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Bunny does a silent playthrough of Nier Automata

The reason why I haven’t been posting regularly is because I was preparing a video for my silent playthrough of Nier Automata. It’ll be entirely silent/no commentary unless you want to keep the closed captions on (feel free to turn it off if I get too annoying).

I’ll try to upload other videos to this channel for entertainment values, like short clips of otome games that I’d like to share etc.

It’ll take a while until the next video is uploaded, maybe same time next week. I prolly need to start a schedule for these things 😆

I’m only doing this for the entertainment of others and to get a good use out of the capture card I’m using. Hopefully I won’t be too boring…

Thanks for being patient with me! I hope I can get back into posting some more stuff while trying to balance this playthrough lol

Enjoy this gif of a dickless man(?)


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    1. Yeah its best to wait for a couple of months until it gets discounted. I remember buying FFXV at full price in December and then in February I saw it with 30 dollars off or something 😆

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