[Mobile] Breakdown – A3! Act! Addict! Actors! (エースリー)


A3! is a mobile game about stage actors and their journey to become the best entertainers. Gameplay is a bit like Ensemble Stars! where it doesn’t take a lot of skill compared to mobile rhythm games, its more about collecting cards and strengthening your teams.

This will be a breakdown post on how gameplay works and hopefully can act a bit like a guide for those who need some tips on playing the game.

——Home | Menus


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  1. My Page – where you can view your main boy (who will automatically change dialogue even if you don’t tap on him), you can also access other stuff like event/gacha banners and other special campaigns
  2. Story – where you can read the main story (split up between prologue and the 4 different troupes), read back stage stories unlocked through maxing out affection of a card and you can also read cross back stage stories
  3. Company Members – here you can check your cards, improve card stats, level cards up, create your teams and ‘delete’ cards for coins
  4. Stage Play – here is where most of the gameplay resides in. You can partake in lessons, performance rehersals and stage plays. Here is where you can get drops in items/flowers that help improve your card stats, drops in cards etc
  5. Street Act – here is where you can pair up two characters to do a street act where you get coins and items/flowers to help improve your card stats
  6. Scout – here is where you can scout for cards via premium gacha (paid through only diamonds and premium medals) and friend gacha (paid through only friend points)
  7. Menu – contains all the extra stuff such as options and everything else
  8. Inbox – here is where you can collect your gifts gained from playing the game such as cards, diamonds, items etc
  9. Notification – you can check out notifs/news on what has been implemented and what is new with the game


  • There is no LP/SP overflow when you Rank up, meaning that any leftover LP or SP before you rank up will not be added to your refilled LP/SP.
  • The daily and weekly tasks/quests/missions are usually just missions asking you to do a rehearsal X amount of times or do lessons a bunch of times. One of the weekly ones is for you to log in for 7 days without missing a single day which will reward you 5 diamonds.
  • You can also enter a chat room via the friends list button.
  • To add a friend you must get their user ID and input it here:




  1. Shop – here you can purchase more diamonds, see how much diamonds you have (bought diamonds and diamonds gained through playing the game), refill LP and SP with diamonds, purchase more slots to hold more cards (I suggest getting this when you’re out of space–pay 5 diamonds for 5 more card slots) and finally the records of the diamonds you’ve gained and the diamonds you’ve spent
  2. Profile – here you can view your profile, change your username and your heroine’s name and your message/greeting, you can also find your user ID here
  3. Items – you can view how many items you’re holding at the time, items such as flowers, LP & SP restorative items etc
  4. Title List – as you play the game you gain titles/badges through completing certain prerquesites. When you gain a title you also get a bonus present, you can also ‘equip’ a title which can be viewed by anyone who sees your profile
  5. Company Member Album – you can view the cards that you own in this album, you can also see cards you may not have but had seen on your friends profile (but you can’t view its stats like the other cards you own)
  6. Illustration Album – you can view CGs that you’ve gained through reading the main story here
  7. Jukebox – you can select your playlist (3 songs max) that will play when you’re on the home screen or going through other menus, you can also listen to BGMs that you’ve unlocked here
  8. Support – you can read troubleshooting/FAQ stuff and access customer support when you’re in trouble
  9. Option – you can change options here, you can change volume, game performance and other options
  10. Help – this is where you should go to read up on gameplay stuff that you’re unsure, basically something like a tutorial/guide
  11. Data Transfer – you can find your user ID here as well as your transfer code. You can add it to your clipboard/copy or you can send it to your email address
  12. Clear Cache – you can clear your cache here, you can also clear it on the title screen by accessing the menu on the top right corner
  13. Back to Title – go back to the title screen
  14. Watch Movie – you can watch the Opening Movie here




Lessons are where you gain EXP for yourself and your cards, get items and cards to drop, complete missions and mini events to get more diamonds and to level up a card’s affection. You can either play it manually or put it into auto mode so you can do other stuff while the lesson plays itself for 10 lessons.

