[Drama CD] Review – Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi (Shushu)

Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi is the follow up CD series of the original Midnight Jiangshi. Not sure whether to call it a sequel or anything seeing that CDs like these don’t have consistent continuity, I’m looking at you, Diabolik Lovers.

Everything is almost the same in this new series, except the fact that Meimei is missing/doesn’t have a CD in this series and there’s two new jiangshi/kyonshi. The main focus of this series is the new rivals and the lead up to the ‘Red Full Moon’, said to have a certain significance to the jiangshi.

I plan on getting ShushuReirei and Chuchu‘s CDs and hopefully I’ll get around reviewing them. If you haven’t read my review for the first series of CDs, go and check it out if you want to. This is a full spoiler review, not gonna have jumps to final thoughts with no spoilers.

Shushu | CV: Toshiki Masuda

Shushu is the ‘selfish jiangshi‘ as well as the older twin brother of Chuchu (srsly whats with these names), they both come from the No.2 clan of jiangshi, Meimei’s clan being the No.1 standing jiangshi. He’s never been No.1 in his whole life and blames it on Meimei (for some reason), because of that he’s got a complex about not being able to be No.1. In order to be able to beat Meimei and be No.1, he pursues you—the doushi  (道士)[daoshi in Chinese, meaning taoist priest]—in hopes to gain more power during the Red Full Moon.

Seems like he’s the last jiangshi to resurrect (Chuchu’s prolly running around somewhere) and decides to enter the school where all the jiangshi is at because jiangshis gotta get some education too, duh. Seriously why do they need to go to school I don’t get this trope, it happens in Diabolik Lovers, it happens here and it happens in Thanatos Night. I guess you can get more victims at school than anywhere else.

So Shushu bumps into you and you get a hurt leg so he carries you to the infirmary, but turns out he’s lead you outside and you only notice now. Like, only the crows and tombstones threw you off that y’all aren’t going the infirmary anymore lol.He drops you like a ton of bricks and begins explaining what he is, what you are and that he’s out to suck your blood. He takes you to his ‘house’ which makes this stone being pushed sound, I’m guessing he lives in his tomb but apparently it’s got a sofa? lolwut. He explains about the Red Full Moon that comes once in a thousand years where if a jiangshi drink a doushi‘s blood when that moon is out their power will return to a certain amount (I guess when they resurrect they don’t have 100% of their power). Which is basically what this series will be about, drinking the doushi‘s blood when its a Red Full Moon to get back most of their powers.

After drinking your blood he notices that there’s bitemarks already on you, which turns out to be Meimei (he’s only mentioned in this series, he won’t appear as a CD for some reason). Shushu decides to hold off from drinking your blood until the Red Full Moon, which is a recurring theme in this series (Reirei does it too), so far you’ll expect most of these jiangshi blue balling themeselves until the Red Full Moon, for some reason. Also he puts a ban on you from having other jiangshi drink your blood, so he’s got a possessive streak going on too.

Turns out he can beat Meimei in academic studies and acts kinda tsundere when you praise him but in the jiangshi world power is all that matters, not brains. Poor Shushu can’t catch a break huh lol. He’s got some cute moments where he naps on your lap on his sofa (inside his tombstone house lol) and acts kinda tsundere about it but still kinda selfish, but kinda cute… I guess?

There’s a few things in Shushu’s CD that mirrors some parts in Meimei’s CD. He gets hurt during bball against Meimei where he trips and you worry over his wound similar to Meimei’s CD, except you don’t bandage up his wounds like Meimei. Another similar scene is when you not only throw sealing talismans but also some rice(?) and it doesn’t work on him, kinda like in Meimei’s CD.

After the farce between throwing rice(?) and talismans at him, Shushu discovers that you’ve let Meimei have your way with you again to the point that he’s marking you as “his”. This makes Shushu go ‘well then, I’ll make you mine’, but it seems like you reject that offer which makes him a bit pissed at the fact he lost to Meimei once again. He gets a bit violent but because he’s weak from no blood, you manage to get away and he runs after you until y’all fall down the stairs together, knocking Shushu out.Which is kinda embarrassing for a jiangshi to be knocked out by the weight of a girl on top of them. You managed to drag him to the infirmary and nurse Shushu back to health. He talks about his family wanting to become the top jiangshi clan, so he’s trying his best to grant his family their wish by pursuing you and becoming the stronkest.

On the way back, Shushu almost breaks his no blood until Red Full Moon fast but recovers from it and you start talking about why Shushu wants to become the strongest and challenging him on his beliefs, where he gets angsty saying that its all for granting his family’s wish and that his wish is his family’s wish but you still challenge him, like gurl what are you trying to get out of him 😆 He gets tired from arguing and asks for you to lend your shoulder so he can take a nap.

Its now the Red Full Moon, y’all are outside observing the moon and it seems like you had fun hanging out with him either tho it baffles him so. He confesses that he does want to fight Meimei based on his own intentions and not just for his family, it’s good to be honest now is it lol. He begins drinking your blood which kinda sounds like either drinking from a capri sun without the straw or sucking on a fruit/watermelon. He warns that if he keeps continuing ya might die or turn into a jiangshi, noting that your scent and blood has become sweet which prolly means ya want your blood sucked? lol I dunno. He seems pretty gentle with this, unlike others who go at it like crazy, I’m looking at you Reirei, and goes like “I won’t let Meimei have you”, which might be because he hate losing to Meimei or maybe he actually come to like you (like that would happen in this series lmao).


Overall thoughts, Shushu felt a bit more gentle than the others I’ve listened to, maybe even a bit cute though that might be because Toshiki Masuda’s voice is pretty gentle and lulling here when I listen to him before sleeping lol. When he’s being soft/using his deeper tones, Toshiki can be pretty nice to listen to when you’re trying to sleep, its like being in a mother’s arms and rocked to sleep 😂 Shushu felt like a nice start, tho not a lot of deredere moments there for him. Here’s hoping his twin lil bro got some cute stuff going on because he’s a tsundere, then again what am I hoping for, these kinds of series for the ドM don’t have cute shit going on lmao.

As for what this brings to the series, it seems like the Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi series is gonna have less bloodsucking and the last track won’t have that 10~14 minute non-stop long blood sucking fes that could be easily mistaken for an R18+ Drama CD, its now replaced with a kinda flaccid bloodsucking for a few minutes while the rest of the track is just talk about stuff. Did the heroine of this CD got her blood sucked so hard in the end that she died? Well it didn’t seem like that in this one. As expected of this kind of series, there’s not a lot of love going around, rather than love it’s more like lust—well at least blood lust (lust for the heroine’s/your blood). If there is true love in this series then it’s pretty subtle as hell lol.

Also, gotta love the artwork this time around, esp the new change in how they wear their school uniform for some reason, it gives a little more of character to everyone. Plus, the long nails and more prominent fangs help out depicting them as kyonshi/jiangshi and is kinda comical with the extra long fangs lol. I love it.

Anyway, enjoy Shushu’s inner jacket artwork:


Sorry about the white line in the middle, I should’ve scanned this before the white line appeared…

As always thanks for reading!

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