[2016 Recap & Review] 1 Year of Blogging (yet still trying to find my feet)

Personal Recap 2016

Gonna try to keep the personal drama to a minimum 😆

2016 was a weird one, some messed up things happened but so did some interesting stuff. If I could dub this year, I’d dub it “The Year of Me Being Trolled By Spiders”. My 2016 started with me having a battle against a huntsman spider (don’t image search it, it might spook you)  in my laundry. Laundry basket and bug spray in hand I defeated it, tho tbh I was shaking and screaming because it was running towards me and I was all alone with no one to help me. I should’ve taken this as a hint of the year to come, hell even as the year ends there’s another huntsman spider taking residence in the creases of our family car.

Some good things that happened this year was prolly me getting better at Japanese and learning new stuff. But during that time I started having self-doubt of my future, I’m still trying to find out what I want to be. I need to do some self-reflection and try to mature more before I can be sure of what I really want to do. These past few years I haven’t been thinking too deeply on career choices, just jumping into different University courses hoping it would work out but in the end I wasn’t ready and fucked up completely. So to learn from this, I’ll try to take things slowly and try to mature.

With that new year’s resolution out of the way, kinda wanna talk about otome games this year. I dunno if its me or if its the games, but lately I’ve been kinda jaded from playing otome games because it feels like I can never get into them/enjoy the story. I haven’t been able to finish a game without starting a new one because I get somewhat bored. Not sure if its fear of finishing a good game or if I’m legit bored (or maybe its depression 😉 ).

I know I’ve promised to make some otome game reviews but I guess I’m still too anxious about writing fully fledged reviews, like getting info wrong or misreading Japanese. I have done some mobile reviews and its becoming increasingly apparent that this blog is becoming an otome mobile games blog lmao. I really want to review, once I find my feet.

Anyway, I can’t just sit and hope for a better year, but I can try to go out of my way to improve it.

2017, pwease be gentle uwu

2016 Games Recap (non-otome)

I tried to squeeze some non-otome games into my time so my brain won’t get so bored with playing otome games all the time. For some of these games, it reminded me how fun it is to play games like hack & slash and beat em ups etc. Never knew how much I missed playing those sort of games lol.

Gonna be doing short reviews for the games I played in 2016. Hopefully I can remember them all.


Fire Emblem Fates – Conquest

Prolly the first Fire Emblem game I’ve ever finished. It was nice, I liked the new additions in gameplay that made it a bit easier/fun to make strategies with. My few complaints is how the game is split like Pokemon games when obviously all three games (Birthright, Conquest and Revelation) should be put in one game. The ending for Conquest doesn’t provide closure and just makes you question more of the plot/whats going on behind the scenes, which I guess is good but you have to buy another game to get the answers rather than going back to the start of the game and choosing another path. With Pokemon the game versions don’t have a radical difference in stories, maybe a few different plot points/villains/pokemon in each version but nothing too big, so its no biggie but when the rest of your plot is split between different games its like ??? ok.

Another complaint, unnoticeable if you weren’t seeing tweets about the japanese ver vs the english ver, is kinda how they translated/localised it. One jarring scene was when Keaton was reunited with his daughter Velouria and the dialogue was legit *sniff* *sniff* *wags tail*, while the japanese version the dialogue was them speaking to each other and saying how one misses the other or something like normal characters.

Either way, kinda a rehash of Fire Emblem Awakening with some stuff (like future children and how they somehow created an excuse to make sense of offsprings happening). It was fun, but it didn’t give me enough reason to buy the other games to find out the mysteries.



A nice beat ’em up game for the PS Vita, tho I heard it sold kinda poorly on its first week. I guess the promotional videos of a gamer guy with a bunch of girls around him didn’t quite cut it (I swear I remember seeing thumbnails for those videos but I can’t find them now lol). When bashing up dudes it feels nice, quick and fluid (if I remember) and when you dodge and counter hit your opponent it feels like you’re unstoppable, esp when you do it consecutively 3 or 4 times in a row.

The only complaint is that the combos are pretty simple/repetitive (hit square button a bunch, maybe a triangle or a circle/throw here and there), it kinda plays like Yakuza but it doesn’t have the variation of moves you can use when in battle, like Kazuma’s heat action moves can vary depending on the environment, the enemy etc, but in this game its not as variable. The crowd of girls requests helps vary up the way you battle so its not just you smashing square, so if they weren’t there it’d prolly be boring. Talking about girl’s, the “Queens” who are girls who support the player character with buffs etc, are almost non-existent, by that I mean their presence is pretty weak. Sometimes I forget they’re even buffing me up and the only interaction outside of battle is when they have a request or something and then once you complete that they have nothing else to do (you can go into another mode where you can grope them but that doesn’t count as a conversational interaction).

