Rejet’s 2017 Announcements – Rejet Fes. 2017


Rejet Fes. 2017 happened over the weekend on the 21st and 22nd of January. This event wasn’t streamed on youtube or nico douga like last year’s change announcements, instead it was a behind closed doors event where only those who had bought tickets would attend. There were two sessions per day, the day session and the night session over the two days of the event. Guests were treated to live performances as well as segments with casts from all kinds of rejet games and cds (e.g Hikaru Midorikawa, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Toshiki Masuda etc).

Of course I can’t say much about it because I never went, like how can I when I’m stuck in Australia lol. I’m not 100% sure what transpired in the events but I do know that at the same time of the event they released videos on their youtube channel on new announcements. Maybe they were first announced at the event, but I can’t know for sure haha.

Since the event it seems like they cleaned up their website too, where now the rotating feature banner only shows the new stuff for 2017. They used to have the featured banners go back to like 2014 stuff or something but now its like a new clean slate. Also they seemed to change up the format of the official websites for Drama CDs, where you just scroll down for more info rather than schedule dates and character info in different pages. Character info now just pops up when clicking on an image so I guess thats aight, tho it does make it harder to link to a character’s profile when it doesn’t have a html/page to link to lol.

It really does seem like Rejet is changing things up, especially with their planned lineup for this year. I guess you could really say they fulfilled their promise of ‘change‘, fruit muscle man will be pleased.

——Day 1 Announcements (January 21st, 2017)

This is where Rejet announced most of its upcoming drama cds planned for Q2 2017 (second quarter of 2017, concerning months: April, May and June), which is at a record of 3~4 drama/situational cds planned. Most of them are for pre-existing series, nothing new to be of noted as of yet.

It is kinda strange they didn’t announce much. I was expecting more, but I guess they’re saving from losses, such as making  drama CDs that may not be popular in the long run which is a loss. So sticking to what’s popular and brings in the 💰 dough is a good financial move, I guess. Then again they could prolly announce a lot after the next quarter is done.

Marginal #4 Road to Galaxy (PS Vita)

Release Date: TBA

Seems like Rejet will partner up with Otomate to make this Marginal #4 game for the Vita. It will be a rhythm game featuring all 9 of the idol boys, yes that includes the new unit boys from Unicorn Jr. Seems like there will be 26 songs planned for the game, looks like it’ll play a mobile rhythm game, with chibi portraits in the background as you tap on four spaces. Seems like it’ll be the basic tap, hold tap and simultaneous tap.

Other than that, not sure what other gameplay it will have. Will it just have the rhythm game segment only or will it have extra stuff in it to appease the fans with fanservice? If it is just the rhythm game segment, it makes me wonder “why not make it a mobile game?”. I guess more information will be released in the future.

It will sell at 6,804 yen and limited edition will be at 8,964 yen.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Toshiki Masuda – Atom Kirihara

Naozumi Takahashi – Rui Aiba

KENN – L Nomura

Yuuto Suzuki – R Nomura

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Shy Makishima

Genki Okawa – Kira Himuro

Shouta Aoi – Tsubasa Shindo

Chiharu Sawashiro – Alto Takimaru

Toshiyuki Someya -Teruma Nakama

Official Website 


Shuffle Best (CD)


Idol of Starlight Kiss (Situational CD)

Release Date: 21st June 2017 (Shuffle Best)

Release Period: 19th April 2017 ~ 19th July 2017 (Idol of Starlight Kiss)

Rejet has also announced more CDs for Marginal #4, with the tagline at the end its like ‘yo, even in 2017 the marginal #4 content will never end, never ever, we’re here to stay’ 😆

Firstly, there will be a CD called “Shuffle Best” and will contain the best of the shuffle unit songs, actually it prolly contains all of the shuffle unit songs haha. It’ll be sold at 3,000 yen which is a pretty good deal for 12 songs considering there are other CDs that sell at 1,000~2,000 yen with maybe 2~4 songs.

