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[PC] 🔞 Thoughts on… Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai (Trial Ver.)


I promised to give my thoughts on the trial of Nonke Ippatsu Tabehodai at the start of this month, so I’m gonna deliver on that promise right now. I won’t be doing mini reviews on trials/demos often but if you suggest one or if I’m interested in something there’s a chance I’ll do it more often.

Anyway, onto my mini-review.

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[PS4] Thoughts on… Persona 5


For these past few days (which turned into weeks), I have been enslaved by Persona 5 and only now have I been emancipated. To tell you the truth, I’ve been playing it 24/7 for the past 2~3 weeks–which ended up being almost 170 hours of gameplay, give or take–and just finished it yesterday. As promised I’ll do a little small review to give my thoughts on it.

I’ll give a little warning now: I will talk a little bit about spoilers, if you’re planning to play it yourself and rather go in blind, by all means stop reading this post. If you don’t care about spoilers or have finished it yourself then enjoy a bit of my rant. The first parts won’t have heavy spoilers but the discussion on the story will, so proceed with caution.

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[Mobile – Special] April Fools Day: Ensemble Stars, A3 and Yumeiro Cast 2017 Edition

Today is the day where you too can be the April Fool. April Fools Day is taken very seriously in Japan and is prolly one of the most anticipated dates when it comes to being entertained by parodies/jokes set up by companies that produce your favorite games and animes. Mobages are especially predictable to use this day to its full potential by putting out bonus content, be it gags or free stuff. I’ll be rounding up what happened with my three favorite mobages.

Sorry I won’t be doing anything else for April Fools other than this post. So… Happy April Fools 😆

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