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[VR] Otome Watch – Locker Danshi ~Zero Kyori Taiken❤Koi no Hajimari~ – Showcase Event (1/21/2017)


Locker Danshi is a VR Project in the works. Back in January 21, 2017, a showcase event was held to discuss what Locker Danshi is and to demonstrate what it plays like in VR (virtual reality). Guests were invited to partake in the demonstration with a VR headset (what seems like a Samsung Gear VR headset) inside a locker, y’know, to enhance the experience.

Its not yet known when it’ll be fully released to the public, whether it will be a VR app for the mobile (though, seeing that the demo was using the Samsung Gear VR, it may as well be) or whether it will be ‘free-to-play’ or a purchasable app. As of now, it seems to be going through trials in these showcase events and gaining feedback from the guests who purchased tickets to the events.

Most of the info presented in this post are reiterations/summaries from Japanese sites and reports/articles. I may get some info wrong because of my amateur translation skills.

Introduction | Intro taken from the official website and translated by me (at least tried to translate)

A charm? You probably don’t need something like that, right?”

Private Rokka Academy.

In this Academy, charms* have become a fad.

That charm being if you hold onto the personal belongings of the person you like for 3 days, your wish will come true.

You’re a normal 2nd year female student attending at Private Rokka Academy.


Who is the person you’re interested in?

You slowly open the locker and try to search for his private belongings.

At that time, someone close by comes…  you instantly hid yourself.



“Eh! What are you doing in my locker?”

Rokka Academy’s charm weaves, in what direction will love go?

Zero distance experience with the guy you like starts here.

*おまじない/Charms are like ‘spells’/’incantations’, sometimes used by girls in hopes that it’ll help them get the guy they like.

Characters | Images from the official website

“I can be gentle too if you ask obediently, y’know?”

Ema Nanjo | CV: Ryohei Kimura

“Ore-sama” Type

2nd year in Rokka Academy, class 2-D.

A selfish guy who has great confidence in himself, especially loves to make mischief.

He’s currently in a band, his part is the vocalist.

His favorite food is raw meat.

Not good with delicate work and explanation of things.

17 years old | 2nd year 

176 cm | 65 kg 

Blood type O | Birthday 10th August


“Se~npai, can you at least face this way properly? I want to see more of you when you’re bashful”

 Leo Amamiya | CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

“Cute” Type

1st year in Rokka Academy, class 1-D

Good at using his cuteness to get through life, also good at being spoilt (a bit of a do-s too).

In charge of accounting in affiliation to the Student Council.

Special skill is cooking, favorite food is pancake.

However, he does not like sweet food. Hobby is reading magazines.

16 years old | 1st year

173 cm | 62 kg

Blood type AB | Birthday 12th September


“I like… Hinatabokko. What about you, senpai, do you like it too?”

 Kate Ryuzaki | CV: Wataru Hatano

“Natural Airhead” Type

1st year in Rokka Academy, class 1-F.

He’s “my pace” and a bit of an airhead.

Part of the track and field club, majoring in pole vault.

Mother is (either) half Australian (or full Australian and he’s half Australian), but he is born and raised in Japan.

Exercising in general is his special skill. Favorite food is fried eggs.

Hobby is collecting “Hinatabokko” and “Locker-chan”.

Not good with noisy places.

16 years old | 1st year

184 cm | 76 kg

Blood Type O | Bday 18th March


*About names: I’m following what the names are romanized on the website. Kate’s name is written as ケイト (can be romanized as Keito) but on the website the English/romanisation is “Kate”. For Leo’s name is written as 鈴音 (this has different ways of reading, can be read as ‘Suzune’ or anything. So who knows what it is really read as), but on the website the English/romanisation is ‘Leo’.

Showcase Event — January 21, 2017

The official report on the website can be found here.

MC was Takeshi Washizaki, radio personality. Special guest was the voice actor of Ema NanjoRyohei Kimura. Some of the staff also appeared such as the Casting Producer, Naoko Matsui, Scenario Writer Mina Shimokishi (or Mina Shimogishi, depending on how its read), and also the Producer Toshiki Hasegawa.

The event was basically to explain/sell the idea of what is Locker Boys/Locker Danshi. It also included a script reading by Ryohei Kimura. A more in detailed report can be found here on Dengeki Girl’s Style Online, which I will now summarize 😆

Seems like the guests who went to the event didn’t know that afterwards they’re all gonna go into a locker and demo the Locker Danshi in virtual reality 😂 Either way, I’m sure they weren’t sure what they were getting into because not a lot was revealed prior to the event. The event seemed to reveal the characters and the rest of the cast, as well as the nature/idea behind Locker Danshi.

The scenario writer wanted to make a situation where you can really feel an ikemen up close and then got the idea of basing the situation inside a locker, which isn’t a bad premise especially when you throw in virtual reality into it. The staff goes on to explain how everything came together, like how the casting director looks through the character designs and immediately goes “Yeah, this character is defefinately for Kimura” lol, and how the concept of it came to be, prolly also the idea of putting people in lockers while experiencing the demo 😆 Kimura did some line readings, which he found it a bit embarrassing for him to say in front of a crowd of girls aw lol.

Apparently there was a rock, paper, scissors battle against Kimura to give away prizes to the guests. The prizes being: a signed postcard, a signed poster and a VR headset. I’m not 100% sure how the rounds worked or how the prizes were distributed, but I think there’s 3 lucky guests who have their chance to win a prize against Kimura in rock, paper, scissors. Each round is a prize (postcard, poster, VR headset) and there are three rounds, not sure if by winning all 3 rounds means you win all the prizes but it seems like the guests managed to win some prizes. Not exactly sure if any of them got the VR headset but either way, they’re lucky.

The author of the article talks about their experience with the VR demonstration, and yeah, they actually close the door on the locker when you get in there with your VR headset. So it’s prolly not good for those who are claustrophobic. Seems like you’re not instantly in the locker situation when you’re in the VR demonstration, prolly in the classroom first. I’m not sure if you’re able to interact with your surroundings, like you don’t have a controller of any sort except for your head turning right? But apparently the author can see their arms and legs ‘in-game’.

They go on to explaining their experience with Ema, which included a kabedon and making the author’s heart to race (I’d feel the same way 😂 ). Seems like the developers got the sound design down right because they’re using technology similar dummy headmic to emphasize sound in one ear if a voice is specifically up close to that ear. You can hear samples on the official website in the character page.

All three of the boys seemed to be available for demonstration, but the author didn’t go much into detail about it.

I’d like to see it for myself, to see how ‘real’ it is or whether the 3D models are nicely animated. When it comes to VR, they usually don’t do much promotional pictures of what it looks like ‘in-game’ (well for some of the otome material on VR, they don’t seem to show much screenshots). Too bad I can’t go to these events because I’m stuck in Australia lol, the tickets are probably really limited too.

I’m interested in what direction this will go into. I know I said in my yearly overview this year that it’ll be least likely for VR directed towards the female audience and implemented in otome games in a few years, so I guess that I’m wrong. Super wrong. I’ll be eager to see what other VR stuff will pop up, even though I don’t own any VR headgear right now lol. I’m also wondering if Locker Danshi will just be a ‘pop up’ thing, where you can only experience it at set places across Japan and at set times. What makes me think this is because on it’s website, there’s a button called “Schedule”. Not exactly sure what they have in mind for this project, but I am looking forward to it.

As always, thanks for reading!