[Game Diary] あんスタ- Ensemble Stars | December《#19》

Mini Enstars News

Phew I have a lot to catch up on some past news so I’ll try to cover the important stuff.


Valkyrie and Switch got their song previews released and Valkyrie’s songs are fucking lit. Switch is pretty upbeat and kind of the stuff you’d prolly dance to a party, kinda reminds me of 2wink’s techno in the first album which kinda felt lacking in their second album. So I’m glad Switch brings it back in their ‘debut album’.

As for Valkyrie… its beautiful and haunting. The second song even has the vocals of Nazuna and if you listen closely to the chorus you can hear a higher, fourth vocal that sounds like a girl but I’m not sure if I’m mishearing the three guys or if there really is a ghost backup vocal (Maybe Mademoiselle? Or a younger Nazuna before his voice broke?). I thoroughly enjoy Valkyrie and Switch’s album sample. I hope fine and Trickstar can bring something more to end the second season of albums on a good note.

If you are region locked here are translated lyrics & video from Enstars jpn > eng twitter account:

Subbed 魅惑劇 | Subbed 砂上ノ楼閣

If you are region locked here are translated lyrics & video from Enstars jpn > eng twitter account:

 Subbed Temptation Magic | Subbed Knockin Fantasy

Big shout out to Enstars jpn > eng twitter account for doing their best to translate and sub enstars previews. Follow them if you haven’t!

Previews on fine and Trickstars second album covers have also released.

Unit Song MV

In celebration of Ensemble Stars’ 2nd year Anniversary in 2017, they are going to make a music video of a certain unit song. To decide on which song will get an MV a poll has been made that lasted for 7 days, you could only vote once a day via twitter or once day via the game (which is much fairer than the character poll). They also said they were gonna track IPs so double voting wont be counted or something like that.

The results are in and Trickstar’s “Rebellion Star” won! Congrats Trickstar! Gonna be poppin the biggest champagne bottles.

maybe next time, melody in the dank

It is unsure if the MV will be animated (or if it’ll be animated by the same studio that will animate the anime) or if it’ll have 3D Models like Leopard Eyes MV or an even bigger twist: live actors recreating the song or pretending to be Trickstar like that one Enstars commercial that was pretty dope.

It is set to release prolly before the release of the anime that is said to be set to release in Summer 2017, maybe will be released on the day of the anniversary who knows.

Of course, Happy Elements (or at least the ppl behind Enstars) said that they are interested in doing other MVs but its not certain that they’ll do more. I hope they do think about it because there are good songs that need MVs to visually tell the story’s song. I’m happy with Rebellion Star or at least anything because we’ll prolly get to see the song visually told to us, the lyrics are pretty good too (scroll down and click the English tab to see the English lyrics).

Character Poll & Comiket 2016

Forgot to update the character poll post I made to say who won. Midori came first and Rei came second, they each got a dakimakura cover design and Leo and Izumi came third and fourth (not sure who was 3rd or 4th) and they also got a tapestry made with both of them as a supplementary gift.

They will be selling the tapestry and dakimakura covers at Comiket (Comic Market) this year on 29th of December in Tokyo. If you haven’t noticed, Ensemble Stars is now under Cacalia Studio, which is a subsidiary of Happy Elements which has split up its studios in two. Cacalia Studio takes care of the original games released under Happy Elements and the new ones that are for all ages, Grimoire is the other studio that has released a new titty game with full fanservice, so its more like a darker Happy Elements catering towards ppl that love the big anime titty.

Anyway, these dakimakuras and tapestry will be available at Cacalia Studio by Happy Elements booth. So if you’re at Comiket go check it out, also check out the website that showcases what will be sold at the booth.

They are selling an Enstars set for 5,000 yen. It will include the Tapestry, an acrylic smartphone holder (not sure if you can choose who you want as your smartphone holder), 5 badges set (again, not sure if its random charas or set as the 5 displayed), and a tote bag.

Not exactly sure if the Midori and Rei Dakimakura Cover is sold exclusively in Comiket, but if it was then that would be really heartbreaking omg. They’re gonna be sold at 10,000 yen.