Secondly, “Idol of Starlight Kiss” will release over 4 months between April and July. It will be a situational CD, mainly where you are showered with the idol boy’s love and attention 😆 Apparently you’re the manager and y’all have this forbidden relationship with the idol boys, hey wait a minute wasn’t that the basis of the vita game. There will be 4 volumes, each volume will have 2 guys each (except for vol 4) so it’ll be like this: Vol.1: Atom & Rui, Vol.2: L & R, Vol.3: Shy & KiraVol.4: Tsubasa & Alto & Teruma.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Toshiki Masuda – Atom Kirihara

Naozumi Takahashi – Rui Aiba

KENN – L Nomura

Yuuto Suzuki – R Nomura

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Shy Makishima

Genki Okawa – Kira Himuro

Shouta Aoi – Tsubasa Shindo

Chiharu Sawashiro – Alto Takimaru

Toshiyuki Someya -Teruma Nakama

Official Website (Shuffle Best) | Official Website (Idol of Starlight Kiss)


Yuugen Romantica Hatenkou (Drama CD)

Release Period: 19th April 2017 ~ 15th November 2017

Ah yes, another Yuugen Romantica CD series. It seems like Rejet is gonna release a new season of these every year now 😆 But seriously Rejet, just make a game already, don’t let the talent of the artist you’re hiring go to waste, I’m sure they’ll be good at drawing event graphics. The artist basically has the heroine’s design nailed down by now, give them a chance.

Anyway, it seems like the cast of Yuugen Romantica has aged up by one year (check the website and you’ll see that Hifumi Utashiro, Zakuro etc are now 18 and in 3rd Year of high school). This time around it seems like the setting of the CD will not take place in the school, rather in different places like school trips, school camps, theme parks etc (except for Hanawo, whose CD seems to take place in the washroom/toilet lol). For each CD there is another entity ready to conflict the whole story, each conflict is different for each boy. For Arahagi’s CD its Arahagi  vs. a plushie that moves by itself where he and the heroine are at the theme park, Merry/Mary’s CD is Merry/Mary vs. the 4:44am/pm on-sight broadcast where he and the heroine are at the museum and so on.

Its interesting to see that each season of Yuugen Romantica CDs changes up their designs, it’s like their power is leveling up after every CD (kinda like in Sailor Moon where their costumes change when they get a new/improved power). My favorite improvement on costumes per CD would be Hanawo’s because he keeps getting more dramatic and fabulous.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

KENN – Hifumi

Ryohei Kimura  – Utashiro

Takahiro Sakurai – Zakuro

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Iriya

Kousuke Toriumi – Merry/Mary

Yuki Kaji – Arahagi

Daisuke Hirakawa – Toneri

Hikaru Midorikawa – Hanawo

Official Website


Criminale! Duello (Drama CD)

Release Period: 21st June 2017 ~ 20th September 2017

Fourth CD set in the series, I think? I haven’t really gotten into this series so I’m not quite sure haha. Seems like this time each CD will have two guys, so double the trouble. I wonder how that would work out, would the guys interact with each other or would it be two drama cds in one…?

Vol 1 will have Gerado & Chiave, Vol 2 is Luchia & Tempesta, Vol 3 is Dante & Fantasma and finally Vol 4 is Nero and Chara.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Hikaru Midorikawa – Gerardo

Takashi Kondo – Luchia

Toshiyuki Morikawa – Tempesta

Kosuke Toriumi – Chiave

Daisuke Hirakawa – Nero

Hiro Shimono – Chara

Kenji Nojima – Dante

Satoshi Hino – Fantasma

Official Website


THANATOS NiGHT Re:Vival (Drama CD)

Release Period: 17th May 2017 ~ 18th October 2017

This series hasn’t finished releasing all of its CDs and it already got a sequel confirmed haha. Tho I appreciate that it did get a sequel so I can hear more of Wataru Hatano singing rock and him being a sweet angel 👌

But it makes me wonder how the story for this one go since y’know [Spoilers] you kinda die at the end of the CD when the guy sings his death song. The Re:Vival subtitle kinda gives away what it might be about, maybe, but it does make me think it’s a remake lol. Especially when the description of the story says that they “suddenly lost 100 years of memories”. I would prolly wait until they release a CD that contains all the songs, like with dear vocalist, instead of buying all the CDs to hear my fav voice actors sing rock.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Wataru Hatano – Isaiah

Toshiki Masuda – Near

Showtaro Morikubo – Oliver

Ryota Osaka – Seth

Yuto Suzuki – Liam

Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Duran

Official Website

——Day 2 Announcements (January 22nd, 2017)

On this day Rejet announced a lot of games, by a lot I mean about 3~4, which is kinda a lot. I’m glad they’re thinking of porting some games from the PSP to the PS Vita, even though the graphics/art style may be out of date by now (I know, Hirotaka Maeda has improved a bit since Tokyo Yamanote Boys) its still nice to get games to the vita for those who didn’t have the chance to play it on PSP or PC.

