[CD/Character Songs] A3! – Theme Song: MANKAI Kaika Sengen


A3! has just released its first single back in February 15, 2017. The CD contains the full theme song—which is played during the opening movie and the title screen—having both vocal version sung by the troupe leaders and instrumental, along with a 9 minute audio drama (troupe leaders only).

The CD is overall 18 minutes of content, which is for an alright price (1,204 yen) especially when you get a serial code for an exclusive SSR card. Most ppl would’ve bought the CD for the SSR (which is fully bloomed, maxed out cap of the card level which is lvl100), like how can you pass on the opportunity of lovely ikemens laying on a bed of flowers.

The CD comes in a slip case which is something I haven’t experienced before and is nicely designed too. The CD Jacket and the slip case have different cover illustrations which is generous, usually these days its just a CD in a hard CD case 😆 I bought my CD at animate because I wanted to bundle it with a comic/manga (which I will review later) that I couldn’t purchase anywhere else at the time, so I’m not sure if this is an animate bonus or this is sold anywhere but my CD came with a bonus which is kinda like a bromide but with the Autumn Troupe. I think its at random on which troupe you’ll get (Correction: I’ve been told that its an animate exclusive thing where you’re given a random one for every 1000 yen you spend on A3 merch). There’s also a bar code on it and a date and it might have something to do with the upcoming meet-up with some of the voice actors in March or something…


SSR Card Bonus

Sadly, you can only choose one card out of the four troupe leaders per serial code. You can choose from Sakuya Sakuma, Tenma Sumeragi, Banri Settsu and Tsumugi Tsukioka. If I could I could’ve chosen all of them but I ended up choosing my autumn boy Banri.


If you got the serial code and don’t know how/where to input it, here’s a little guide for you. What you need is your serial code (found inside the CD Jacket), your user ID and the link to input your serial code.

You can find your user ID on the main screen or in your profile.


When you click the link to input the serial code on the website, make sure you click on the “MANKAI☆開花宣言スペシャルプレゼントコード tab.


The first input field is for your user ID, the second input field is for your serial code (which has letters and numbers) and the drop down menu is the card which you want to select.


Clicking the button will send you to a page to confirm your choice and to show you what the username of the user ID is, if the username isn’t yours/doesn’t look familiar then you must have made a mistake when inputting the user ID. Press the send button that looks like “送信する” and it’ll send to your inbox. If it doesn’t look like there’s a notification on your inbox to tell you, you have a new card just click on the inbox and it’ll be there (that’s what happened to me lol).

Audio Drama & Theme Song Review

Audio drama is about the four troupe leaders having a leader meeting to talk about what they’ve been up to with their troupes while kantoku/Izumi has yet to arrive. I’m not 100% sure whats going on in the audio drama except the fact that they start talking about their troupes and how well they know their members, which then leads to them impersonating the other members lol. Tenma starts by impersonating Yuki, while Banri attempts to impersonate Juza but it ends up being no different to how he acts so they can’t tell the difference lol. Sakuya does a pretty good impression of Citron while Tsumugi’s impersonation of Homare got me in tears at how exaggerated he speaks (I’m guessing he’s attempting to recreate Homare’s speech when he does his poems 😆 ). Tenma does a rendition of Muku (which I gotta say, I forgot how good Eguchi is when changing his voice tone lol) and Tsumugi does his best impression of Izumi by talking about spices… Which then leads to Izumi coming into the room prolly angrey about the guys messing around instead of doing the leader meeting properly.

The story continue in the SSR cards, from what I’ve experienced from Banri’s back stage story, where the leaders swap troupes for temporary purposes (I’m guessing it was explained in the audio drama but I didn’t quite get it). Sakuya acts as the Winter Troupe’s temporary leader, Tenma is Spring Troupe’s temp leader, Banri is Summer’s temp leader and Tsumugi is Autumn’s temp leader. Tho tbh it’d be interesting to see how Tsumugi handles Autumn Troupe considering how weak willed he is and how hot blooded some of them are (tho it’s usually hot blooded when Banri is there to stir shit up).

As for the song, I really like how upbeat it is and how it gets me motivated to do stuff lol. Shame it’s just only the one song (I would’ve liked it if it included the four troupe songs but I’m sure they’re thinking about releasing that later). I have a feeling they might release more CDs like the main theme songs for each troupe plus the theme songs for the main stage plays they do. I’ll look forward to Autumn Troupe’s CD if that ever does happen because I love their theme song even tho PonyCanyon region blocked it so I can’t watch it lol (tho I have other ways of listening to it heh 😏).

I hope A3 has more stuff in store for us! They seem to have an official fanbook to release soon too but I really hope that they’ll release events to get people busy playing it.

As always, thank you for reading!


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