The amount of EXP gained for your cards depends on how much LP is used to enter a lesson. E.g. If you enter a lesson that costs you 10 LP then the EXP gained by each card is 10 also. The EXP you gain depends on the lesson you do too, however you gain EXP each lesson turn in a lesson (10 lesson turns in total).

★Tip: If you’re trying to grind EXP for yourself so you can rank up, its best to use a team full of members from the same troupe that is featured in the lesson to activate “Actors High” that will give you bonus EXP. For example, the lesson above features the Spring Troupe, so by having a team full of members of the Spring Troupe you will increase the ‘tension’ in a lesson which by maxing it out will give you Actors High. Its a good strategy to use when you want to rank up quickly.


Actors High not only gives you bonus EXP on top of the exp you gained for the lesson turn, it also gives you an extra bonus affection points for the guy that appears in the lesson turn.

Talking about affection points, affection points are distributed depending on which boy appears in a lesson turn during a lesson. There are chances where a boy/card won’t appear in a lesson turn because of RNG, which means you have no control over which boy appears.There are also chances where the boy/card can appear a lot of times, which means that he will get a lot of affection points towards his card.

Here are some indicators that appear near the head of a guy during the lessons that you may need to keep an eye out for:

chest Chest icons:  These signify that a flower item has dropped, these flower items help improve card stats


Card icons: These signify that a card has dropped, usually you can get ‘coach cards’ which are good for leveling up cards

lessonguyThe color of the speech bubbles show which guy is the lesson guy (the one who has mini events to unlock) and which guy is part of the team you’ve assembled. Lesson guy is pink and the guys from your team is blue.

The ! icon signifies that you’ve unlocked a part of the lesson guy’s mini event through gaining enough ‘proficiency’ (which is gained whenever the lesson guy appears)

Lesson log:


Lesson logs will look a little something like this (if there is a character in your team that is of the same Troupe the lesson is based on then you will get a message saying the tension for an Actors High will pop up, usually something with a “%” sign in it). When in ‘Actors High‘ there will be extra messages, usually underneath the “Affection/Proficiency up” message and “X amount of EXP gained” message. If my memory serves me right, these extra messages during Actors High should mainly be in pink and says that it will add an extra bonus points to Affection/Proficiency and EXP. It will also say how many lessons are left until the Actors High is depleted.


This whole gameplay segment is based on RNG, from the item drops/card drops to the appearances of the guys you had put into your team to do the lesson. There are chances where you do a lesson and you get zero drops, and other times where you could get a bunch of drops of flowers/cards.

If a card is a winter troupe member then it will need the narcissus flower items when doing ‘special training’, so applies to other troupes

Depending on which lesson course you choose, you will get certain flower items. These flower items are: SeedsBuds and Full Bloom Flowers. You will need these items to improve the stats of your cards, which is called “special training”. This is what may drop depending on which lesson course you choose:


Again, I say may drop because its not a 100% or 50/50 chance you’ll get a seed item drop or a bud item drop. There’s always that chance where nothing drops at all, so take your chances.

★Tip: If you have a lot of LP (possibly 60~80 or higher) then I’d suggest doing the Autumn Troupe lessons to get the Bud and Full Bloom Flower items because SR cards usually need them most and its easier to do special training with SR and get strong cards in the end. If you’re still a bit under rank and don’t have enough LP then maybe grind at the Spring/Summer Troupe lessons for items.

Performance Rehearsal 

*Access ‘Performance Rehearsal’ by tapping on any lesson course and tapping on the yellow button underneath the list of lessons

In ‘performance rehearsal’ you duke it out to see if you can reach the goal set by the lesson course (see second picture above). Each time you reach the goal you level up the performance rehearsal which raises the goal until you max it out to level 50. In this mode, you will always gain coins when you successfully complete a rehearsal. What can also drop is friend points, cards, platinum tickets used for to access the stage play and “trophies“. Trophies are items used in special training to boost the stats of a card, usually used in combination with the flower items.