If you buy any of the sets sold at Cacalia Studio’s booth you will get a bonus “Cacalia Studio Art Works 2016” book that includes art from Enstars, Engirls, Last Period, Cat busters etc. Not sure if its like last year’s bonus book that had extra art from different artists of Happy Elements doing fanart for each game. It will look something like this.

Anyway, congrats Midori and Rei for being popular. Next time my friend, Adonis will be in the top 10 I swear (jk, that will never happen but I can dream).

Sakuma Bros Altair 1/7 Scale Figures

Click image to go to amiami page

I should’ve wrote a post before but it seems too late. The preorders for Halloween 2016 Ritsu were open from November 1st to December 18th, tho for some reason the amiami site still has the preorder button open. Maybe you can still nab a preorder? He will release in May 2017 and costs about 12,744 yen, less than the money I’ve spent on Enstars for diamonds altogether lmao. I’m still unsure if I should get him, he was my first 5* card I got from an Event and I love his card/outfit dearly. It makes it even harder when Rei is also getting a matching Halloween 2016 statue (his pose is from Ritsu’s CG which makes it even precious).

They went for his pose when he’s behind Ritsu instead of his Halloween CG for his card, which is cute but also gives you more reason to buy them together. If one is without the other it’d feel incomplete right?

2015-11-01 18.39.24

Rei is yet to be preordered on amiami’s site, but he will be soon, hopefully. He’s also got high heels which kills me even more. I can’t take this much brutality to my wallet, Happy Elements. Plus they look so beautifully sculpted.

Dreamfes Revamp / Yumecoins / BGM


Dreamfes has been revamped, now you are going against players and their best cards to reach to rank 20 in dreamfes. You start off as a rank 1 and as you defeat other players you gain points to boost your rank until you rank up. There are rewards for ranking up like diamonds (5~10 diamonds), story keys to open unlocked stories, and yumecoins. Yumecoins is a new currency you can use to purchase BGM from the yumecoin shop located in shop option in the main map.

So far you can purchase “Only Your Stars” as BGM that can be attached to any character as their BGM for when you put them as your “my room guy”. The BGM change option is available where you change the guys’ clothes/background. They say they will add more songs, possibly even unit songs so I can listen to Melody in the Dank forever.

CM & Campaign

If you haven’t heard/read from above, Enstars got a live action commercial which kinda makes me wish they also made a live action drama (tho it makes me wish Anzu was there too). It says “30 second ver.” in the title so it makes me think there is more footage of it, esp with the “making of” video has some stuff going on. There is also another version out there.

There is also a campaign going on, giving out bonus stuff:

  • 55 diamonds
  • 2 sports bottles
  • 3 story keys
  • 5 konpeitos


Birthday Corner

11th December was Jin Sagami‘s birthday and 17th December was Hokuto‘s birthday. Happy Birthday December babies!


15th December ~ 25th December


Radiant Hot Holiday Party features UNDEAD and Ryuseitai (I guess last year’s christmas event wasn’t enough). Both UNDEAD and Ryuseitai are going to make their MVs, but also kinda having an end of year party at a fancy restaurant. Not sure if its christmas themed or new years eve themed but ayy, whatever. Story is written by Yoshino Yuki and has 12 story parts.

Kinda a filler story this time where not much happens but it was an alright story. It more or less focuses more on Chiaki and Kaoru. Its also about Kaoru closing the distance between him and Anzu.

Lately Kaoru has been working hard and seemed to stop talking about girls less, prolly because Anzu has been praising him for his good work that he wanted to continue. This story event we’re given more in-depth interactions between Kaoru and Chiaki, both seem to be chummy with each other, looking out for each other etc. Tho Kaoru keeps slightly teasing Chiaki for not having much interests with girls and Chiaki is like “its because I’m not good with that kind of subject (e.g romance)” and is like “Just because I’m a guy and Anzu a girl doesn’t mean there has to be something romantic going on, we can be friends”. Kaoru has much to learn from Kaoru 😆

Tho I can understand when Chiaki is a bit dense when it comes to romance. Boy puts a scarf around a snowman because it looked cold without one! (tho bless Chiaki’s heart) You’d think that he’s putting it on a human being in his card but nope lol.

