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[Mobile] Quick look at…. ボーイフレンド(仮)きらめき☆ノート – Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note – (Mini Review)

Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note  is a spin-off rhythm game for Boyfriend (Kari)–a character/gacha game with prolly over 30 beautiful boys for you to collect. The Boyfriend (Kari) series is a brother game to the original Girlfriend (Kari) game, which was the first one to make a rhythm spin-off game.

Both Girlfriend (Onpu), the rhythm game, and Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note uses 3D models during the rhythm game but sadly only Girlfriend (Onpu) uses full body models while Kirameki Note uses small, cute SD characters (chibi charas). I guess the devs creating this thought girls only appreciate cute chibi characters rather than full body models? I guess ya can’t get bouncing boob physics in male 3D models so where’s the fun in playing it? Who knows what their reasons are.

With Girlfriend (Onpu) they could only fit 1 character model, while Kirameki has 3. If Idolmaster Cinderella Girls can fit 5 dancing girls with good 3D models then y’all can too.

Kirameki Note uses the character songs released previously as the playable songs, tho its prolly not the full versions of songs but its good enough.

I was planning to make a breakdown post with translated menus and further details on gameplay but seeing that this game is already a month old I thought there’s prolly enough info on the internet by now that will help ppl out.



The story kinda coincides with the main events with the original Boyfriend (Kari) game, it assumes that you know most of the characters, doesn’t really go in depth with introducing them unless you unlock and read their personal stories in Kirameki Note.

The backstory for this game is that there’s this school competition where schools form idol units to compete against each other or something along the lines of that. You’re tasked of being the guy’s supporter (not a producer or manager, a supporter as they put it), where you help them out with their idol lessons or whatever they are doing. This game introduces new characters from another school, where one of the guys seem to know you very well and is interested in you but you have no idea who the guy is. He’s prolly an osananajimi.

Anyway, its just a basic idol story and the school is not really a school for idols. The only reason why they’re becoming idols is because of this “Stella Maris Fes” or whatever. Makes sense.


There’s a lot of characters in Boyfriend (Kari) and there will be more being added to Kirameki Note so I’m just gonna list the main units because they’re the main guys.

——Fujishiro’s Four Heavenly Kings——

The rich boys of Fujishiro Private Academy. They form a single unit.

Kishin Kujo (CV: Koji Yusa) | Class: 3-B / 17 years old | Likes french cuisine and prolly the most elegant and richest looking dude aside from Ren. A perfectionist, his hobbies are fencing and horse riding.

Ren Saionji (CV: Jun Fukuyama) | Class: 3-B / 17 years old | Loves daifuku, flowers and women. He’s very suggestive in both actions and speech, especially towards the heroine. He practices in ikebana (flower arranging) and is Student Council President.

Masaomi Takatsukasa (CV: Kisho Taniyama) | Class: 3-A / 18 years old | Close friends with Kishin and Ren, also part of the Going Home Club. He’s the younger brother of the school board’s chairman, making him the subject of girls affections because of his wealth.

Taiga Mibu (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) | Class: 3-H / 18 years old | Loves BMX and is a pro BMX rider. His family is full of celebrities, his sister is a model and his mother is an actress.

——Class 2-A Unit——

Consisting of three friends in class 2-A

Toma Kisaragi (CV: Masakazu Nishida) | Class: 2-A / 17 years old | The childhood friend of the heroine, he lives right next door to her. A big tsundere and part of the soccer club. His hobby is sleeping.

Takeru Kitashiro (CV: Daisuke Ono) | Class: 2-A / 17 years old | A hot blooded guy that loves to play games (first person shooters), looks like a delinquent and gets into fights but is very kind deep down. Likes to eat cream puffs and has a soft spot for cats.

Kuniharu Moribe (CV: Yuki Kaji) | Class: 2-A / 17 years old | Vice Student Council President, he takes his job seriously. Can be impulsive where his blood would rush to his head easily.


An indie rock band, they were formed before participating in Stella Maris Fes.

Saku Kagami (CV: Mamoru Miyano) | Class: 3-C / 18 years old | The main vocalist and leader for Vantias, plays the guitar and loves hamburgers. He has a cool image but has a bit of an uncool side where he collects bonus hamburgers as a hobby. He works part time at a burger shop.