The teams you use are either “Serious“, “Comedy” or “Action“. The teams that you use depends on the marker of the performance rehearsal which can been seen in the second picture above. They always automatically select the team suited for the live so you don’t have to do it yourself. You can change up your teams in the ‘Company Members’ tab down below, next to the ‘Story’ tab.

The three attributes

★Tip: Looking at the second image above you can see 5 buttons below your team, these are ‘boosts’. The first button uses up 1 LP and doesn’t have a multiplier, the second button uses 2 LP and multiplies your team’s stats by 3, the third button uses 3 LP and multiplies your team’s stats by 5 and so on and so forth. If you think you won’t be able to clear the goal of a rehearsal and you have maybe 2 LP left then feel free to use the second button to clear it.

‘Theater Going’/Stage Play

2017-01-27 23.14.55
When you correctly cast the original members, a red banner will appear on the corner of their icon

This mode is more of having fun with the stage play by casting unusual people into the rolls of what should be the main cast (like putting all kinds Homare cards in a stage play instead of casting the original cast which is the Winter Troupe). For now it doesn’t have much to give you as a reward for doing it except for the first time you do a stage play and when you correctly cast all members into the play (which will give you a title to equip).

You can watch the play go on, you can fast farward, skip or stop too!  As of now, there’s not much gameplay to it other than just watch a play and become entertained at how nonsensical it can be with goofy characters in a serious roll.

You will also need platinum tickets to do a stage play, which usually drops during rehearsals.

Street Act

This is where you can get a lot of coins and get the chance to have flower items to drop (tho sometimes they don’t drop at all) by tapping on the hearts. You could say its a bit of a rhythm game but you really don’t need much rhtyhm, just quick fingers to tap all of the hearts before they fly off screen.

The hearts you have to look out for the most are these:


Red hearts with the star patterns are usually the ones that drop flower items. By tapping on them, there’s a chance an item could drop…. but there’s also a chance only coins drop and nothing else. They don’t guarantee drops but its best to keep a look out for them. I’m not even quite sure if having a certain duo can lead to a higher drop rate but whatever.

There are three positions where you can do street acts, two of which you can unlock as you rank up/read the main story(?, not quite sure on the reading bit). You are limited to how many times you can do a street act at a certain spot. Once you do a street act at a spot there is a cool down timer that tells you when you can do another street act at the same spot. Each spot has different ‘cool down’ times, the further away from the train station spot the more time is needed to wait for another chance and the more harder the mini-game is. Each spot also gives out certain flower items: in front of the train station gives you seeds, the park (with the water fountain) gives you buds and the town library (the one with the clock) gives you flowers.

★Tip: Hearts that overlap are easier to tap and get both at the same time if you aim for the space in-between the hearts (this goes for hearts that are close together and are almost overlapping). Smaller sized hearts may be harder to tap as they seem to move a little faster and may slip away from your fingers because they’re too damn small, so keep an eye out for them.

——Scout / Gacha

There are three currencies used to play the gacha/scout: DiamondsPremium Medals and Friend Points. Friend points are the most common as they can be dropped during rehearsals and also gained when you give flowers to the people in your friends list (by tapping on the flower icon next to their name on the list).

Diamonds are rewarded when you complete lesson mission, read stories and log-in etc. There are other ways to get diamonds like paying for them with real money, there are even gachas you can use that only accepts diamonds that have been paid for with real money.

Premium Medals are rewarded at certain rank ups (if you rank up at 20 or 25 you get either a diamond as a reward or 5 premium medals). You normally need 5 premium medals to do 1 turn in a gacha. Premium medals always gives you an SR card or higher, so there are chances where you can get an SSR card from 1 turn with premium medals. Premium medals cannot be used for limited scouts so there’s no use in saving them for your best boy to get a limited gacha.