I liked the game, but it was too easy, even the hard mode felt like normal mode and the normal mode felt easy. The story is ok, nothing much. If Kenka Bancho Otome had a beat ’em up gameplay I’d wish it’d be like this but with more variations with the way you beat up dudes/more ways to make different and interesting combos. Not sure if this will be localised to the West, they did say they were thinking about it but considering the sales in Japan, I’m not quite sure.

Kinda a shame tho, the character designs and 2D illustrations are so cool and appealing. Best girls would be Nicole/Umi Sakurai and Mai Momoyuki (despite her cold look she’s a fangirl when it comes to yakuza and delinquents, which is why I like her lol).

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

I became interested in this series after learning a bit at Uni (I’m pretty sure I failed that class tho), mainly interested in Tokugawa Ieyasu but, because this is a game/fictional representation ya got crazy things like Ieyasu riding this metal robot guy who’s prolly another hisotrical human guy. Definitely fun to play and mix up your combos/moves, the kind of thing I was yearning for in Uppers. Each character doesn’t have the same move set/button presses unlike in Uppers where everyone’s moves are the same button presses but with different animations.

Each character campaigns are kinda lengthy tho, esp when a new campaign unlocks once you complete the first one. So it’s gonna take me a long time to 100% complete the game and I’m sure by then I’d prolly have the maps memorized by then and prolly get a lil bit bored. Tho it was fun that Tsuruhime’s second campaign was her on a ship race with Motochika and even tho I tried to get ahead of him the whole time he cheated like the pirate he is and jumped his ship across the land for a shortcut. Thanks, asswhole.

I’d like to play the other games too, but I don’t think they’ve localised the rest of the games. I wanted to see Ieyasu in the “hot limit” costume too… I could always import it and try to make sense of the history stuff in Japanese but it always helped when it was in English so I can play without reading the subtitles.

Pokemon Sun

Can’t remember the last time I had fun with Pokemon without coming down from the high of having fun and suddenly becoming bored with it *coughPokemonXYcough*. It’s quite the treat, it kinda does some fan service to the previous games and why wouldn’t it when its the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon this year. The plot was alright this time, kinda interesting that [Spoilers] the ‘bad guy’ is actually a mother/a mother figure who just wanted to love/be loved but then got corrupted, ya don’t see that everyday. It wasn’t a big, interesting plot like Pokemon Black and White, nothing has yet beaten its No.1 spot in my heart.

It was interesting to see how many young adults were buying it on the launch day (myself included). Tho I remember being a kid and not even caring about launch days and just buying it whenever I have enough pocket money.

Also shout out to the character designer for this game. Everyone is so unique and lovable, I love how kinda close you feel with some of the Captains (Alolan’s ver of Gym Leaders) and nicely written the side characters are. Its not exactly high levels of backstory but there is some stuff, like Kiawe wanting to study abroad for his dancing and was saving money from his part time job. Protect these side characters. Kinda makes you want for more interaction/story with these guys. I was surprised that things resolved kinda quickly, then again I spent like 50~60 hours before the story resolved itself. I didn’t want it to end.

I’ve yet to play the after game stuff like the battle tree, been kinda busy. Hopefully I can, one day.


Final Fantasy XV

Oh boy. After playing Final Fantasy XIII and stopped like halfway through the second disk (theres fucking 3 disks to that game) and having a bad time trying to get back to it because I can’t remember how to play, this game is like a treat to play. I kinda bought a PS4 for it, mainly because there are some other games I wanna play that are coming out soon, and I can’t believe my eyes at these visual my bro. After playing these old PS3 games it’s like looking at the world with new eyes.

Gameplay is easy to get into, its not exactly the good old turn system in RPGs, its kinda like a hack and slash but its still so good to play. The main characters and their bond is beautiful, even the small banter/conversations they have is just lovely. I’ve found myself chuckle or laugh at some interactions and I’ve thoroughly had a good time playing it. I kinda don’t want to continue the main story and just do side quests and hang out with the boys and just have this never ending roadtrip.

There are some things that I’ve noticed, like how sometimes the beautifully pre-rendered cutscenes seem kinda out of place, like they’re pushing it into a scene that seemed relevant so the hard work going into the cutscene didn’t go to waste. But thats just how I feel, I’m not even sure if it’s true. Also you’d have to watch the computer animated movie “Kingsglaive” to get what happened behind the scenes during the start of the game and maybe a bit of the free animated series on youtube “Brotherhood” to get some backstories on the dudes, particularly Prompto which was a surprise backstory (hell, I cried when they referenced it in-game when Prompto and Noctis was having a nice conversation on top of the motel roof, I cried like a baby). It does help you appreciate their bond, y’know.