Rinto Shinkai (CV: Yuki Ono) | Class: 1-B / 16 years old | Plays the guitar in Vantias. He may have a cute face but is brash and tsundere. Because he has too much pride he cannot forgive himself if he makes mistakes.

Chisato Watase (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki) | Class: 2-F / 17 years old | Plays the bass in Vantias. He’s only interested in nothing but music. He does have a sharp tongue at times, but usually doesn’t talk much.

Arashi Negoto (CV: Showtaro Morikubo)  | Class: 3-G / 18 years old | Plays the drums in Vantias. He’s the “bright oniichan type”. Despite being all smiles, when he gets angry he looks scary and is strong when it comes to fights. Has a part time job at a family restaurant and thinks of the heroine as his lil sister. Also has a pet cat.

——Class 3-D Unit——

Classmates of 3-D, they’re all part of different sports clubs

Momota Asuma (CV: Takahiro Mizushima) | Class: 3-D / 18 years old | He’s a cheerful, energetic type that is friendly to anyone. Can be seen as the “oniichan type”. He loves sports and plays tennis.

Tatsumi Shinonome (CV: Tomokazu Seki) | Class: 3-D / 18 years old | Seemingly stoic, he’s actually kind and is part of the Tennis Club. He’s willing to beat up anyone who picks on the heroine. Apparently has a weak younger sister.

Alan Sumeragi (CV: Kengo Takanashi) | Class: 3-D / 18 years old | A prince of a country called ‘Bazille’ (not Brazil), his real name is Alan Claris Bazille, Sumeragi is the last name from his mother. He’s part of the Kendo Club and speaks good English, pronunciation in Japanese is not so perfect but understandable.

Ryunosuke Sena (CV: Atsushi Abe) | Class: 3-D / 18 years old | Member of the Swimming Club, he has a childish personality and calls ppl by cute nicknames. Has an innocent personality, he smiles easily and gets along with anyone. Heroine calls him “Ryu-chan-senpai”. Really loves pancakes.

——Seiran Private Academy——

A rival school that is also participating in Stella Maris Fes. They do appear in the main story. Kirameki Note Exclusive Characters.

*They’ve yet to have in-game character models.

Mitsuru Kannagi (CV: Ryotaro Okiayu) | Class: 3-1 | Student Council President of Seiran Academy. He’s a young singer, thanks to a certain someone he came to love singing and decided to go pro to sing for them. Mitsuru is an “ouji type”.

Senji Kido (CV: Toshiki Masuda) | Class: 2-8 | Part of the student council and an idol group called “TRIACT”. He wears a smile that hides his true self, he has a foul mouth sometimes.

Kotaro Inui (CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi) | Class: 3-1 | Part of the student council, he is also a model that focuses on his muscular physique. He is strong, doesn’t say a lot but can scare people by his physical appearance. Been friends with Mitsuru since they were young and thinks everything he says is right.

Shin Saeba (CV: Yuu Hayashi) | Class: 2-8 | Debut in a popular band “Werwolf” as its vocalist. He’s the type that will get what he wants no matter what. He’s confident, loves rock and actually stayed in America for 5 years.

Ichigo Nomiya (CV: Daiki Yamashita) | Class: 1-8 | An “otoko no ko” who is also a singer songwriter. Ichigo is described to be a narcissist. Loves being stylish and thinks of himself as the ‘cutest boy in the whole universe’. Ichigo also wears unisex clothes.


With gameplay you’ve got: Room (Character interaction etc), Gacha, Rhythm game and story. Of course there’s events going on too, actually you can hardly catch your breath when an event ends and a new one begins lol.


With the room you can tap on characters to see what their dialogue is or get special conversations between you and the character where you can choose your response. If you have certain characters in one room they will have a conversation, lets say if you have all four of the members of Vantias grouped together they will have a conversation on whatever. Even pairing characters that know each can induce random conversations, like having Ren and Kuniharu in one room theres a chance they will strike a conversation.

Tap on the guys to listen in on their conversation

There are certain animations that plays where the guys wants your attention and tapping on them during the animation will give you special dialogue. You can also pat their heads if you rub the screen.


You can also feed them their fav foods in a separate menu screen so they can level up their affection and unlock new voices and new animations/events that can happen at random in the room screen.



