[Monthly Overview] February Releases 2017


Kamisama Nante Yondenai! – 24th February – kalmia8

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden – 16th February – otomate

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Ultimate – 23rd February – koei tecmo neoromance


February is almost barren compared to what’s coming up next month (March will have about 6 games released and will kill my wallet). Which is a good thing because I want to save money for future releases, and its been like a few months since I last bought an otome game.

For this month I hope to get around doing some posts I was planning to do in January. I’m almost close to finishing Haitaka no Psychedelica, just need to find some time to do the last two endings so maybe I can gather up the courage/motivation to write a review. I got a few drama cds I gotta talk about too, so hopefully I get around doing it.

Now as for the games releasing this month, we’ve got 1 PC R18 Game, 1 sequel/new installment for a prexisting series and 1 remake to the PS Vita. First off let’s talk about the PC game, Kamisama Nante Yondenai! is an R18 PC otome game where the heroine is a graphic designer and somewhat gets involved in a deity’s mischeif which ends up making her younger, about 10+ years younger to the point that she’s prolly 10 years or younger. You’ve got two main dudes, one is a deity and another is human. It gets kinda fucked up when there’s H scenes/explicit scenes where the heroine is in her 10 year old body and the dudes are fucking her, esp weird when the 19 year human is fucking a 10 year old girl. This is an otome game right? There are H scenes where she’s in her adult body but yeah… still messed up to me.

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden, is another installment in the Diabolik Lover series and y’know what, it doesn’t look like this series will die off any time soon. Gotta milk this series for everything its got. This time around we’ve got 1 new vampire boy coming into the cast voiced by Tomoaki Maeno and another son of the vampire king(?), Karl Heinz, which makes him a prince of vampires….. but then wouldn’t that make most of the original diabolik lovers cast also vampire princes or what….. whgat the ufck. I’m sure by now they don’t have Satoi doing the art and they’re just frankendolling/tracing different parts of her previous artwork to pass it off as her art. Just look at the redesign of the school uniform, yes I checked, they aren’t going to a different school so that makes me wonder why are the uniforms so different.

While I was looking around on the website I noticed that all sprites in MORE,BLOOD were redone and slightly different compared to the original sprites in the original game. Not sure if it was Satoi’s work and why they redid the sprites (they looked alright to me). If you want to do comparisons between Original and MORE,BLOOD, feel free to check the website.

Also I’m not even sure by now if this is a sequel or anything. The continuity of the series ain’t that perfect, I mean [Spoilers, highlight to read] in Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate, in Kanato’s good/best end it seemed like he died because he couldn’t continue the newly gained power of Karl Heinz Ketchup, but here he is perfectly alive in this game so I’m left to believe that not all of these games are continuations of the previous games. Anyway, by the time of 2030 I’m sure there will be about 13 more or less diabolik games released by then, so whatever….

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Ultimate is a remake of Harukanaru toki no naka de 3 that was initially released in 2004 and in this port/remake will also have additional content from the collectors edition that was released in 2009. This version will have redrawn CGs/stills and will be fully voiced. The story is that the heroine and a few of her high school friends have gone through a time slip into Heian period Japan, Kyoto where the battle between the Minamoto clan and the Taira clan has begun (Genpei War). Of course, seeing that its a game from neoromance/koei tecmo, this game also has more gameplay to it than your average otome game. You’ve got a map to travel around to places like Kyoto, Kamakura, Itsukushima etc. Seems like during travelling and on the battlefield you have to fight alongside your comrades, not sure how the system works but it kinda looks like an RPG based on the screenshots. It also seems like your dialogue choices can change depending if you’ve unlocked new information in routes/endings, which you can choose these new dialogue options when in another playthrough. I would like to get this, but it seems too complex for me to finish it (esp without a walkthrough haha). I’m still kinda stuck with Corda 4.

That’s about it for this month, next month will kill me with all these new games releasing…. Hopefully I can survive.

Thanks for reading as always.

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