I heard that the second half of the game is rushed, which is kinda a shame and there’s some stuff that Square Enix is thinking of patching into the game to enhance the experience, so I’m not sure if I should wait for that patch to happen so I can continue playing the game.

Loved it so far, really don’t wanna see it end. Gotta love that Gladio.

2016 Games Recap (otome)

Gotta be truthful, this year I haven’t completed many otome games. Hell I haven’t completed one game. Almost completed some but not really.

Now my backlog has grown and I’m doing a terrible job as an otome game reviewer lol. So I’ll do a quick little review based on my few hours of gameplay.



Kiniro no Corda 4 // (Hiatus)

Seriously need a walkthrough for this game lol. I try to go for this one dude but I end up triggering every other guy’s events and I don’t know where to start but its kinda fun at the same time trying to figure things out. It’s been a while I played a game where I didn’t know what was the right choice and that there was so many variables & events to be triggered. Its not like your usual otomate games, I guess that’s what neoromance/koei tecmo does with their games.

I wanna get into this a bit more and get into a route but it seems like it’ll take time and a lot of walkthrough reading to get there. The CGs are nice, that old school shoujo feel, and the characters are interesting, hell theres too many boys out there to capture their hearts.


Dance with Devils // (Hiatus)

If only the anime didn’t spoil it/if only I didn’t watch the anime I would’ve enjoyed the twists in this game lol. The game is just like the anime except it strays from it when you go to any other guy’s route where it focuses on the guy and their romance. Mage’s route was good, kinda wished for a bit more of him going deredere but the good ends were cute esp the one where Ritsuka and family are planning something and Mage pitches in and Lindo is like “WHat the gfukc when were u here? what? what the fuck” and then they bicker where Lindo says he won’t acknowledge Mage as Ritsuka’s bf and Ritsuka’s mom is like “Be kind to your future brother in law”, which made Lindo go even more crazy.

I only finished all of Mage’s end, by the time I got to Urie I felt a bit tired because it is quite lengthy. Tbh Urie’s route was interesting, [Spoilers] he gets Ritsuka in a trance where shes head over heels for him but is emotionless and shit and at first he’s happy with it, but then he gets a little bit ??? like he doesn’t want that kind of situation anymore and Ritsuka somehow breaks out of the trance and whoops his ass or something, I can’t remember much, prolly not even correct. There are points in the game where they use the dummy headmic and its alright, ya get used to it like in Diabolik Lovers. Still, they need to refine that tech so it doesn’t sound like its in stereo or something.

Would continue it for the cute pupper, Roen. Tho he’s a secret unlockable character I think.


Kamigami no Asobi InFinite // (Dropped off the face of the Earth)


wow. wow. wow. wow.

What a shit game.

Shitty writing, shitty after stories for the original characters. Shitty shit. Copy and paste that shitty story, slap it into a ps vita game card and sell it for 5,800 yen. Really this game frustrated me, I had a bit of hope of it being good. But no. I’d rather forget it.

Yui’s personality has been turned to shit. In Melissa’s route all she thought about was Melissa and nothing else, in the classroom all she thought about was Melissa and in an ending where she was turned into a god by Zeus to live happily ever after with god Melissa, she did not at any point think about what her family would feel/be worried about where the fuck she is. As long as she was with Melissa it was fine. What a way to write a character.

yo i am so high right now, who cares about my family

Only saving grace is Yone Kazuki’s beautiful art. That art needs to be put into a museum. Don’t buy it because of the promise of Cero D content, there’s like one implied swexy time with Thoth I think and one CG with Balder that was R18. Gee Balder, why do you get the R18 scene complete with CG.

The routes with original guys is just a abridged versions of the original routes in Kamigami no Asobi but with extra scenes.

Not worth it. Fuck off the edge of my dick.


Brothers Conflict Precious Baby // (Hiatus)

I only played a bit of it for the “quick look at” post I did, check it out if you wanna. I haven’t picked it up since then but I really do want to play it/complete it one day. I did enjoy watching the anime so I’ve always wanted to play it for myself. Maybe I’ll put this at the top of my backlog so I can finish that first or second or something.


