stuff is because he’s interested in her or something. Later Masumi appears, claiming that he and Izumi knew each other from another life and that to prove it, she must have the other half of a violet magatama which he owns one half of. He also spurts out that they’re bounded by fate and that she has to remember, though it only confuses her more. Azuma waltzes in to intercept the conversation before it becomes out of control. He’s apparently the school nurse and gives an invitation for Izumi to come over to the nurse’s office some time where there’ll be a bed free for her 😉 But I think she said she’ll think about it.

It’s the afternoon, Izumi is about to go home when the guys from O-High School (Juza, Taichi and Tenma) arrive to see the new student they’ve been hearing about… despite them being from another schhol they were just dying to see her lmao. Tenma tries to woo Izumi by suggesting they should have a scandalous love affair bc he’s a celebrity, Taichi tells him off bc its unfair to ask her out and then immediately asks Izumi out. Then Banri barges in to say that as the top of the school, everything is his, including Izumi, which makes Juza angry and going “I won’t let you… no, I won’t let anyone have her” and they get into a fight.

Hisoka pops out of nowhere to help Izumi, but then Misumi, the Treasure Hunter, comes in to say that he’s found his treasure, which is Izumi. Then the two of them get into a fight over Izumi, While all of this is escalating quickly, Citron legit comes down from the sky claiming that he’s an alien and he’s interested in humans and thinks Izumi is his type (I think he’s also got a UFO or something). As everything is going crazy, Isuke rescues Izumi and takes her to the roof where he confesses that since he laid eyes on her, he could never forget about her even if he’s asleep or awake (even though they just met each other this morning). Isuke tries to close the distance between him and Izumi and says these words: “I’ll make you MANKAI…”

2017-04-01 13.23.20

And then we’re back to reality. Turns out this was all a figment of Isuke’s imagination, or well it was a dream he had, and he’s telling everyone his idea for a new performance based on it that will be a full cast harem love comedy. Izumi and Sakyo are first to reject it and Itaru is like “Wow, that was terrible”. However Masumi seems to be for it considering the plot line of him and Izumi knowing each other in a past life.

Then again, it makes you think, did Isuke really have a dream where he was a cool high schooler and he also had a crush on Izumi like the other guys or did he put the rest of it together after he was inspired by the dream. Who knows lol. It was a nice story though, I enjoyed it and loved the blatant cliches it was parodying on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they followed that up next year’s April Fools with a continuation.

In addition to the story, we also get “My Page” dialogues from the MANKAI boys where they try to tell lies because it is April Fools Day. There’s a video compilation of Spring&Summer’s lines and Autumn&Winter’s lines.

Yumeiro Cast – 8bit ver.


For Yumeiro Cast, April Fools lasts for about a few days (I think about 5 days). This year its 8bit themed, with two 8bit renditions of “Curtains Open” and “Lollipop’n World” as songs to play. Clearing the hard ver. of these songs will give you Kaito and Hinata’s April Fools Day SR Cards, which also has a code. All of the 7 April Fools Day SR coach cards have a letter or a number that can be used to input into the campaign here to get bonus stuff. Check the official twitter for a hint on how to get a proper code (the hint is the placement of each character in the image). The bonus stuff includes a wallpaper for your phone and a icon for your twitter.

You can gain interior items from completing the bingo cards (which are very easy to complete) and you also get talk event items for April Fools by clearing either of the two 8bit songs. The April Fools talk items can be used to any of the cards that can awaken (usually the UR cards that are able to star awaken). I only have Jin’s kamigami UR card and Subaru&Kaito’s yokai UR cards so i can only use the talk items on them. The April Fools talk items are just the guys either telling a lie in hopes you’ll fall for it for April Fools or the guy talking about how he got fooled by an April Fools joke (I’m looking at you, Kaito) in which you’re free to play along and fool him too.

My favorite would be either Jin’s or Subaru’s so far 😆

With Jin’s, he confesses to be a prince from the moon and he has to go back and leave the company. I chose the option “I’ll disappear into sea foam” (in reference to the little mermaid) and Jin follows it through by going “That’s terrible, but don’t worry. If you marry a prince then you won’t have to disappear into sea foam. After all I am a prince from the moon, we can get married ;^)” but then goes “just kidding” 😆 Something tells me that Jin would be great at RPing online lol

Meanwhile Subaru seems like he’s trying to do an April Fools joke by saying that he woke up 10cms taller, to which I replied “I grew 100cm taller” and then he suddenly took it seriously. He was impressed at first, worries about you/Madoka being taller than he is but then goes “Ah, I like big girls too! I like you when you were smaller too but… I mean height doesn’t really matter though, I mean I guess what I’m saying is if it’s you then I don’t mind what height you are… wait what am I saying again?” Aw, Subaru 😂 He tried to do a April Fools joke but when the joke was turned on him he just completely missed the joke and got serious and cute lol.

There’s also a special gacha campaign for just these couple of days for the April Fools Event. You can pay 100 stones for 5 turns in this gacha to get either SR or UR cards. There are four phases to this gacha, for the first three phases of 100 stones for 5 turn you’ll get a 10% chance in getting a UR card. For the fourth phase of doing a 100 stone turn scout you’ll get 100% UR cards for the 5 turns. It was tempting for me because most of those cards are ones I haven’t owned before and the gacha doesn’t include R cards so I can get higher rarity.

I was trying to get enough stones to do the Genesis Gacha scout with the 1 guaranteed UR card but… I caved in and did the April Fools gacha anyway. I wish I could get enough stones to get to the fourth phase/step but I’m not sure if I can…


Trying not to cave in and purchase stones either 😫

Anyway, that’s my roundup of this year’s April Fools (only exclusively to the mobages I play religiously lol). I hope y’all had a fun day, I sure did.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. I did the Genesis Gacha scout. For the 1st turn I got 2 UR! I felt so lucky that I did the 2nd turn but I just got one…. Until now I just have 3 different cards but I was hoping to be able to “make up” Sudo Gaku`s card…. oh well…. nothing I can do since I don`t have more dream stones and I really don`t want to purchase them…. )`=


    1. Omg thats so lucky you got 2 UR on the first turn. Tho its hard to get the card youre aiming for to drop twice… Plus Gaku’s make up ver of his UR looks so good that its tempting to purchase stones for the gacha lol


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