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[Monthly Overview] January Releases 2017

PS Vita

Hana Oboro ~Sengoku-den Ranki~ – 19th January – otomate

*video may be region locked

Uta no Prince-sama Repeat LOVE – 26th January – broccoli

Orfleus ~Bouquet du bonheur~ – 26th January – a’s ringdramatic create

Black Wolves Saga – Weiβ und Schwarz – 26th January – otomate rejet


New year, new me, new otome games to play.

This month is slightly bare, with only one game that’s a new IP and the rest are just ports. Hana Oboro will be otomate’s first game this year and of course its gonna be about the Sengoku era, most historical otome games are these days. The heroine seems to be a princess and also Nobunaga’s lil sister which is kinda messed up when he has a route lmao. For me I’m not interested in it seeing that most of the main dudes aren’t interesting to me except for the character Takahiro Sakurai plays as. Like there’s a side character who is smitten for the heroine and I would be willing to play for him but fuck it, he prolly doesn’t have a route. Same goes for Ieyasu Tokugawa, he’s prolly a side character without a route and he seems cute in his timidness. Gonna skip on this, lately my trust with otomate to deliver alright otome games is on thin ice so I ain’t risking it for something I’m mildly interested in.

Utapri Repeat LOVE is the port for Utapri Repeat (PSP) which was a remake of the original Utapri game when Broccoli didn’t care about otome games and didn’t put much work into it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google image search “utapri original game” and you will prolly find some screenshots of the poor quality CGs that was given the OK to ship as a game. Seems like broccoli will be pumping out more of these Utapri ports for a while seeing how many Utapri games were on the PSP, so expect that for the next few years.

Orfleus ~Bouquet du bonheur~ is a port to the PS Vita from the original R18 PC game. The PS Vita version will be downgraded from its R18 rating to make it a bit more Vita friendly, getting rid of the explicit H scenes and replacing them with prolly a SFW ver. with maybe kissing in it and maybe nudity but nothing too explicit. Of course, it’ll be Cero D rating so they can still keep some of that stuff in as long as its hinted/implied. The setting in those olden times in Europe where the line between aristocrats and peasants runs deep. I think the heroine becomes a maid for a family and most of the eligible bachelors are from the family she’s serving. There will be newly drawn CGs to replace the explicit CGs.

Black Wolves Saga – Weiβ und Schwarz is another port from the PC. The game will consist of the two separate games “Black Wolves Saga – Bloody Nightmare” (PC) and “Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope-” (PSP) . I’m not 100% sure about the differences between the games tbh lol. I’m guessing Last Hope is the continuation of Bloody Nightmare. I can’t remember which one I started with but I think I played Bloody Nightmare as a wee babby trying out otome games and boy did it scar me. Spooked me so much I stopped playing it after a scary scene happened lol. Prolly a game for those who have been wanting to play both games but never got the chance on buying it all in one game. I’m liking this trend of bundling sequels and original games into one game when porting it, its cheaper than buying the games separately and really convenient.

Anyway that’s my overview of this month’s game releases. Let’s all make this new year into a great one, and hopefully this year isn’t full of disappointing otome games.

Thanks for reading as always.