Kyoukai no Shirayuki // (Hiatus)

Kinako is doing the character design and CGs? Say no more you sold me. I liked this one, tho I kinda dropped it during Kaine’s route because a new game just arrived at my doorstep. I did complete Nazuki’s ending and boy… kinda wanted more from his route but I could sympathize with him during his route. Ngl he broke my heart when [Spoilers] Mashiro, the heroine, confessed her love to him and he was like “I’m sorry, I don’t think I can like you in that way (because of his condition where he can’t feel emotions/he only acts that he can feel emotions), but we can still be friends” but Mashiro doesn’t want that and is heartbroken. BOY! thats prolly the first time I experienced being rejected in an otome game and it feels terrible lol. It’s interesting to get to understand each character’s psyche and their inner and outer selves. I dunno why the biting shit is there, I guess otomate wanted to fill their quota for otome games with bite scenes. Tho its kinda like “marking their territory” which makes it kinda worse and if you let it happen too much you may get a bad end (I was stuck in a bad end in Nazuki’s route because of that).

Heroine is a cute patoot, got some nice characters too. I really want to do police ossan’s route because he acts so cute for an ossan (he ranked no.1 in the popularity poll). I hope Kinako is hired again for another game because I love their art style so much.

Also prolly the most beautiful/unique end credits to an otome game I’ve seen so far.

When the glass falls over the characters it reveals their face etc which is pretty neat


Kenka Bancho Otome // (Half Complete / Hiatus)

Kinda felt like this game was made for me lol.

Jokes aside, what a good delinquent adventure game. The otome bit was there but it was more like an icing on a cake to the story about delinquents and seedy shit going down like an underground fighting league where gambling is prolly had or trying to appease loan sharks who are after debt from a mother who just ran away from her problems and let her kids/husband handle it (and the husband ain’t that good either). Because I’m interested in that kind of stuff it’s perfect for me, tho for those who are more interested in the romance then you could prolly find it here but it might not be exactly what you want from it.

The heroine is a badass but sometimes I kinda wished she had some more fights where even she can’t win, like having an OP protag can get a little less interesting if you know they’re always gonna win and there’s no risks (tho there are some exceptions like during Totomaru’s route where [Spoilers] she did get stabbed during a fight which then revealed her true gender to Totomaru when he tried to help her.) The “fighting” mini-game is kinda like a rhythm game, would’ve liked to actually have a beat em up styled gameplay with 3D models, but I guess companies either don’t want to do that because the audience prolly won’t like it or because it’d cost a lot of money.

I’ve completed all the “love” routes and Oniichan Houou’s route, I started on Totomaru’s friend route but then dropped it for another day. What I’m hoping for the fandisk is prolly some more romance going on, maybe a route for yakuza butler Sakaguchi and Rintaro’s step-brother (I want Hinako to teach him how to protect himself like a pro so he can stand up to his dad). Maybe even a fantasy/what if situation would be nice, like I don’t mind what it’ll be as long as its new content not rehashing of the same stuff like Kamigami no Asobi InFinite.

Also I wanna address something that keeps happening randomly. Whenever I fight one of the romanceable guys, theres a random chance where a cut-in pops up after getting beat up real good, kinda looks like this:

(゚∇゚ ;)エッ!? お前らドMか?

I don’t know what triggers it but it always spooks me lol.


7’scarlet // (Hiatus)

I played wanting to get into hikikomori cat man voiced by Showtaro Morikubo’s route but it seems like he’s unlocked later on. I only played a little bit until CollarxMalice popped up in my mailbox. During those few hours of playing it, it did have that air of mystery and kinda scary at times too (like that cutscene with the eye hiding in the bushes), you don’t know what is happening but the characters do give some hints that will help you speculate in the time being of what the hell is going on. A lot of talking about deities I think, like supernatural beings (I’m not sure what the whole gang calls themselves, something to do with solving mysteries? I’m sorry, there’s just some kanji I don’t know in this game).

I’m hoping it gets more creepy as you get deeper into the game and you learn about the lore going on.

I’ll come back for you, cat man. One day.


CollarxMalice // (Hiatus)

I know my “currently playing” says I’m playing this but I put it on hiatus for Beast and Princess (which I regret doing). Haven’t gone too far in this game compared to my “quick look at” post. I only just got into Mineo’s route and he’s such a cute, prolly the best place to start when it comes to routes. The heroine’s otouto is kinda a poop, gotta feel for the heroine. I still have no idea whats going on because of all the kanji and terms being thrown about.

I want to enjoy it but those kanjis, my man. I need to sit my ass down and learn more on kanji/get more vocab. I still have a few suspects on my list for who really is behind this, so hopefully I can solve that mystery soon before I get spoiled on it. Also gotta love those dead ends from bad choices.


Beast and Princess // (Hiatus)


Kinda disappointed in this one. The only character I was interested in, in the main 4 character cast, was Jozef and boy…. it was disappointing. I’m not even sure what made it disappointing, maybe it was the writing? Maybe it was the length of the story? I just couldn’t even feel anything for this, even when I got a bad end I was like “oh…. so that happened” with a straight face.

