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[Manga] Mini Review – Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki (Vol.1)


Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki is a comic/manga initially published online at Ruelle Comics (where you can read the first chapter and latest chapter) and now has been published into a bounded manga. Art and story is by Mizuki Oniyama, you can find their pixiv but if you look into their art logs you’ll prolly get spoiled on what they have in mind for the series.

The art style Oniyama uses is reminiscent of 80’s manga, while the visuals they use are kinda macabre and really leaves an impression on you. Gonna say this outright, this isn’t a shoujo manga, actually I’m not even sure what audience this is for, but I’m gonna have to say it’s for adults or for those with mature minds. If you’re easily squeamish at either gore, vomiting, piss etc then I wouldn’t recommend you to read this 😆

It’s definitely dark but the dark comedy makes it less grim than what it should be, but guaranteed it does have it’s dark moments where it’s not joking around. Even if it is about an abusive relationship, I still find it interesting at how the manga explores the human workings of the two characters as well as their paraphilic tendencies. You’re free to call me out on being an asshole or a sick fuck for liking this manga. Also, just a heads up but this post will be discussing some stuff that may not sit well with some people and might be a bit NSFW.

I also got a bonus illustrated gift from purchasing it from Animate:

2017-03-01 13.06.16

The context of this pic is explained in later chapters, don’t worry. Anyway, this is just a glimpse on how abnormal the manga can get.
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Upload Announcement – Nier Automata (March 31)

[Turn off CC/Subtitles if you don’t want to read my rambles/commentary]

Sorry for the delay but it’s finally here! It kinda took me a while to do some stuff and fix things here and there, but part 2 is up.

Hopefully I’ll get part 3 up sooner than later, though there’s not much in it.

If you haven’t noticed, the banner/header used here as well as the end screen in the video is a reference to Drakengard 3. I tried my best to recreate it with 9S and 2B 😆

Thanks for watching!

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[Manga] Mini Review – Mermaid Boys Vol.2


This is a little belated review of Mermaid Boys Vol.2 by Yomi Sarachi, been a bit busy lately haha. You’d think that after reviewing the first volume I wouldn’t feel the need to review the second volume because I might have the same opinion but this volume has changed a bit of my opinion on it…

Anyway, I’ll be addressing some spoilers for Volume 2 in this post so if you plan on reading it yourself and don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read the rest of this review. All I can say is that I don’t see this series going far, even if it pains me to say it. Sorry if I’m being a wet blanket, its just that I didn’t feel it in this volume… It still made me laugh but whenever I think about what it’ll provide in the next volumes I start to think that it might not last long before the conclusion.

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Bunny does a silent playthrough of Nier Automata

The reason why I haven’t been posting regularly is because I was preparing a video for my silent playthrough of Nier Automata. It’ll be entirely silent/no commentary unless you want to keep the closed captions on (feel free to turn it off if I get too annoying).

I’ll try to upload other videos to this channel for entertainment values, like short clips of otome games that I’d like to share etc.

It’ll take a while until the next video is uploaded, maybe same time next week. I prolly need to start a schedule for these things 😆

I’m only doing this for the entertainment of others and to get a good use out of the capture card I’m using. Hopefully I won’t be too boring…

Thanks for being patient with me! I hope I can get back into posting some more stuff while trying to balance this playthrough lol

Enjoy this gif of a dickless man(?)

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[Drama CD] Review – Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi (Reirei)

Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi is the follow up CD series of the original Midnight Jiangshi. Not sure whether to call it a sequel or anything seeing that CDs like these don’t have consistent continuity, I’m looking at you, Diabolik Lovers.

I’ll be reviewing Shushu and Chuchu along with Reirei. If you want to read my review on the first Midnight Jiangshi series then click here, I’d recommend

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[Mobile] Breakdown – A3! Act! Addict! Actors! (エースリー)


A3! is a mobile game about stage actors and their journey to become the best entertainers. Gameplay is a bit like Ensemble Stars! where it doesn’t take a lot of skill compared to mobile rhythm games, its more about collecting cards and strengthening your teams.

This will be a breakdown post on how gameplay works and hopefully can act a bit like a guide for those who need some tips on playing the game.

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[Bunny Diary] ⚠️️ Future Plans for 2017 ⚠️️ – Streaming Plans

I think I talked about it briefly in my overview of March, but I’ll say it again here. I have been thinking for a while now about getting a setup running so I can stream PS Vita otome games, I’m almost there in getting the ‘equipment’/things I need to make that possible.

I’ll be talking about some limitations/mess ups that might come when I’m streaming PS Vita games and I’d like some input on what you guys think would be a better way to go about it (let me stress that I’d really like some input bc I don’t want it to be a shit experience for y’all).

So if you want to read me talking about my limitations for having an old ass computer, then read away.

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[VR] Otome Watch – Locker Danshi ~Zero Kyori Taiken❤Koi no Hajimari~ – Showcase Event (1/21/2017)


Locker Danshi is a VR Project in the works. Back in January 21, 2017, a showcase event was held to discuss what Locker Danshi is and to demonstrate what it plays like in VR (virtual reality). Guests were invited to partake in the demonstration with a VR headset (what seems like a Samsung Gear VR headset) inside a locker, y’know, to enhance the experience.

Its not yet known when it’ll be fully released to the public, whether it will be a VR app for the mobile (though, seeing that the demo was using the Samsung Gear VR, it may as well be) or whether it will be ‘free-to-play’ or a purchasable app. As of now, it seems to be going through trials in these showcase events and gaining feedback from the guests who purchased tickets to the events.

Most of the info presented in this post are reiterations/summaries from Japanese sites and reports/articles. I may get some info wrong because of my amateur translation skills.
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[CD/Character Songs] A3! – Theme Song: MANKAI Kaika Sengen


A3! has just released its first single back in February 15, 2017. The CD contains the full theme song—which is played during the opening movie and the title screen—having both vocal version sung by the troupe leaders and instrumental, along with a 9 minute audio drama (troupe leaders only).
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