[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | January《#09》


Oodenta who? Don’t know him.

Day 637 | Saniwa Lvl 102 | Average sword lvl around 60’s

Hoping for Oodenta to drop on expert event map

Daddy Long Legs Grandpa is awaiting for us to arrive in map 7-4

The Kiwame Chronicles (Part 3)

Got Midare and Yagen kiwame’d a few weeks after my previous Touken Ranbu game diary entry. Now I’ve got Akita, Imanotsurugi, Aizen and Sayo left to get kiwame’d…  Thanks to the event giving out some kiwame items I can prolly kiwame maybe 3~4 more swords. Tho I’m missing one travel kit to get a fourth sword to kiwame so I’m at a loss haha.

For now I’m aiming for Akita to get kiwame’d next, maybe Sayo afterwards. I’m gonna keep an extra pair of kiwame items just in case an uchigatana or wakizashi gets a kiwame.


New Years – 2017 Edition

Happy New Years everyone! We’re finally in 2017 and we can leave all our regrets in 2016 lol. Like last year we get some new backgrounds and a new years omikuji campaign.

Happy Year of the Rooster or should I say……. Year of the Chicken because I’m gonna be a coward in 2017

I can’t wait for what this year has in store for new sword babes. So far Sengo is looking promising…. very promising 💯🎉

Sengo Muramasa: huhuhuhu. What is the matter? Shall I undress?
 (↑This is my translation of his introductory quote lol)

I can forgive his hair for being a bit out of place but everything else is so good lol. His voice actor is yet to be announced but I really hope its Tomokazu Sugita because I can only picture Sengo with Sugita’s laugh (the kind of laugh he uses when doing Gintoki).


Welcome home, Hizamaru


I finally got Hizamaru to drop from the KBC after infesting map 6-4 with them when I was trying to train my tantous. Tho its pretty easy to defeat them with kiwame tantous so I get A/S Ranks all the time with them lol. Actually I got Hizamaru to drop twice, tho i ended up feeding the second one to another sword.

Tho I could’ve used the second Hizamaru because I didn’t get the chance to unlock his original awakening pose before toku-ing him up. Now he’s got bell bottom jeans.

But tbh its really hard to get an awakened state without destroying the sword or putting it into danger. I should’ve just waited for this event to happen before leveling him up so I can put him in danger without worrying about him breaking and maybe even get him to awaken.

Now to hope that Higekiri can drop one day too. Tho I’m pretty much expecting I’ll be drowning in tantous and Hizamaru drops by the time Higekiri drops lmao.


Regiment Battle 2: Electric Boogaloo

wow ookanehira you’re so beautiful 🌸

Last time I did regiment battle I hardly got anywhere, I guess because my teams were still weak and I dunno…. didn’t have OP as hell kiwame tantous lol. Really, the kiwame tantous make things much easier especially when clearing the expert map of this event. A few days ago I reached 100K otoshidamas which is amazing compared to last year where I could only get 40K and couldn’t get Hizamaru.

I’d like to thank this event for being very generous in terms of giving out kiwame items and some swords that were missing from my collection like Sohayanotsurugi and Uguisumaru (you’d think that after playing for 600+ days on and off I’d get Ugui by now but think again, he never came home).

So welcome home sword baes.

All of the swords that were available for this event I got except for one particular one……… Oodenta. I’ve been grinding on the expert map 3~4 days into the event and have been doing it until today and he has yet to drop even though I’ve been getting S Ranks on the final enemy wave/boss and my team is all in sakura fubuki mode and he has yet to drop. I’m at 111K+ otoshidamas and he has yet to drop and now I’m starting to doubt the RNG system because I’ve heard and saw ppl get a bunch of copies of him, even up to 5 copies before getting Ookanehira. Is the drop rate even 1% because for me it’s like 0.0001% drop rate.

I miss your sweet ass, Oodenta, just come home.

I’ll keep trying to do the event in hopes of him dropping… hopefully he’ll drop eventually.

Seems like Touken Ranbu has been keeping me busy with these events and stuff, which I don’t mind haha. Just more swords for me to collect and stuff to do. Now that I’ve got new swords I need to get grinding on maps to get them to a high level but considering most of the easy maps are in abundance of KBCs its hard to take out teams of mostly weak swords without having their asses handed to them by KBCs.

So right now I’m hoping that there’s another event where I can grind maps without limitations and KBC won’t pop up so I can get these swords to become strong.

Anyway I’ll be hard at work trying to retrieve Oodenta back from the clutches of expert map RNG in the meantime.


Thanks for reading and keeping up with my shenanigans playing Touken Ranbu, enjoy Ookanehira being perfect and absolutely beautiful.




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