The only characters that could save this would be swan oniichan and the do-m ferret.


Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ // (Hiatus)

What a well written game (for the most part). I love how the heroine is written to have her own personality, she’s strong, goofy and sometimes show her weak side when vulnerable. I like the dynamic of Kaoru (the heroine) and Shiou, at first they’re kinda like enemies and Shiou wants to kill her but then he kinda plays around with her like he’s playing with his food and then they form a friendship/understanding when it becomes apparent they’re the both the same, they’re being dragged into this fate thing where they are pitted against each other without their say about it. Then that kinda turns into love without a bit of one-sided thing going on (Shiou loves her, but she hasn’t realised she loves him and thinks its still friendship). Tho it does get kinda dumb when Kaoru doesn’t get a clue so Shiou forces himself on her and she tries to run away from his feelings and then I’m like pls no. But then they make up and then fuck. Wait what. Yeah, that’s when I kinda clocked out (call me a prude but I really prefer the line between otome game and eroge not to be blurred in a game 😆 )

Other than that, I really loved the writing up until that point. I was so interested and sucked into the story and it’s lore like these ppl have to eat 1000 corrupted souls to maybe gain a wish or something, and they’re reborn every hundreds of something years. Also with Shiou he gives off this sweet smell when he’s “turned on”, it’s like this thing for this type of life form where they do that to attract a mate? It’s interesting stuff for a story to make up its own lore.

So far it was prolly the most fun I’ve had with an otome game this year, the writing, the characters, the comedy. Even the heroine is voiced so it’s easy for me to read. Also gotta love the relationship of Kaoru and her friend, like her friend has big dreams and its to marry a rich guy. Squad goals.

I’ll get back to playing it once I’ve gotten over me being a prude and being shook by a CG with them naked & covered in a blanket after fucking (seriously, y’all fucked in the forest, aren’t you afraid of bugs or something?). Anyway I know I said this before but, gotta love the heroine.

Kaoru is here to protect your punk ass

2016 Apps&Browser Games Recap

I’ve played so many app and browser games this year I don’t think I can list them all, so I’ll just list the ones I remembered.

Gonna repeat some from last year for a recap on what happened with it during this year.


Touken Ranbu // (On&Off Playing)

There was a point in this year where I didn’t play for months but now I’m back in to get all those swords I let pass through my fingers. I’ve got prolly 10 swords missing, I dunno. Gonna be playing it until next year too because I just bought more sword space so I can collect more swords lol.

If you wanna check out my progress with Touken Ranbu, check out my diary entries.


Ensemble Stars // (Currently Playing)

I’m still in this Enstars hell after 1 year. I’m doing it all for that Adonis smile. Tho to tell the truth my playing of it has slowed down because of other apps are being released and I gotta try them for reviewing purposes. Right now my units are prolly double in strength compared to last year so there’s no need to put so much effort to pump them up.

I really hope that they can improve Enstars with more mechanics etc. Like look at Chinese Enstars which is prolly twice as fun as original Enstars with the different stuff you can do in the game. Anyway I can’t wait for the anime next year, hopefully it’ll deliver.

If you wanna check out my overview of Enstars events, check out my diary entries.

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 7.22.46 PM

Yumeiro Cast // (On&Off Playing)

Subaru is still bae. That’s it.

Jk, originally I slowly stopped playing and then had to delete the app because I needed to make some room, but of course I got my transfer code before I deleted it. Bad news is that back then, transfer codes only last for a week or so. So my account got deleted, haha.

Now I have a new account and so far I’m loving the new changes they’ve made. Out of the few app games I’ve followed, Yumeiro Cast is prolly the one that has improved itself most. It’s always changing and updating and putting new stuff for the players to enjoy.

I really want to give gifts to the new characters but it seems least likely they’ll be added as playable characters/get cards any time soon.


BF/Boyfriend // (On&Off Playing)

Here I thought I dropped this shit back in 2015 but here I am crawling back to it. After playing it for a while and playing the events its a bit better than my previous review’s outlook on it, but its still shit with the premium gachas and the boyfriend coins that you have to purchase.

Other than that the stories are fun to read. I’ve gained a few favs during a few playthroughs.

'Anime' Art Style

Idolish7 // (Hiatus)

Kinda on and off playing but for now I’m gonna put it on hiatus because my iPod can’t handle playing rhythm games etc without crashing a few times.

I really do enjoy playing it but ya gotta make some sacrifices. I’ll come back for you, Gaku.

Yume100 // (Dropped ?)

