[Drama CD] Review – Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi (Reirei)

Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi is the follow up CD series of the original Midnight Jiangshi. Not sure whether to call it a sequel or anything seeing that CDs like these don’t have consistent continuity, I’m looking at you, Diabolik Lovers.

I’ll be reviewing Shushu and Chuchu along with Reirei. If you want to read my review on the first Midnight Jiangshi series then click here, I’d recommend

Reirei | CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Reirei is the ‘clingy jiangshi‘. He’s the youngest brother of Rinrin & Meimei, sharing the same father but prolly not the same mother (I made a mistake thinking that they’re triplets in my first review or something lmao). Last time we heard of him from the last CD, he was sucking all the blood in Candy-chan’s body (the nickname he gives to the heroine/you). Not sure if this CD continues from that because I was sure she was fucking dead after the last CD, but she’s perfectly fine here, I guess? 😂

Its been a long time since I’ve listened to his first CD, but it seems like he’s 1000% High Tension, 20000% Over The Top in this CD and I love it. I haven’t laughed in a long while with a drama CD, it almost tops his first CD I think? Like it reaches to the levels of ridiculousness Reirei can get and then goes beyond to keep pushing the envelope on how enthusiastic/perverse Reirei can be. Shinnosuke Tachibana really portrays Reirei so well, like I said in the first review: if it wasn’t Shinnosuke Tachibana then I don’t think Reirei’s character would have the same effect/entertainment if it was done by someone else. Plus he can be both really エロイ and out of his mind, so I love him for that 😆 Also, (belated) congratulations to Shin-chan for getting married 🎉 Poppin’ the biggest bottles for him. Though, I’m not sure what his wife would think if she listened to this lol.

In this CD Reirei gets the idea of staying together with Candy-chan 24/7 prolly because he doesn’t want her out of his sight (seeing that Shushu and Chuchu are in the picture). He gets matching PJs for the both of them, making pasta (wait do Jiangshi eat normal food, don’t they just live on blood wtf) and trying to share the same bed. Alright, this is ok, I can get behind this almost girlfriend/boyfriend couple thing… but then Reirei changes his plans when he realises that “oh shit I can get more powers if I drink her blood during the full red moon” so now he also tries to blueball himself just like Shushu. C’mon, this could’ve been a rabu-rabu couple CD but now its Blueballing: the CD series.

Reirei finds out next morning that Candy-chan left early in the morning to get her blood succ’d by Shushu and instead of being angry/jealous Reirei is like “Yo I can get behind this NTR shit.”, he legit gets off at the thought of Candy-chan being sucked by a bunch of jiangshi. You learn something new about your bf everyday I guess. He then decides to make a punishment for Candy-chan: Blood sucking is prohibited for 2 weeks until the red full moon (which is also part of the plan to get stronk like in Shushu’s CD).

Next day Reirei tries to tease Candy-chan into admitting that she can’t live without having her blood sucked but then it backfires on Reirei when he keeps describing on how to bloodsucc her and then he starts wanting to do it. Great endurance you have there, Reirei lmao. He brings her into a classroom and just as he was about to bite her he pulls back and gets out a handkerchief–which is Candy-chan’s–and starts inhaling it with the most grossest noise you could ever imagine (Shinnosuke’s best performance yet, had me in stitches). He realises that this blood sucking is prohibited is tougher than it sounds especially when they’re together, but it wouldn’t be a punishment if they were apart from each other so he’ll just have to bear with it.

Later he decides to ask Candy-chan to go on a date, or rather he whisks her away against her will lol. I’m not sure where they went, prolly at a toy store where Reirei finds his fav toy brand/line “Usagi-chan” series (I’m guessing they’re figures?), both a new Usagi-chan toy and a Cowgirl Usagi-chan, which apparently reminds him of Candy-chan and him. He gets the two Usagi-chan figures and makes them kiss with him being all high tension lmao. He finds a toy car fitting for the two Usagi-chan figures, which apparently was so cool that tears started to form in his eyes 😂 Never change, Reirei. Now this is where things get a bit weird… So Reirei wants to test if the car can actually run so he gets Candy-chan’s shoulder and drives it along her shoulder and the way its presented, its trying to make it sound sexual by making it run along her bare shoulder to her neck lol. Is this some kind of new fetish called “toy car play”? Reirei almost got thirsty again over the thought of Candy-chan’s blood and tries to calm himself by saying her name a bunch but that makes him want her blood more, which leads to him running out of the store screaming and onto the sidewalk where he prolly collapses and says how its painful trying to not drink her blood but its also very pleasant to the point he might jizz his pants. He’s completely out of his mind/dazed as fuck and I love Shinnosuke’s performance here too. Boy needs an award for this performance.

Its finally the full red moon, Reirei has brought Candy-chan in front of Shushu’s tomb so they can suck her blood together but it seems like he’s not home, which disappoints Reirei because he wanted to have some kind of NTR orgy going on. He reveals the true purpose of tonight, being the full red moon and drinking the blood of the doushi to get their full powers. Reirei begins to succ Candy-chan until she’s dry, or at least dead and he’s almost jizzing himself. Reirei’s blood sucking here almost sounds like he’s slurping up spaghetti some of the times lol. Candy-chan is almost dead and he’s happy because that would mean she’s gonna turn into a jiangshi and they can play for all eternity.

Happy Ending.

Jk, if there’s a third series and Candy-chan is alive and human then I have no faith in the continuity of this series.


Overall thoughts, here I was worried if the second CD of Reirei wouldn’t live up to what his first CD gave before listening but after listening I’m glad that it was much better and more ridiculous as hell. Really had fun and laughed a lot at how ridiculous Reirei is. I’d recommend listening to this if you’ve listened to his first CD, if you haven’t got into this series and looking for which CD to get I’d recommend getting both Reirei CDs first because he’s prolly the best character…? No other Jiangshi character has topped how fun Reirei’s character is so far and Shinnosuke Tachibana does a brilliant job performing Reirei.

Hopefully Chuchu will be a good listen to, he’s voiced by Soma Saito and he’ll be a tsundere so he’s got that going for him.

Enjoy Reirei’s inner CD jacket artwork:


Damn he beautiful.

Anyway, as always, thank you for reading!

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  1. Wait there’s a third series in Midnight Jiang Shis? :O I thought there were only two…

    BTW where in the world did Meimei go? If I remember right, his brothers were in the second season but apparently not Meimei? X’D

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    1. I think theres only two series? I havent been following for a while so i mightve been wrong

      Anyeay i have no idea why meimei aint there. Maybe his VA was too busy or there were too many characters on the roster or something


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