[Magazine] Ensemble Stars! Magazine – Vol.4 Ra*bits


Ensemble Stars! Magazine is a new series of mooks/magazine books from Dengeki, particularly the Girl’s Style division. Each magazine volume is dedicated to each unit from Enstars and I decided to dip my toes into this series of magazines with a unit I hold close to my heart, Ra*bits.

For anyone whos a big fan of a certain unit, you’ll find the contents of these magazines to be very fulfilling.

The contents of these magazines consists of three sections: Unit Profile (Character profiles, cards, interviews etc), Enjoy Fan Life (merchandise, quizzes, recipes/nail tutorials etc) and Enstars World Navi (interviews with the creators, cast comment etc).

For every magazine you get a poster/pinup of the unit. Usually its the promotional pictures they use of units, for Ra*bits its the group illustration they used for a campaign with Lawson. Its beautifully printed and has the signatures of each Ra*bits member, on the back of the poster is the clean illustration of Nazuna. I really need to find a photo frame to preserve this poster because its so cute 😆


——Unit Profile

In this section you get Q&As on the unit, with answers based on the members themselves and other idols’ opinions on them (this time around they question Subaru, Wataru, Adonis and Shu). You get to see their relationship chart, which I’m sure someone has already translated by now, and also their profiles. There are special interviews where the members reflect on themselves and is pretty cute to read. My favorite would be Mitsuru’s (because I’m biased) where you get to see that he acknowledges his weaknesses which is singing and remembering the lyrics and he says he’d rather focus on the stuff he’s good at, but then you see that he also has a big dream of delivering his singing voice to the whole world. Kinda hints that he wants to improve himself which is cute.

My fav part of the profiles is the collage of pictures with each tile focusing on points of their card illustrations. Very visually appealing and nice to look at, that kinda stuff needs to be framed and put into a museum 😆 Particularly Tomoya’s where he’s writing “hentai” in (fake) blood.

Another neat thing is the “ra*bits glossary” page at the end of this section where it takes major keywords that they use and gives context to them. Some words being “Niichan”, “Bread” and “Pillow” (pillows are Tomoya’s favorite things lol).

——Enjoy Fan Life

In this section it shows off the merchandise on for sale for those avid Ra*bits fans. You get the price as well as where you can expect to find them in certain stores, for example animate. There are some tutorials and ideas for nail art inspired by Ra*bits costumes in different events etc. No recipe in this issue but there is a section dedicated to latte art inspired by Ra*bits and a lil tutorial for you to make your own. It also showcases the cafe featured that does the latte art as well as instructions on how to order a specific latte art for your beverage. They also do 3D latte art.

This section also displays collaboration art, usually chibis, used for certain cafes or events as keyring charms etc. I could scan them but I feel like I’m in not position to do that 😆 Theres also a quiz to test if you’re a true Ra*bits fan, from questions about simple stuff like who’s the tallest in the unit to harder questions where its asking for specific details from event stories. It’s got answers so you can check what you go wrong.

Finally my favorite part of this section is where they go to a rabbit cafe and pick out the rabbit that closely resembles each member of Ra*bits. Of course, the rabbit they choose that closely resembles Nazuna is the smallest rabbit they could find. I found it kinda hilarious where all the rabbits they chose were males except for Hajime’s rabbit who is a timid female bunny.

Top Row (Left to Right): Nazuna’s rabbit: “Pretz”, Hajime’s rabbit: “Rosea” | Bottom Row (Left to Right): Mitsuru’s rabbit: “Roco”, Tomoya’s rabbit: “Chami”

——Enstars World Navi

Each magazine issue has different focuses on the creation of the game. This issue they are focusing on the Live2D and the process of making the logos used for events and gachas. To get to the bottom of this they are interviewing the staff in charge of graphic design and Live2D illustration. I’m not sure if someone has already translated the interview or shared a scan of it on the internet, so I’ll refrain from scanning it for now.

At the end you’ve also got voice actors comments, commenting on their characters and opinions on other stuff. You get a pic of the voice actor and their signature and their attempt at doing their character’s signature. For Hajime’s voice actor he went a step further and did a lil drawing of Hajime even he wasn’t asked to do it 😆 It’s a pretty good doodle btw. One of the comments that’ll stick to me is how Mitsuru’s voice actor was thinking if they let him do a solo song for Mitsuru then he’ll be 100% invested into doing it. Its nice to see the voice actors talk about their characters esp when to some of them, its prolly their first big role and they love the characters to bits. Hell, even Nazuna’s voice actor is an avid Enstars player and his only wish for Christmas would be more daiya lol.

There’s also a news catch up section on what events/gachas happened lately, some upcoming in real life events and talk about Ensemble Stars! On Stage which is back at it again this month with all members fine and the rest of Ryuseitai joining in.


Overall a nice good magazine for the fans. I’d recommend it to people who love collecting things for their fav units or for those who want more insight on their fav characters etc. If you’re also interested in the process of how Ensemble Stars came to be and wanna know more through staff interviews then this is the place to check it out. Just a bit of warning, try to get it before its sold out. Seems like almost all the magazines are sold out in CD Japan except for 2wink’s magazine.

Most magazines will have some different stuff in it, I’m sure the other magazines don’t go to rabbit cafes for articles, so there might be some secret goods in each magazine depending on the unit. I think for 2wink’s magazine, because there is only one voice actor for the two characters that they did a gravure of Soma Saito lol. That’s some good bonus content right there.

I’ve forgotten the schedule for the rest of the magazines to be released (e.g. Akatsuki, UNDEAD, Valkyrie, Switch, fine), but I do think Akatsuki’s magazine is coming out this month so I’ll be looking forward to that, same goes for UNDEAD whenever its ready to release.

Anyway, it seems like Dengeki chose the right idea to make exclusive enstars magazines while B’s Log’s “Hash+Tag” has kinda died off (is it a once a year magazine release or something?), which is sad because it gave out a bunch of posters and gave us a great UNDEAD interview about their bodies lol. I’m sure if it didn’t have Ensemble Stars as the main article it wouldn’t have sold much…

I hope this was informative! Thanks for reading as always.


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