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[Manga] Mini Review – 31☆idream (Vol.1~4)


31☆idream is an on-going series by Arina Tanemura, first published back in 2013 and still going. The latest volume released was released last year in November, seeing that I tried out Akumi ni Chic x Hack, I thought I may as well try this one.

It seems like the publisher for this series, Melody, asked Tanemura to make a “magical girl manga for adult readers”, limiting Tanemura from the stuff she’s well know for and the result of all that is this series. There are subtle themes/tropes that you’d find in the magical girl genre, like having an alter ego, transforming into someone else, the dual personalities one has to balance as well as their lifestyles, but rather than being pure fantasy, it is a bit more grounded and realistic than the average ‘mahou shoujo’ manga. No talking animal mascots here lol.

There are a few moments at the first two volumes where it becomes painfully relatable, especially for me seeing that the heroine is too similar personality wise haha.

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Rejet’s 2017 Announcements – Rejet Fes. 2017


Rejet Fes. 2017 happened over the weekend on the 21st and 22nd of January. This event wasn’t streamed on youtube or nico douga like last year’s change announcements, instead it was a behind closed doors event where only those who had bought tickets would attend. There were two sessions per day, the day session and the night session over the two days of the event. Guests were treated to live performances as well as segments with casts from all kinds of rejet games and cds (e.g Hikaru Midorikawa, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Toshiki Masuda etc).

Of course I can’t say much about it because I never went, like how can I when I’m stuck in Australia lol. I’m not 100% sure what transpired in the events but I do know that at the same time of the event they released videos on their youtube channel on new announcements. Maybe they were first announced at the event, but I can’t know for sure haha.

Since the event it seems like they cleaned up their website too, where now the rotating feature banner only shows the new stuff for 2017. They used to have the featured banners go back to like 2014 stuff or something but now its like a new clean slate. Also they seemed to change up the format of the official websites for Drama CDs, where you just scroll down for more info rather than schedule dates and character info in different pages. Character info now just pops up when clicking on an image so I guess thats aight, tho it does make it harder to link to a character’s profile when it doesn’t have a html/page to link to lol.

It really does seem like Rejet is changing things up, especially with their planned lineup for this year. I guess you could really say they fulfilled their promise of ‘change‘, fruit muscle man will be pleased.

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[Figures & Statues] 🔞Post-mortem on… Aoba Figure by Native


It’s been about 9 months since R18 Aoba had been conceived in the womb of Native (naked + creative), a company that creates erotic figures–mainly female erotic figures. Now that he’s been released there’s much to be celebrated for the first R18 male character figure… or at least I had hoped.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of views on my initial post about the Aoba figure, I can’t really do a fully fledged review because I didn’t buy him myself but thanks to a friend who told me to check the comments on his page at myfigurecollection and seeing how the comments are disappointed, I thought, “Hey, why not do a post-mortem based on my impressions from images users have supplied on myfigurecollection?”

I won’t be doing a lot of post-mortem posts, but because I have followed the development of the Aoba figure for a while I feel the need to talk about it. I won’t be reuploading other user’s pictures of their Aoba figures for this post, instead I’ll supply links and pictures from the official Native blog.

Again, this is gonna be an R18 post, so don’t be surprised by a few links to dongers here and there and foul language.

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[Magazine – extras] Oniichannel Pinups & Short Stories (July ’16 Issue – February ’17 Issue)


Considering the big pile up of B’s Log magazines I’ve been collecting, I’ve decided to get around doing some posts using the contents I found in the magazines. It won’t be in-depth as my previous magazine posts but I felt like I should share some extra things like posters.

Enjoy these Oniichannel pinups in the meantime while I try to scan and stitch together the others. I wish I could translate the short stories but there’s a lot and I’m still inexperienced to give a “pro” translations.

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2017 Overview – Upcoming Otome & BL Games

Saying goodbye to 2016 and its many kusoge, we are brought to a new year of prolly more kusoges. Just kidding.

Just like last year, I’ll try my best to list the upcoming games of 2017 in terms of Otome and BL, excluding mobile games because there’s like a billion of them ready to sneakily release without me knowing.

Let’s see what 2017 has in store for us, shall we?

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[Magazine] Ensemble Stars! Magazine – Vol.4 Ra*bits


Ensemble Stars! Magazine is a new series of mooks/magazine books from Dengeki, particularly the Girl’s Style division. Each magazine volume is dedicated to each unit from Enstars and I decided to dip my toes into this series of magazines with a unit I hold close to my heart, Ra*bits.

For anyone whos a big fan of a certain unit, you’ll find the contents of these magazines to be very fulfilling.

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