One of the best moments that came from this story was Anzu dragging Rei’s coffin (with Rei in it) all the way to a coffee shop where the rest of UNDEAD are. I want to imagine Anzu pushing Rei’s coffin down a hill at some point while she rides on top of it lol. Another good moment was when Adonis was in the coffee shop and being cautious about ppl staring at him (maybe because hes become a regular and because hes afraid of being judged for eating something sweet once in a while), and Koga was just there to tell him otherwise, like don’t think about that stuff. In Koga’s mini events in the produce course he seemed to worry a lot for Anzu which is cute, like before he’d be like “like hell I’m worried for you” now he’s like “You’re a friend, of course I am worried”. Character development.

Shout out to that one interactionthat I’ve always wanted to see is Adonis going up to Shinobu (a very small idol boy) and telling him to eat more meat and become bigger. Adonis believes in you Shinobu (tho its prolly not in Shinobu’s genes to grow bigger than he actually is). Some nice interactions between Ryuseitai and UNDEAD this event, its kinda like Pirate Fes all over again with these two units.

The icing on the cake was the interaction between Anzu and Kaoru in the epilogue where you can see that the distance between them has grown smaller and Anzu seems less cautious of him. One sentence that got me was when Kaoru said “To be hated by girls… no, to be hated by Anzu would be very hurtful” or something along the lines, kinda gets to me when I remember White Day Event where he kinda sees her as a mother figure (or maybe I’m remembering it wrong) and knowing that his mother isn’t with him right now is like…. damn. He’s still thinking about continuing as an idol or go to University because thats what his father wanted his children to do (his older sis and bro go to Uni I guess), tho from White Day Event he did say he’ll see Anzu again in the Idol business so maybe he had decided to become an idol for real?


When Kaoru and Anzu go out for fresh air and they talk for a bit, Kaoru puts his moves on Anzu. Going like “its not strange if something were to happen when you’re alone with a guy on a night like this”, and “I’m not asking for a reward for being diligent, but there is one thing that only Anzu can give. You’ll listen to my request… right?”

THEN KNOCK KNOCK ITS CHIAKI, “Oh hey guys, I’ve been looking for yo– OH MY GOD ARE YOU GUYS DATING, no wait I’m misunderstanding, bUT OH MY GOD”

Misunderstanding Chiaki back at it again since Moonlight Scroll of the Elements event. Poor Chiaki doesn’t know how to react, either shocked or embarrassed. Kaoru calms him down and says “Nah bruh, regrettably we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend” and clears up that they’re prolly friends or even less than acquaintances, the story kinda ends there but its nice to see that Kaoru got his wish to close the distance between them, even for a bit of a moment.

Event Cards:

I’m ranking for this event because of Kaoru and I’m regretting the decision already. I underestimated the power of RyuseitaiP and prolly other Kaoru fans, but mainly RyuseitaiP. Now I spaghetti regretti trying to rank for Kaoru. Hopefully this will be my last rank attempt in a long time.

Right now I’m dying, can’t do anything else. Don’t think I have time to do other posts because I’m focusing on this rank. Hopefully I can get Kaoru’s mullet on Christmas Day/Boxing Day.

14th December ~ 29th December


Scout! Nocturne features the Handicrafts Club/The Best Sewers in Yumenosaki. Story involves Mika rounding up the best sewers in Yumenosaki to help sew costumes for Starfes. Story is written by Akira-sensei and has 8 story parts.

I haven’t fully read the story because I need to unlock more of the story, tho it looks like it has some background story on either Kuro or Shu (like why is Kuro holding Mademoiselle, he’s not good with her because Shu sometimes tries to imitate Kuro’s mom through her). The gacha theme itself seems to be church themed and looks like someone died or something, so who knows. Ya gotta read the story to know. I just wish Shu would’ve dropped for me so I could unlock more of its story lol. Plus he looks so goddamn beautiful in his bloomed ver.


Anyway this might be my last Enstars game diary for the year. Sorry for being inconsistent with writing the diaries for every event, kinda takes some time and I always worry if I’m spreading misinformation on event stories because I’m still not 100% accurate when reading Japanese.

But whatever, I’ll try again next year. I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday and a happy new year. This year has been nothing but a lot of ranking for a couple of events, hopefully I’ll cut that down next year 😆

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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