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[Monthly Overview] March Releases 2017


Kintouka – 17th March – GRISEDGE

*R18 PC Game

Harukanakoi – 31st March – SOIR

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

Wand of Fortune R2 ~Jiku ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~ – 9th March – otomate

Side Kicks! – 23rd March – eXtend

KLAP! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Fun Party – 30th March – otomate

DYNAMIC CHORD feat. KYOHSO V edition – 30th March – honeybee black


Finally we’re in March, the month that is chock full of all them vidya games. Like seriously, why—out of all the other months—is March a busy month for releasing video games. Even the switch releases this month so that’ll punch a huge hole in ppl’s pockets along with the other good games set to release this month (I have my eyes set on Nier:Automata but PS4 games are expensive here, like $99 AUD for new released PS4 games). Other than that it seems like a big month for otome games too with 5 new otome games set to release and 1 new BL game. If only the FD for Taisho Alice wasn’t delayed then it’d be 6 otome games set to release this month 😆

Because there’s so many games to talk about, I’m just gonna not go into detail on each game. Instead I’ll talk about what I have in mind for this month. Hopefully I can get onto something I’ve been planning since February and that’s to somehow get to stream/record some PS Vita gameplay, so we can all experience the masterpiece of Kamigami no Asobi InFinite in its lazy writing glory. Still gotta do some experiments on it first and also buy the equipment for it lol, so hopefully I can get it up to actually stream some KLAP stuff 😏

I’ve got a few stuff to review for this month too, though I’ve been feeling really exhausted recently, prolly because of all those nights staying up has caught up to me. Which might explain why this overview post is lacking in places, I’m sorry. One thing I’d like to mention is that I’m planning to buy KLAP FD (animate set limited edition maybe?) and Side Kicks! (regular limited edition). I’ve heard some ppl didn’t like eXtend’s previous title but I’m keeping my fingers cross that Side Kicks! will be good… I’m also trying to keep my expectations for the KLAP FD mild, tho one thing I’m hoping they keep in is the whipping mini-game.

As always thanks for reading. I hope I can get my energy back up to deliver regular posts.