Hope this trend will continue for Rejet’s other games (preferably the good ones).

Ken ga Kimi – Best Song (CD)

Release Date: 26th April 2017

The best songs of Ken Ga Kimi is finally all in one CD album (seems like it’ll be in two discs?). The CD will contain solo songs, duet songs and theme songs from the game. Not sure if its a collection of all the songs ever released related to Ken ga Kimi, but there are about 16 songs in total for this CD. Again, this will sell at 3,000 yen just like Marginal #4’s “Shuffle Best” CD.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Yuki Ono – Tsuzuramaru

KENN – Kei

Tomoaki Maeno – Saneaki Kuroba

Ryotaro Okiayu – Enishi

Soichiro Hoshi – Sakyou Sagihara

Ryota Osaka – Suzukake

Official Website


Star Revolution (Mobile)

Release Date: 2017 (No set date)

Rejet is dipping its toes into the mobile idol game market with “Star Revolution”. All idol boys will take on the motif of constellations, with the possibility of covering 88 constellations…. so prolly 88 idol boys in the future….? That is a lot of idol boys ngl.

If they’re really gonna do 88 characters then that makes you wonder, where are they getting all these voice actors to voice these guys? Well for the most part, some of the cast so far seems to have newbie voice actors still starting out and have yet to make a big splash. Some of them are TV actors, who don’t have a lot of experience in voice acting, others have had big parts but not as broadly casted as the popular/well-known voice actors, so for some people they may see like nobodies. I am glad that this game is really giving aspiring voice actors a chance to shine by casting them in this game, who knows, maybe it’ll help their career go into overdrive haha.

There are some voice actors who are from Side-M so they prolly have singing experience, so that’ll be a relief.

Details on gameplay/system has yet to be revealed. There will be 7 idol units, about 23 idol boys and still more to come. Units are themed, kinda like the cookie cutter basics of idol unit themes. Characters’ names are inspired by the constellation they represent (e.g. star signs, other major constellations like vulpecula, andromeda, perseus etc.), and possibly their personalities are based on the stars.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›


Keito Okuyama – Kei Otori

Shogo Yano – Jun Kushiro

Takuma Nagatsuka – Rin Kozuka

Taichi Ichikawa – Chiaki Suzume


Yuya Nakada – Noel Shirokita

Atsushi Tamaru – Seia Saotome

Taku Yashiro – Kaito Tenma

Makoto Furukawa – Mio Tsurugi


Junda Terashima – Yuki Sumishiro

Yuma Uchida – Akira Yagasaki

Yusuke Shirai – Nozomi Tendo

Kotaro Nishiyami – Senya Asahina


Tatsuya Tokutake – Tera Namiki

Toshinari Fukamachi – Giga Namiki

【Luna Lore】

Yoji Ikuta – Takuto Kanno

Shoya Chiba – Rito Harima

Yoshitaka Yamaya – Shiita Mikekado


Genki Okawa – Rudolph Hashizume

Tsubasa Sasa – Mizuki Hanabusa

Kenta Zaima – Hayate Shido

【petit march】

Yuki Yonai – Kanata Yagi

Daiki Abe – Hitoshi Oguma

Eishin Fudemura – Ai Uomi

…And much, much more characters to be announced

Official Website


Tokyo Yamanote Boys for V (PS Vita)

Release Date: June 2017 (Main Disc)

Release Date: August 2017 (Fan Disc)

I gave it away earlier, but yeah, Tokyo Yamanote Boys will be ported to the PS Vita under the name “Tokyo Yamanote Boys for V”. It will be split into two games, one game that release in June will be the “Main Disc” Collection, which will have the main games, and another game will be released in August that will be the “Fan Disc”, containing the ‘All Star Disc’ and the 3 fan discs.