Tbh I was planning to write a post/review on this but I never got around to doing it and then I dropped it after my iPod had its memory almost full and I had to sacrifice a few games.

It was fun while it lasted. Very addicting too. I’m not sure if I’ll come back to it, but I’ll miss me furry bfs.


Kemo Kare! // (Dropped)

Yeah, no surprise I dropped it. A lot of dedication is needed for this game to get the CGs you want. A lot of weird sexy times with furry Makoto. Dropped it after I did a review on it.


DAME x PRINCE // (Dropped ?)

I played it for a few hours and it was pretty funny. The comment function made scenes even funnier when other user comments come flying across the screen during a scene, kinda like nico douga. But when I tried to play it again I couldn’t connect/reach my account so then I had to delete it.

I never did get deep into it. I wish I could’ve experience more of it before it went dead on me and deleted my account or something.

DREAM FESTIVAL! // (Dropped)

I only played for a few hours on its release day and then just dropped it. It was alright, the songs were alright but it just didn’t appeal to me. I’m sorry. I’m already juggling a bunch of idol games, I’m almost drowning in it.


Toraware no Palm // (Half Completed / Hiatus)

I’ve only finished Haruto’s side, I only played episode 1 of Aoi but I haven’t gotten further than that because I got busy. Still a good game but wish the hidden good stuff wasn’t DLC only, yknow? Also Capcom pls dont limit preorders for goods like the dakimakura covers what are you crazy?

I heard they’re having a sale for it, like maybe discount for the extra stuff, so hopefully I can get those good deals before it ends.

Again, Haruto is so damn beautiful.


Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note // (Hiatus ?)

What can I say, I’ve been too busy to continue playing this. Got too many apps on my hands and so little time. I’m waiting for when I’ll purchase a stronger mobile device, maybe a new phone or tablet. My gacha luck with this isn’t improving either lol.

Not sure if I should drop it or not…

Stand My Heroes // (Dropped ?)

I didn’t drop it because it was boring, the puzzles in it is really fun, mainly because my iPod can’t handle 2Dlive ikemens so it keeps crashing whenever I wanna read a story so I can only play the puzzles and not read the stories which makes it kinda less worth it.

I wish I could get back into it because theres a couple of characters I’ve grown fond of.


Bungou to Alchemist // (Dropped ?)

Haven’t played much of it since I reviewed it. Then again there hasn’t been a downtime with Touken Ranbu between events for me to get back into this game. There is a new writers being added in so I can look forward to that when I come back to it.

2016 Drama CDs Recap

Got a few couple CD series I’ve been listening to this year. Hopefully I can write about most of them and not forget some stuff.

Lately I’ve been a bit lazy about listening to the CDs I’ve been collecting, gonna have to turn that around next year and review them ASAP lol. Some of these might be CDs from last year that I didn’t recap on because I thought I was gonna review them lol.


Yomi Koi Yuami Jigoku Onsen – Gensen Kakenagashi –

Ya got onis and they’re helping you bathe in hot springs in hell. Tbh this would be gr8 if you were listening to this while you’re at a hot spring. It’s kinda relaxing hearing the water splash and stuff.

I only purchased 2 CDs from this series. The first CD was with Yuki Kaji’s character “Kiyomori” who wanted to have control over everyone working at the hot springs and wanted things to go his way until everyone went on strike and he had to run things by himself along with the help of you, the daughter of Enma. He’s kinda a tsundere but knowing he’s voiced by Yuki Kaji you know he’ll yell a bunch at you…. and he does lol. I kinda fell asleep near the end of the CD so I don’t know what happened lol.

The second CD I purchased was Takashi Kondo’s character “Mitsuhide“, he’s kinda a stalker? When he first laid his eyes on Enma’s daughter/you he was inaffactuated. He’s kinda got that 色気 going on esp with his voice, sasuga Takashi Kondo. He takes care of you when you get sick tho its kinda sus that you got sick as soon as he gave you some food (if I remember correctly). Later on, the whole bathhouse is on fire and Mitsuhide comes to save you and is a hero but then the police arrest him under suspicion of the fire. Of course you’re sus about him and he goes a lil crazy about being suspected by his own crush and prolly forced a kiss on her until he was slapped or something and he regained consciousness of what he was doing. I never really finished his CD fully either so I’m not sure if he really did light the fire (I fell asleep again before that revelation could happen, surprise surprise).

I’d say I would recommend Mitsuhide’s CD, Kiyomori was alright tho he’s always yelling and angsting. Chill dude. There are other guys that might pique your interest so check it out.

Yuugen Romantica Uchoten

You prolly already know how I feel about this one, if you haven’t check it out in my review. Rejet please turn it into an otome game. I’m begging you.

