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Upload Announcement – Nier Automata (March 31)

[Turn off CC/Subtitles if you don’t want to read my rambles/commentary]

Sorry for the delay but it’s finally here! It kinda took me a while to do some stuff and fix things here and there, but part 2 is up.

Hopefully I’ll get part 3 up sooner than later, though there’s not much in it.

If you haven’t noticed, the banner/header used here as well as the end screen in the video is a reference to Drakengard 3. I tried my best to recreate it with 9S and 2B 😆

Thanks for watching!


2 thoughts on “Upload Announcement – Nier Automata (March 31)”

  1. I love 9S and 2B.
    my SO played Automata and I had to watch him nearly every step of the way. He played a little Drakengard 3 previously but I didn’t see it. A review of it made me interested in how weird it is though lol. I started playing the first Nier but haven’t reached my first ending quite yet (I think I’m getting close tho.)
    Then I will play Drakengard. and finally Drakengard 3. (2 doesn’t count heh.)

    It is like I am playing them all backwards x’D. but I am newfound Yoko Taro fan.
    Good luck with Automata!

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    1. I love them too, theyre too precious!
      Im glad youre getting into the previous games to experience it first hand (Im thinking of doing the same one day). Also glad youve become a Yoko Taro fan too, hes kinda wacky but I like how he tells stories.


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