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[Figures & Statues] Rei Sakuma Palmate – Ensemble Stars!



さあ鳴らして~ そのベルを~


reisakumaRei Sakuma


Series: Ensemble Stars!

Manufacture/Company: MegaHouse

Price: ¥ 4,320 (including tax)

Release Date: December 2016

Height: Approx. 130mm (not to scale)


So I preordered Rei from amiami and as expected the package is huger than the box Rei came in 😆 But what’s even more bizarre was that inside the package was another cardboard box that held the Rei statue/figure, I’m guessing the cardboard box was from Megahouse, so it kinda looked like this when I opened my package.

Thar he be

As for the real box that Rei came in, it’s alright. It’s the standard box you’d get normally with figures, got a bunch of pics of the figure all over the box and then the plastic windows to see into the box.

But because of the plastic surrounding Rei, it’s kinda hard to see him clearly through the plastic windows. Even from afar his face looks kinda off before you unbox him (but don’t worry he’s actually a-ok lol), so I was worried at first that they did a bad job with painting his face.

The inside of the box is all a purple pattern so I guess you can use it as a display box so he won’t get dust all over him. I usually just keep the boxes because I feel like its a shame to throw it away.

Anyway onto reviewing Rei’s figure…


Rei Sakuma Palmate

For those who don’t know, “Palmate” or “Palm mate” or however you wanna call it is a special kind of figure line from Megahouse where they aim to create figures that can fit the in palm of your hand. Not exactly scaled figures but it’s still nicely detailed as it can get.

For Rei he doesn’t really fit into your palm, more like he fits on your hand lol. His legs take up most of the room and because they’re so long that it’s kinda hard to fit it perfectly into one hand (prolly best with two palms maybe?). Or maybe I’m just not doing it right lol.

*Sorry for the slightly poor quality pictures, it was taken by an iPod after all 😆

I think Ritsu’s palmate might have the same problem because his legs are kinda spread out like Rei’s but not too much, so maybe it won’t be a problem. With Mao’s I can see him fitting perfectly in someone’s palm be it those with small or large hands.

2017-01-16-10-28-06Rei comes with a base, tho its not like one of those secure bases with pegs that help the figure latch onto it. It’s just a flat base where you can put him on for display purposes but it doesn’t mean he’s securely on that base, it’s not magnetized or anything to make sure he doesn’t fall off. In my opinion, I kinda do wish the base was magnetized because my cat has the tendency of jumping all over my figure collection and knock everything over haha.

Despite his size, he is quite nicely sculpted, with creases in his clothes and the waves in his mullet hair. Its good stuff. The paint job of his face is nicely done too, no imperfections unlike my Rohan SAS, who’s second face had a spot and his eyes seemed like they’re easy to scratch off. For imperfections with my Rei, just a few small bumps on his leg, prolly paint blotches or something lol. His coat-tails are kinda bendable, which is aight, sometimes when I put him on the base his coat-tails are hovering so I guess I gotta bend them a bit so they can stay flat on the base plane.

Here are some pics of Rei:

Also some close ups of Rei.

😤👌 Thank you for this beauty.

4,300+ yen might seem a bit too much for thise kind of sized figure, I think for that same price you could get a nendoroid with different face parts etc, but I guess it’s worth it for the Rei fans. Tbh I bought butler Rei palmate because I thought that his scale figure would be his bloomed CG in Halloween event which isn’t prolly my fav CGs of him but when it turned out he’s legit posed after Ritsu’s CG where he’s facing back to back with Ritsu, thats when I spaghetti regretti not preordering Ritsu and Rei. But then again that’d be more expensive than this figure so I guess this is the best route haha.

I hope one day they’ll make more figures and stuff of other Ensemble Stars! charatcers. The did promise to make some co-de nendoroids which are cheaper ver of nendoroids but with switchable parts for different clothes. But it does seem like Orange Rouge won’t do it until the Enstars anime releases because if I remember correctly, the promotional image said that the designs will be based on the anime designs, whatever that may mean.

Hopefully this will mean more bigger stuff for Ensemble Stars merch. I, for one, prefer buying physical things to support the series rather than buying diamonds to get something I can never physically keep, like all those cards are gonna disappear once the servers close down for good. May as well have a figure or something to remember it by.

Anyway, I hope this post gave some kind of insight in the Enstars palmate, or at least Rei’s.

I’ll leave y’all with the image Rei’s flat butt butt.




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