Paradise o’ Whisper — Asuma

Ah yes, another character voiced by Takashi Kondo. Why is he always voicing characters that are just my type lol. I only bought 1 CD from this series because only Asuma seemed to interest me.

The thing about this series is that these dudes are pictured as “gods among men” and theres always rumors running around about them, one of those rumors for a guy was that if he looked at you, you’d become pregnant (but what if you’re a dude?). For Asuma, his rumor was that he could tame a lion which was made example of when he tamed a doggo that was barking at the heroine/you. But that’s just about it lol. What was the point of that. I think the other guys’ CDs might have fun with their rumors, like the pregnancy one 😆

Asuma’s CD was just him being a tough guy at the start, who’s prolly rich & arrogant and can’t play his violin anymore because of past trauma, and teases the heroine. But then as he gets to know the heroine he softens up, sees that she works hard at her part time job for her stuff like her phone that he stole from her thinking she was a rich kid like him, and then eventually gets over his trauma, I think. It had 2 CDs in the CD jacket, same goes for the jigoku onsen, so you get longer content.

Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu

I almost bought all of the CDs in this series lol (just 3 out of 6 CDs I bought). The basis of the series is that theres these guys who play this game where they try to romance a girl and see if either she falls for him or he falls for her. If she falls, the guy wins, but if the guy falls for the girl, then she wins. Of course, almost all the guys fall for her 😆 They fall pretty easy tbh

I’m not sure if she feels the same way, because as the CDs go it seems like she’s already played the game with every other guy (but I’m not 100% sure). My favorites would be Shizuka (CV: Wataru Hatano) and Kei (CV: Takashi Kondo) out of the three CDs I bought, Asahi was alright, it was cute when he fell really hard in love with the heroine when he was prolly all for this game thing (Shizuka and Kei doesn’t really care).

With Shizuka he has two sides to him, sweet model guy and true Shizuka who has a foul mouth (kind of, he just has a blunt way of saying things). You can tell what is his different sides based on how soft or hard Wataru’s voice goes lol. At first he tries to make the heroine’s life feel a bit like hell while she works part time for the company he models in or something, but the heroine dont give a shit at his attempts of making it harder for her or try out the IRL love game thing. Then of course he slowly warms up to her, tho he’s still a lil asshole so I’m glad it didn’t change him that much. Prolly my no.1 fav CD in the series. Gotta love that Wataru Hatano.

Kei’s CD is him not interested in the IRL love game and is not good with girls, but the heroine still hangs around him and helps him with his bike/motor vehicle/ whatever he’s tuning up. I can’t remember much but I remember Kei being a bit of a tsundere when he realizes he likes her, takes her on a test drive on the thing he is working on and stuff happens. Pretty cute dude.

Honey Liar

For this one, I really did almost buy all of the CDs in this series (4 out 6 CDs bought).

I can’t remember much about these CDs. For each of these CDs you’re told you have to act as the guy’s “lover” and have to live together with him or something, in most situations you have no chance but to live with him, for like a year until the guy graduates or something. Like every other CD of this kind, they eventually like the girl in the end. What a twist.

I’m not sure if I do have a fav CD, I’m prolly gonna have to lean towards Takashi Kondo’s character “Keiichi” who is an oniichan type character at school but secretly a delinquent. I think his CD is Christmas themed? I can’t remember much. Kosuke Toriumi’s character “Yuzuki” was aight too, he has the need to always sleep with his dakimakura or something and doesn’t mind you being his dakimakura lol.

Midnight Jiangshi

Not another vampire/biting CD from rejet.

I already did a lengthy “review” for it. If you read it, you already know how I feel.

Still buying the new CDs for the sequel lmao.

Bunny’s Rankings – 2016 Edition

My personal rankings for 2016, which is based on my tastes so I apologize for my shit taste in advance. Tbh I’m really awful at ranking things because I don’t like numbering my favs to highest to lowest, they’re all my favs.


