[Bunny Diary] ⚠️️ Future Plans for 2017 ⚠️️ – Streaming Plans

I think I talked about it briefly in my overview of March, but I’ll say it again here. I have been thinking for a while now about getting a setup running so I can stream PS Vita otome games, I’m almost there in getting the ‘equipment’/things I need to make that possible.

I’ll be talking about some limitations/mess ups that might come when I’m streaming PS Vita games and I’d like some input on what you guys think would be a better way to go about it (let me stress that I’d really like some input bc I don’t want it to be a shit experience for y’all).

So if you want to read me talking about my limitations for having an old ass computer, then read away.

Possibility on streaming non-otome games…?

First of all, I had been thinking about streaming regular video games, like Nier Automata but then I realised it might not be possible, or at least it might not be a fun experience for those watching it when I don’t say much. Let me elaborate.

I’m trying to refrain from using voiced commentary because I know my voice sucks and might not be understandable. I also know I’m not a good conversationalist so it might be really awkward or boring to have a few voiced comments here and there during streams.

I also noticed during my test streams is that I’d hardly look at my laptop at the twitch stream, so that might mean that I won’t reply back to comments so there might not be a lot of interactivity between me and the audience, which kinda worries if it’ll make it a bit bland to watch. But that’s just my opinion, which is why I’d like to hear yours.

Another thing is that if I stream, because of my old laptop that’s been with me for 7 years, it can’t really stream at 1080p or at least 720p at 60fps, which results in me streaming at 30fps. It also stutters stream footage and freezes when either the CPU reaches to 100% or frames drop really hard. You can see an example of one of my test streams here of the Nier Automata demo (click here for the second part if you’re interested). I mean, if you’re still interested in seeing me stream even with this quality then please tell me.

My revised idea is to either record Nier Automata and upload it on youtube as a “silent let’s play”/”long play” or to just play it by myself without sharing my moments with you all. So if you want to see me do silent let’s plays of some games I like and love to see me suck at playing video games then this might be a good option. Then again you could always watch other people do it much better 😆 More or less I guess I prolly want to keep my gameplay recorded and uploaded on the internet, even if nobody watches it.

It’ll look a little something like this, maximum resolution is 720p at 60fps. Again, sorry I can’t record at 1080p because that kills my laptop lol.

Maybe playthroughs will have each play session cut by 30 minutes or just have the whole play session uploaded in one video (1 hour ~ 1.5 hour long videos maybe), or short highlight videos. Who knows. Not exactly sure if the video recording would deteriorate the longer the recording is because of CPU usage over time, maybe I should test that out too.

Anyway, like I said, if you have any objections over me uploading rather than streaming regular games then please comment, even if you have suggestions I’m here to listen.

About streaming otome games/visual novels

Some of you have seen me stream a PC BL game, can’t remember how good quality that stream was but that’s how streaming otome games will be handled. It’d be easier to stream otome games because of the auto function so I can sit back and read your comments as I watch the twitch stream too and we can interact and shit 😆

I’ve yet to fully test a PS Vita visual novel/otome game yet because I’m missing this one equipment that will help stream it, so I’m not exactly how smoothly it’ll be. However, I did do a stream test on the Root Letter demo, a visual novel for the PS4 and PS Vita (which so far has been pretty interesting in terms of uncovering the mystery/getting into the suspense of the story). You can check out the stream here, it’s not a full stream of the demo because I had to stop it somewhere so I can do other things.

The thing about this stream is that there is a lot of audio stutters/noises, mainly because of my laptop and it constantly hitting 90%~100% in CPU usage. There’s also a few freezing even thought on my end in XSplit the footage never froze (only appeared when it was outputted to twitch, same goes for the audio stutters). I’d like to think its because of a lot of visual information popping up and lots of transitions for those visuals like sliding from side to side and all that jazz that fucks up my laptop’s CPU usage, also maybe because its running at 60fps and the input is from a PS4.

Hopefully because most otome games have static visuals and don’t have a lot of animation going on that this problem won’t happen where my laptop completely shits the bed. Also coming from a PS Vita, I don’t think that it really runs at 60fps so we might be safe there. Again, I haven’t seen for myself if it’ll be an A-OK smooth stream, this is my laptop we’re talking about, it should be in the retirement home by now not trying to stream games at 1080p, 60fps.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way, I’d like to hear your input/feedback based on the information I’ve given you. I want to give you all a good streaming experience, so I’m gonna start a poll to see what your thoughts on it are. You are always free to comment, I don’t mind.

*I will upload short videos of certain scenes if anyone requests it, maybe even try to translate short scenes if I can

Anyway thank you for reading me go on and on about streaming quality and stuff and watching my amateur gameplay. A big thanks to those who give some input, comment-wise or poll-wise.

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