[Figures & Statues] 🔞Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native

It’s been about 9 months since R18 Aoba had been conceived in the womb of Native (naked + creative), a company that creates erotic figures–mainly female erotic figures. Now that he’s been released there’s much to be celebrated for the first R18 male character figure… or at least I had hoped.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of views on my initial post about the Aoba figure, I can’t really do a fully fledged review because I didn’t buy him myself but thanks to a friend who told me to check the comments on his page at myfigurecollection and seeing how the comments are disappointed, I thought, “Hey, why not do a post-mortem based on my impressions from images users have supplied on myfigurecollection?”

I won’t be doing a lot of post-mortem posts, but because I have followed the development of the Aoba figure for a while I feel the need to talk about it. I won’t be reuploading other user’s pictures of their Aoba figures for this post, instead I’ll supply links and pictures from the official Native blog.

Again, this is gonna be an R18 post, so don’t be surprised by a few links to dongers here and there and foul language.

So what exactly is wrong with Aoba’s figure? Well there’s a few things. The differences between the promo photos and the final product is kinda big, or at least noticeable. But this is based on a few user’s figures. Some have a faded out paint job, not as vibrant as the master figure shown off in the promo.

The face itself, particularly the second face seems a bit off as if it doesn’t fit on properly. Again, this is based on observations of other’s Aoba figures. The jaw/jawline seems to be off, not natural at all, it sticks out a bit too much from the neck. In one user’s photos, when comparing his second face to the promo you can see the stark differences. The user’s Aoba’s face is more squished, rather than the rounded face in the promo, the fringe is supposed to go over his eyes but it barely does it and there’s supposed to be a gap between the face and the fringe but in the user’s photo there is no space between the face and the fringe, making it look flat. But, again, it could be the way the user applied the second face could have been incorrect.

Left: Promo picture | Right: Review Figure from Native’s blog

A myfigurecollection user took a photo with Aoba wearing a blindfold with his second face and it actually looks way better.

The hair itself, in some pictures isn’t as sharp and clean cut as the promo. Particularly the fringe, rather than being sharp looking at the end of the hair, its rather blobby and round. Then again, it’s just my nitpick haha.

The paint for the whole body seems really pale, not as pink and lively as the promo picture, sometimes a bit yellow in a few user’s photos. The hair as well seems to be in need of a touch up to make it look glossy. I’m sure this all can be fixed by a few airbrushing yourself if you’re talented enough. I know if I tried to airbrush something, it’ll turn out really bad 😆

But what can you do, not all figures released to the public are gonna look the same as the master figure shown in the promo. I don’t think there would be time to put a lot of care and attention to each and every figure to make it look like the original when you’re mass-producing for a lot of people (which I’m assuming there is a lot, the release date had to be moved to January 2017 instead of November 2016 so there must be a reason behind that, possibly the reason might be to meet enough stock for all customers who preordered it).

You can fix stuff like giving it a few touch ups in the color or try to fix the position of the second face’s face plate somehow but there is one thing that you can never fix…. and that’s Aoba’s weird dick and balls.

This is what made me look into this in more depth is all the comments on his myfigurecollection page talking about how weird his balls and dick looks like.

And so, I started my journey into the [NSFW link] gallery of user’s photos of the Aoba figure in search of what went wrong with Aoba’s dick. Let me tell you, it is hilariously bad that I couldn’t stop laughing out loud last night.


Late last night when a friend told me to check out the comments on Aoba’s page, I live tweeted my reactions trying to comprehend what went wrong with Aoba’s genitals. I don’t think I can recapture my utter bewilderment of what transpired last night lol. The photos that I was looking at were [NSFW link] these, keep clicking the next image on the right in the gallery to see more.

That’s about all my input on his genitals. The choice to sculpt his pubes was a terrible choice, why not paint on his pubes so then it’s not a nuisance when attaching his erect dick? I’m not even sure if they sculpt pubes on the female figures, they prolly just paint it on like normal human beings.

The sculptor, Grizzly Panda, is more known for sculpting female figures rather than males, so I guess its understandable. With most erotic figures, most of the anatomy (be it genitals or the body in general) will be kinda out of proportion/exaggerated. The way Aoba’s genitals looks, it’s more like the dicks you would see in BL mangas.

There’s a lot of debate about the Aoba figure, a lot of people seem to be up in arms about Aoba’s genitals but for me, it was entertainingly hilarious. Made my night last night. I don’t really care/not offended that people are complaining about his dick  being wrong. It’s just plastic, but at the end of the day it is someone’s investment of $200 or more in this figure so they should’ve gotten something better and of greater quality like the promo photos.

You can always opt to not use his erect penis attachment if you’re not happy with it, sadly there is no flaccid penis option without his underwear/jock strap practically glued to it.

Despite all of it, I’m really happy with the way they lovingly sculpted his torso, limbs and his butt. The leather looks alright, not as see-through/semi-translucent as the promo pic but it is alright. The elaborate chains and options you can use to display your Aoba figure is nice. Maybe not the best overall but I’m sure there are those out there that really love the figure and I’m happy for you guys. For those who are disappointed in it, I am sorry that it wasn’t the best product it could’ve been like we had all hoped. At first I was a bit disappointed because the company did hype up Aoba’s dick, but then I immediately found the hilarity of it so I’m not disappointed anymore.

Hopefully this will show companies that people are willing to fork out money for R18 male character figures, and maybe take in the feedback to improve on for future creations. However, considering there’s not a lot of existing popular R18 characters like Aoba, it may take a long while for another one to be made. Unless they make original characters just for the figure like they do with female erotica figures, which would be interesting.

As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. Yoooooooo. I’m kinda disappointed but I hope they will have more and better male R18 figures in the future. Thank you for following up on your previous post! Great info.

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