(copy & pasted from last year’s review because I’m lazy)


Top 5 Otome Games (vita)

(Based on the few hours I’ve played, prolly not fair but this is based on my opinion)

  1. Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~
  2. Kenka Bancho Otome
  3. Kyoukai no Shirayuki
  4. Dance with Devils
  5. CollarxMalice

Top 5 Anticipated Otome Games (2017)

  1. KLAP ~Fun Party~
  2. Kenka Bancho Otome: Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey (FD)
  3. Variable Barricade
  4. Side Kicks!
  5. Utsusemi no Meguri

Top 5 Apps/Browser Games

  1. Ensemble Stars
  2. Yumeiro Cast
  3. Toraware no Palm
  4. Idolish7
  5. Touken Ranbu

Special Mention: Magical Days

Top 5 Drama CDs

  1. Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu — Vol.5 (Shizuka)
  2. Yuugen Romantica Uchoten — Vol.1 (Utashiro)
  3. Yomi Koi Yuami Jigoku Onsen — Vol. 4 (Mitsuhide)
  4. Paradise o’ Whisper — Vol.4 (Asuma)
  5. Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu — Vol.6 (Kei)

Top 5 2D Bois

※One fav male character per series, “Bae of the year” is the ultimate rank of this category & therefore isn’t listed here

  1. Subaru Jogasaki (Yumeiro Cast)
  2. Haruto (Toware no Palm)
  3. Jin (Oniichannel)
  4. Gladiolus (Final Fantasy XV)
  5. Shiou Kuga (Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~)

Special Mention: Houou Onigashima (Kenka Banchou Otome), Mage Nanashiro (Dance with Devils)

Top 5 Heroines

  1. Kaoru Anzaki (Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~)
  2. Anzu/Transfer Student (Ensemble Stars)
  3. Hinako Nakayama (Kenka Bancho Otome)
  4. Mashiro Akagami (Kyoukai no Shirayuki)
  5. Ichika Hoshino (CollarxMalice)

Top 5 Seiyuus

  1. Wataru Hatano (Adonis from Ensemble Stars, Shizuka from Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu)
  2. Shinichiro Kamio (Kuro from Ensemble Stars, actual magician & babe)
  3. Tasuku Hatanaka (Subaru from Yumeiro Cast, national treasure)
  4. Soma Saito (Rem from Dance with Devils, Hinata & Yuta from Ensemble Stars)
  5. Daiki Yamashita (Ritsu from Ensemble Stars, Shion from Utapri Season 4)

Top 5 Illustrators/Artists

  1. Kinako (Iwatooshi’s Character Designer, Kyoukai no Shirayuki)
  2. Chisato Mita (Toraware no PalmMacross Δ‘s character design)
  3. Ensemble Stars’ Artists (Unnamed)
  4. Arina Tanemura (Akuma ni Hack x ChicIdolish7 character design)
  5. Yomi Sarachi (Mermaid BoysMagical Days)

Top 5 2016 Anime

(I didn’t watch much but I’ll try)

  1. Mob Psycho 100
  2. Magic-Kyun! Rennaisance
  3. Touken Ranbu Hanamaru
  4. Yuri On Ice
  5. Sekkou Boys

Special Mention to the anime that wish it could but was shit: Bloodivores

Top 5 Popular Blog Posts of 2016 (yankeebanchou)

  1. [Mobile] How to Get Japanese Mobile Games (android+iOS)
  2. [Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” – Ensemble Stars
  3. 2016 Overview – Upcoming Otome Games
  4. [Mobile] Breakdown – 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast
  5. [Mobile] Bunny talks about Events – Ensemble Stars

Top 5 Otome Game Cliches That Have Become A Pet Peeve

  1. Biting of any kind, bonus if theres a CG
  2. Heroine running away from guy because she realized she has the hots for him, causing tension and unnecessary angst for the next few scenes
  3. Heroine who has a weapon/training of self defense of any kind does not utilize it or ppl tell her not to
  4. Characters are suddenly in love after a few scenes of meeting each other
  5. Cute mascot character (usually an animal of some kind and prominent in app games, not annoying just kinda eye-rolling)

No.1 latest fad to happen in BL that won’t stop happening: Omegaverse

If you don’t know me, I’m not a big fan of omegaverse, kinda like how I’m not a fan of mpreg. I’m sorry y’all but as soon as someone explains to me how the baby is pooped out of a dude during mpreg I will always be wary of that kind of shit.

Anyway don’t let me tell you how to live your life. Do whatever, think whatever.

Bae of the Year


Lets be real, he will always be bae of the year each year as long as I live. There’s prolly no point in this segment 😆

And so, 2016 draws to an end. Its been fun, its been terrible, its been tiring but most of all its been ok I guess. I’ve done a lot of broken promises about some blog posts or going to draw some stuff. I guess I’ve been lazy and avoiding things because it’s easier to do that.

New years resolution is to prolly to focus more on myself and find out what to do with my future. Also I hope to do better next year in terms of taking care of my blog. I tried out different things like magazine posts or try some BL games and stream but seemed like I lost the plot somewhere in the year.

I hope I can draw more too, next year.

I wish that the new year will be good to you all. Stay safe and thanks for reading my posts in 2016.

It has been a pleasure writing for you all  ヾ(☆´3`)ノシ⌒chu♪  Happy New Year!

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