When you do a 10 turn premium scout with diamonds, you are guaranteed 1 SR card or higher. Also you get 5 diamonds off a 10 turn premium scout (you would’ve paid 150 diamonds for 10 turns, which is 15 diamonds per 1 turn, but its normally  at 145 diamonds).

For me, I get to do 10 turns in a friend scout a day minimum because I have a lot of friends on my friends list to give flowers to and that I usually do the performance rehearsal mode to get drops on friend points. So if you play the game regularly each day and have a lot of friends then you’ll always get to do 10 turn scouts per day in the friend scout. Also completing daily/weekly tasks gives you a bunch of friend points too.

——Cards | Company Members

2017-03-01 18.11.55

You can view your cards, delete cards for coins, improve their levels and do special training to boost their stats in the Company Members tab. By holding down on the thumbnail of a card you can open up the profile of the card and to see it’s stauts such as: affection, stats, level, how many levels of bloom its got (the two flower icons), how much special training it’s done (the three fire icons) and the level of the cards skill and what the skill does. You can usually access the card’s profile anywhere whenever you see a thumbnail of the card as long as you tap and hold down on the thumbnail, it’ll pop up.

★Tip: You can also lock the card by tapping on the lock icon. I suggest doing this for the first copy of your cards so you’ll know which one is the ‘original’ so you won’t get confused as to which copy of the card you intend to strengthen and use. It also helps the card from being accidentally deleted or used to level up another card.

You can also see the profile of the character by hitting the プロフィール tab next to the ステータス tab, there you can see how old the character is, the character’s voice actor etc. Cards have different rarity which affects the cards stats, amount of hearts needed to be filled for affection etc. These rarities are: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare) and SSR (Super Super Rare… I guess lol). So far SSR is the highest rarity you can get. By blooming your cards (which is merging two copies of the same card together) you’ll raise the maximum levels the card can get and you can change the illustration of the card (only on the first bloom). You can bloom a card twice but I’ll explain more about that later.

Anyway, let’s run down on the menu’s in the “Company Members” tab:


  1. Unit Formation – You can form your lesson unit/team here (you’ve got about 5 units available). You can also form the units for performance rehearsal, forming units based on one of the three attributes: serious, comedy and action. It’s best to hit the おすすめ編成 button to let the game automatically put your strongest cards for the attribute, I’d suggest doing this often to update your teams. There’s also a unit formation tab called 推しメン (which loosely means “your best boys” or you’re a fan of these guys), here you can set your homescreen boy which is the middle card. The cards you put in 推しメン will be displayed to other players, so either put your best cards or your favorite boys to show off to everyone who you love.
  2. Individual Training – You can level up your cards here by feeding them cards that you don’t need and is prolly the fastest way  to level up your cards. All you need to do is select the boy you want to train and then select the cards you want to feed to him. By pressing the おすすめ編成 button, it will automatically select all the cards that are not locked but it only selects Normal rarity cards so you have to manually select higher rarities and then press the pink button 自主練する! to start the training.
    ★Tip: Feeding your card higher rarities like R, SR and SSR helps level up your card’s skills. Initially, R gives you 10%, SR gives you 30% and SSR gives you 60% to your skill level experience bar. But as your skill gains higher levels the less potent the boost will be, for example feeding an R card to a card that has a level 2 skill, the R card will give you 9% to your skill level experience bar and will keep delining as you gain higher levels to your skill.
    ★Tip: Be sure to feed your cards with the “鬼コーチ” cards, which are the Yuzo Kashima cards. They give extra EXP to your card’s overall level but they don’t give any significant boosts to your skill level (they have the same percentage boost as any other higher rarity card). Yuzo Kashima cards usually can’t be bloomed or leveled up or gain affection or have special training, so keep an eye out for them.
  3. Special Training –  You can boost your card’s stats here. Special training improves the stats of your cards that levelling up cannot give. To do special training you need the right amount of items (be it flower items and trophy items), depending on the card rarity you may need a lot of items. It also costs you a lot of coins as well so be weary on your coin usage or else you won’t be able to do other stuff like level up cards or bloom cards. You can do special training three times, each time you will get a little dialogue before the training starts to give a little story as to why the guy wants to do special training.
    ★Note: If you haven’t noticed, the type of flowers needed depends on what troupe the character/card belongs to. For example, a Taichi R card requires a certain amount of cosmos buds, cosmos seeds and trophies. This is because he’s from the Autumn Troupe and the leader of the Autumn Troupe’s motif flower is the cosmos. So this flower applies to all Autumn Troupe members.
  4. Blooming – You can bloom your cards here. Cards that have already maxed out its bloom limit will be blacked out, same goes for locked cards when you’re selecting a second card to bloom the card you’ve chosen. To bloom a card you need to have a second copy in your card stack, you can bloom it twice. The first bloom will change the illustration of the card and raise the max level of the card and the second bloom will raise the max level once again. A maxed R card would look something like this: R ++ (meaning it’s been bloomed twice) when appearing on the card illustration.
  5. Company Member List – Here you can view the cards you have at the moment and view each card’s profile/status just by tapping on the thumbnail.
  6. Resignation – You can ‘delete’/resign cards for coins here. However, be warned, if you resign cards of the main cast they will have a “goodbye dialogue” upon being deleted where they say their heartfelt goodbye (sometimes hinting on their regrets of leaving the company). So if you don’t want your heart torn by this, then don’t do it. I’d recommend only selling the Kamekichi cards (the bronze, silver and gold parrot/bird cards) because they give out more coins than any other card can. Also those cards just take up a lot of space because you can’t do anything else with them.

