[PS4] Quick look at… Danganronpa V3 demo & Yakuza 6 demo

Considering I haven’t been posting much lately, I may as well do a quick post on something I’ve played recently. I’ve been thinking of writing a post on A3 but it seems like it’ll take a lot of effort and a long time, so in the meantime I thought about doing something quick so then it wouldn’t seem like I’m missing in action lol.

Please bear with me until I start doing my usual posts. A3 has practically held my life hostage at this point.

——Danganronpa V3

Most of these demos I played aren’t really new (they have been available on the Japanese PSN store for a few months, so I guess they’re somewhat new), but hey what the heck, may as well give my thoughts on this game despite already having been released in Japan already.

I’ve only played Danganronpa 2 back in 2015 or 2014, so its been a while since I’ve got into these games. Playing it on the PS4/TV was definitely new, sometimes things would run at 60fps (usually when they do the character intros, scene transitions and opening movie) which is something I’m new to ngl 😆 Considering its all in Japanese I did my best to make out what’s what with the knowledge I have gained so far, it wasn’t too hard except for when it came to the trials where knowing what the hell is going on can help you succeed in doing a good trial. I had to whip out my google translate during a trial mini-game to choose the right choice to succeed haha. Good thing the demo trial wasn’t too hard.

But all in all it was pretty good, I like the new mechanic they introduced to the trials [Spoiler, highlight to read] where you have the option to lie about evidence to , which then could prolly mess you up later. It also has this nice nightmare effect when you activate it lol. Also, gotta love them exaggerated expressions.


There’s a few characters that became my fav during the demo, tho it made me wonder who’s gonna kick the bucket and who’s gonna survive. Also, it’s interesting that the protag for this game is a girl (tho Despair Girls has two playable female characters), and it was kinda neat seeing the past protags make their appearance in this demo to mentor/help the new protag/us lol.

Anyway, I’m looking forward for this to get localised. I can tell that if I get the Japanese ver. and get deeper into the story that some plot points and stuff won’t stick to me because of my limited vocab and hard time reading some kanji haha…

——Yakuza 6 / Ryu ga Gotoku 6

Another demo of a game already released in Japan. The localisation of this game is said to release in 2018, which is quite a while from now but I can wait, even though the new stuff introduced in the demo makes me want to play it even more. Especially gameplay with grandpa/dad Kiryu taking care of baby Haruto…

In my opinion, it plays better than Yakuza 3 (I’m still trying to get back into finishing it but I’ve forgotten all the combos and cool shit I could do 😆 ), the animations and heat moves seem to be more brutal and clean if that makes sense. Some of the cutscenes like the one above looks so good, Kiryu legit has bulging veins appearing on his big beefy arms. Makes me glad that this was on the PS4 rather than the PS3, tho sometimes the in-game cutscenes can look a bit weird because of the lower textures but thats fine by me. Hell, there’s screen tearing and I don’t mind lol as long as it plays well and its fun, its all good.

Talking about gameplay, there’s a sub-story/continuing thing introduced in the demo that I think becomes more in depth in the main game is the “Nyan Nyan Cat Cafe”, where you round up cats found in Kamurocho and put them in the cat cafe where you can watch them do cat things lol. You can also beef up Kiryu in a body building gym thing, which I’m all for it. There’s a lot of goofy stuff going on that I get so distracted to the fact that there’s a lot of things blocked off in the demo (even the story mission you’re playing in the demo is blocked off so you can’t complete it).

I’m gonna wait patiently for the release of this game in the West, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. In the meantime, I hope I’ll get to finishing and playing all the Yakuza games beforehand.

So thanks, Yakuza 6 demo, for the memories.

龍が如く6 命の詩。_20170211213343

And as always, thanks for reading! I hope I’ll get a move on with making more posts for this month.

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