You have four rarities in terms of cards. There’s 1 star cards & 2 star cards which are pretty common, 3 star cards are a bit harder to get (guaranteed 3 star cards when you do a 10 turn premium scout) and 4 star cards are the highest rarity and are extremely hard to get. There is a 1% chance of getting a 4 star card either from a 1 turn scout or 10 turn scout.

I’ve done about 5~6 ten turn scouts and have yet to get a 4 star card. So it might be impossible but there are ppl out there with 4 star cards. 3 star cards and 4 star cards have “DX skills” which refills your live HP when you press the button. 2~4 star cards have regular skills that activate during lives, some boosts your score, refill your live HP etc.

Rhythm game

Note: There’s still no option to view the dancing without playing the rhythm game yet

You’ve got your basics with this rhythm game: taps (pink circles), hold the beat taps (circles with long tracks) and simultaneous taps (blue circles). There are about 8 spots where you can tap during the rhythm game (each of the 7 spots resembles your cards in your unit, the spot on the right of the star in the middle is designated to the player you chose to help you play the live).

There are about 5 attributes: Heart, Clover, Diamond, Spade and Joker (shaped as a teardrop). Each song has a main attribute and having your team made up of that attribute will improve your score.

Fever time happens when the song reaches the chorus and fever time can happen about twice in the game. For me, because I play on an iPod, the framerate drops whenever the chorus hits and fever time is activated and I tried to counteract that by putting all the settings to low but it still slows down the visual representation of the beats, so because of that if I tap when the beats look like they’re on the right spot it’d be registered as a poor tap input because it was a few milliseconds slow.

The taps that give you a combo is Perfect and Great, Good destroys the combo but doesnt hurt your HP while Bad and Miss hurts your HP. I can never get the full combo because I’m so shit at this game and whenever things get good I stuff up for a millisecond and get a “Good” tap and break the combo. It might be the game’s fault or it might be mine/my iPod’s. Kinda wished it went with the Yumeiro Cast route and had Perfect, Great and Good/OK that keeps the combo going so it’ll be forgiving with easy and normal songs if the person gets an OK tap, but when it comes to Hard/Expert/Master where it speeds up the input and puts more stuff in the screen it makes a difference between an OK or Bad where a split second can mess you up. But nope, even in easy mode its still easy to make a mistake with a Good tap as it is on the hard mode. That’s just my observation, might be wrong.



The still images are as expected from Boyfriend (Kari), very nice, very clean and colorful. I’ve yet to unlock the personal still images from a boyfriend character in this game because its so hard to get the golden story keys lol, so I’m not sure if they reuse still images from the original game or not. Unlike the original game, every graphic is landscape/horizontal so you can see things better than a narrow vertical screen.

sneaky peek

The 3D chibi models are adorable and its so mesmerizing seeing their hair physics move around whenever you rotate them in their profile screens 😆 Seeing their different animations and emotions is entertaining and watching them dance during lives is great (if only my iPod could handle it).

The HUD/GUI is clean and pleasing to the eyes. Everything is so colorful and cheerful, nothing much to complain about in terms of graphics. They do reuse the sprites from Boyfriend (Kari), tho why would they remake something that isn’t broken?

Final Thoughts

Its an alright idol rhythm game, tho it kinda does get frustrating because of my shitty skills at this game whenever I hit a good beat and break the combo. Some of the songs are nice and catchy, but with most of them its either a hit or miss. There are a few songs that don’t sound good in terms of vocals or just average music. Not better than Yumeiro Cast songs or Idolish7 songs but there are some really good ones that get stuck in my head lol.

Another frustrating thing is the gacha, I guess I should’ve expected this. In the original Boyfriend game the gachas need currency that can be gained mainly from purchasing it or get it by during the promotions like install a promoted game or do a survey etc. So in this game they give away the currency quiet fairly but getting a 4 star card is kinda like squeezing blood out of a stone sometimes.

Events are alright but I wish they gave us a few days to have a break and clear other songs.

Overall its fun to play when things go your way, and like any other mobile game it takes a lot of time to commit to it. I wish I had enough time to play it a lot but I’m juggling a bunch of apps here lol. I am looking forward to more implementations of boyfriend boys, there are a few of my fav that just got introduced but most of them were only obtainable through gacha and one of them was a 4 star, so I’m dead 😆

Check out the game if you’re interested!

Thanks for reading.


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