Card skills are usually for boosting stats during performance rehearsal, similarly to unit skills which depends on the members and whether they share something to make a unit skill. So far, I don’t think there are skills that helps boosts item drops (or none so far that I have seen).

★Tip: To get the title “(your best boy’s name)推し” all you need to do is collect 5 different cards of the character, pretty simple. However, the higher title “(your best boy’s name)神推し” [e.g. 至神推し (Itaru Kami Oshi)] you will need to get either a SR or SSR card at max level, max bloom and max special training. I’d suggest doing SR cards for this title because SSR consumes a lot of flower items to get a max special training. Good luck!

——Transfer Data

Open the menu tab, go to the 11th button which is highlighted above. Either screenshot your user ID and transfer code, write it down, add the transfer code to your copy clipboard or send it to your email. You can reissue your transfer code if you want a new code.

Then go back to the title screen, click on the button highlighted above and click on the button shown in the next image. Then enter your User ID and Transfer Code in respected spots.


Once you transfer the game on another device be it similar OS system or not, the data in your original game on your original device cannot be accessed.

Another warning, if you transfer your account to a different OS device (for example an iOS device to an Android device) you will lose all your diamonds in your inventory. One way to get by this is by leaving your diamonds in your inbox rather than collecting them, or just waste them all in a gacha before transferring. Please keep this in mind!

I hope this helps! I’m not sure if I’ve covered everything but ask questions if you need some help. Also a big apology for taking a long time to completing this post, I needed a while to get used to the game to the point I realize some strategies to this game and create tips for you guys.

As always, thank you for reading!

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    i have a question, how to claim gift in event ranking bonus??


    1. Usually the event ranking rewards automatically go to your inbox. Just go to the home screen and a message will pop up saying your rewards are in your inbox (tho it only pops up once so if you already tapped ok before it wont pop up again), just check your inbox, it’ll be in there.


  2. This guide is was very helpful, thank you for making it! But I have a question: If i transferred from an android to another android would my gems be safe?

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  3. Hello!! Thanks for your guide, it helped a lot. But i want to ask about why my bloomed ssr got lower stats than ppl’s ssr?? We got the exact same level and we only did blomming and special training once. But why they got like 36k++ while mine is lower than that? Thqnks again!!


    1. It could be that certain cards have higher stats or that other cards have lower stats, i havent really compared so i cant say for sure. It might also depend on the skills, im not sure


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