I’m not sure if there will be new additions to the port, it might be just a basic port of all the games with nothing extra or new.

I will be looking forward to this. I dunno why, but all games illustrated by Hirotaka Maeda just seems to merge together in my mind and I think they’re all the same game lol, either way I’m looking forward to this game. I hope rejet/otomate also ports Renai Banchou one day too.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Kenichi Suzumura – Yuto Ninomiya

Showtaro Morikubo – Kotaro Misaki

Tsubasa Yonaga – Ayumu Momose

Tatsuhisa Suzuki – Iori Kirishima

Yuki Kaji – Lucy

Koji Yusa – Takumi Kujo

Daisuke Namikawa – Jesus Rudo

Kosuke Toriumi – Tetsu Moroboshi

Junichi Suwabe – Shinnosuke Hamada

Official Website


Dorico no Toshokan (PS Vita)

Release Date: TBA

This is more of a concept video than a promotional video. It does not reveal characters or voice actors, rather the story’s premise or themes that it wants to explore. Seems like the setting is based on an island, from the looks of it, it looks like Hashima, a ‘gunkanjima’ or a ‘battleship island’. Back in the day there were man made islands, for industrial stuff where the residents of the island would work and live on the island. After there was no use for it, the people had to move back to the mainland, abandoning the island where it rotted and decayed (mainly from high force winds and no human maintenance/interference to stop it from decaying). These days you can travel to such islands and tour around them to see what urban decay looks like, its a pretty spooky place. To be honest, before I got into my games design course I was thinking of making a visual novel based on a man made island that was abandoned and only misfits/homeless ppl found residence there years after its decay, I even put the ideas in my portfolio for my games design course interview lol. Anyway, that’s another story 😆

The title of the game is a play on words, the “toshokan” in the title doesn’t mean ‘library as you’d think. The kanji used for the “kan” is 艦 = ship, so its actually “book ship”, not library. I don’t know what or who Dorico and why it is their “book ship”/library, but whatever it is, it seems important to the story. Talking about libraries, it seems like there is a library on this island, possibly found underground.

The game seems to want to revive Showa and Heisei period and give off that nostalgia feel. It also seems to imply heavily on books and the past, the first line in the video is legit like “In [my] memories I fell in love with you…” So people are thinking maybe it’ll have something to do with time travelling or something but its really up in the air, they could prolly do anything with this.

It’ll be interesting to see how this will develop, maybe it’ll have scenes in the decaying island? I’m not sure if the whole game will take place on the island when its decaying, maybe if it does go back in time it might show off the island in its heyday (tho I’d like to see it explore dark themes like forced labor and the industrialization of Japan). It might not be the visual novel I had dreamed of, but maybe it’ll be a substitute lol.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›


Official Website


Usotsuki Shangri-La

Release Date: 2017 (No set date) 

The story of this game given through this PV is kinda cryptic to me, ngl. The title of this game is also a play on words, “usotsuki” (嘘つき) can be translated into ‘liar’ but because it uses ‘tsuki’ (月) for the ‘tsuki’ part its more like ‘lie moon’ 嘘月, whatever that may mean.

In the PV it seems like they refer to ‘usotsuki’ as some kind of term, and that the heroine is an usotsuki….? There’s also these three brothers known as the ‘calamity brothers’ or something, like they have the power to end the world, I guess, and that it is said that the only thing that can save the world is usotsuki 嘘月 (you/heroine). I guess the usotsuki holds some kind of power but it makes me wonder, what is an usotsuki lol.

As for the character names, I had a hard time trying to translate them properly so that they could make sense (which is why I put question marks next to the names because I’m unsure). I really hope rejet has some english names prepared so I can see if I’m right or wrong. Most of the names I came up with seem to relate to Norse mythology, Fenrir (フェンリル) especially. Apparently Fenrir is a huge, agressive wolf in Norse mythology, which kinda connects to the whole moon thing. Maybe this will be about werewolves haha. Anyway, we’ll have to just wait and see to find out what this really is.

‹ Seiyuu Cast ›

Tatsuhisa Suzuki – Fenrir (?)

Hiro Shimono – Jolm (?)

Daisuke Namikawa – Hel (?)

Soma Saito – Hati (?)

Tomokazu Sugita – Ende (?)

Official Website

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