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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | December《#08》

ngl he reminds me of those dolls and it freaks me the hell out

Day 601 | Saniwa Lvl 91 | Average sword lvl around 60’s

Grinding map 6-2 to get Akashi, also trying to get the fue to drop in the event maps

Daddy Long Legs Grandpa is awaiting us to arrive in map 7-4

The Kiwame Chronicles (Part 2)

Lately I’ve been on a roll with getting my tantous kiwame’d. After Hirano, I started to level up my tantous like crazy and now I’ve got about 4 tantous kiwame’d and right now I’m waiting for Midare’s return back and I’ve almost got Yagen to lvl 60. Tho I’ve almost ran out with the equipment needed to send out my swords to get kiwame’d. I could get some more in the Era 7’s maps but my swords are still too weak to beat the maps (apparently you need lvl 85+ swords to manage through Era 7’s maps). For now I’m training my tantous in map 6-2, tho now that map is infested with kebiishi because I wanted to get Akashi to drop.

Anyway I’m proud of my tantous, they’re all big and strong. So far Gokotai is the fastest kiwame tantou I have (I hope Hakata gets kiwame implemented soon).

Behold, my kiwame sword sons


Village of Treasures – Instrument Gathering Stage


Similar event to Monoyoshi Sadamune’s Village of Treasure where you’re gathering pachinko balls. This time around, when you beat the boss of a map there is a slight chance of an instrument to drop, gather enough instruments to unlock BGMs that are kinda like theme songs for either of the 5 starter swords (for now). I have a feeling they will implement more BGMs for different swords. The BGMs can be previewed/listened to in the tab where you can view your backgrounds and purchase new backgrounds. So far the instruments used in the BGMs don’t have a lot of modern instruments like an electric guitar lol, of course not. Its a very traditional sounding BGM.

I’m trying to aim for Yamanbagiri’s theme because he’s my first aibou 😆 also because it sounds nice. But for the life of me I can’t even get enough fue (the flute-like instrument). I do have an abundance of koto and shamisen. RNG pls. It seems like the BGM only triggers once you have the certain sword as your attendant/main leader.

RNG pls

Anyway, the true mission for this event is to get the new sword, Kogarasumaru, by accumulating enough pachinko balls, 60,000 to be accurate. Unlike Monoyoshi’s event, my swords are now stronk enough to grind on the fourth and tougher map to get big drops of pachinko balls. I managed to get him yesterday thanks to hoarding all those koban from previous events and not spending them on backgrounds (I’ve learnt from my past mistakes lol).

Apparently Kogarasumaru is one of the oldest swords, and refers to himself as the father of swords. Tho hes so smol compared to Kogi and Jiji and the rest of the old swords, I can’t really take that title seriously 😆 Tho I’m glad this time I was able to get a sword, if you don’t know I have a huge list of missing swords so this is a small victory for me.

Welcome home, crow father

Tho right now hes at lvl 12 so he’s kinda weak. Hopefully there’s gonna be another event that will help me train my new swords soon. Right now I have one more space for a new sword, so I have to buy some more room sooner or later (I wish I could purchase more space to hold swords through koban but nope). I gotta find a way to put money into DMM so they can give me more space…


Hanamaru — Thoughts on the English dub

So Funamation is doing a simulcast dub for Hanamaru. A simulcast dub is where they do an English dub at the same time the anime is airing in Japan, the english dub would be a few episodes behind but it’ll be airing during the same time as the anime. This is great for those who want to watch animes in dub during the season it came out but it does mean that the dub will seem a little bit rushed, rather than perfecting the line like back in the ol’ days when they dub anime months after release. It kinda gives the impression of taking months of voice work done by the Japanese voice actors to perfect, and just putting that work all in a week to churn out a dub so it can air almost simultaneously with the original anime.

I wish I could watch the whole episodes dubbed to get a more informed opinion, but when I tried to make a funamation account (non-premium) and tried to check out Dance with Devils dub it region blocked me, so I’m not sure if I’m willing to make premium account to watch Hanamaru if I’ll be region locked anyway. Such is life for anyone living in Australia, I should get used to it by now but it still hurts whenever I see something is region locked from me 😆 (At least crunchyroll got my back)

Tho for now I’ll just enjoy short snippets of A+ grade voice acting through twitter. Twitter search “花丸英語吹き替え” for wholesome English dubbing (if it does pop up).

I guess the one problem they have a hard time with is pronouncing their names. Sometimes there’s some hilarious name pronunciations in the dub that its that “so bad its good” kind of enjoyment.

Phew, this event took a lot of time and energy out of me. I still have like 9 days until it ends so hopefully i can get some instruments to drop so I can unlock Yamanbagiri’s theme.

Good luck to anyone else trying to get Kogarasumaru. In the meanwhile, enjoy this broken state Kogarasumaru.





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    1. If you’re worried about the Japanese being archaic (like really old school Japanese), theres always the Touken Ranbu wikia. They translate lines etc. Usually its just the really old swords that talk like old grandpas.
      Theres also other swords with different dialects, Hakata has his Hakata-ben which is weird to understand but cute.

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      1. The Touken Ranbu Wikia has got your back! Tbh some of the english speaking players don’t know much of Japanese but they rely on the wikia so it helps. Like the game itself isn’t heavy with words and reading.

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