[Drama CD] Review – Yuugen Romantica Uchouten (Utashiro & Merry/Mary)

Its October so that means its Halloween time for a whole month! What better way to celebrate than with a drama cd about yokai boys/urban myths lol How spooky.

I’ll be reviewing the Yuugen Romantica drama CDs for the next few days (hopefully get it done before November starts) Its been a while since I’ve done a review for a drama CD so bare with me. This time I’ll review the new characters from Yuugen Romantica Uchouten (the sequel to the first one), Utashiro the baku and Merry/Mary, based on the urban myth Merry-san/Mary-san.

My review for Toneri might be late because they haven’t shipped his CD to me yet lol.


There are Seven Wonders at your school, all of them based on rumors of strange happenings in different locations at the school. There are methods on triggering these happenings, and you who loves exploring the Seven Wonders of your school, decided to try them out. Upon triggering a happing you come face to face with a strange spirit who may or may not possess you and use their powers on you to spook you away, but you always end up going back to visit them almost every time.

In the original Yuugen Romantica, the original 6 guys are cursed into being trapped in the school, most of their powers being sealed away and walking outisde of the school will turn them into smaller, inferior forms with high pitch voices. In Uchouten, that may not apply (I’m not 100% sure lol). They can take multiple forms, a normal civilian form, their spirit form and their small form (sometimes animalistic depending on who they are, sometimes small ghost forms if they’re a ghost).

When they latch onto you/possess you, they become invisible and untouchable and can commute outside of the school. You cannot touch them but they can touch you ;^)  It can get pretty intense with the dummyhead mics.

!! Spoilers ahead !!

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Utashiro | CV:Ryouhei Kimura

Utashiro is a baku, usually depicted as a tapir, it is a spirit that eats dreams. They are also believed to eat bad dream/nightmares, with superstitions that if you summoned a baku they will protect you from bad dreams.

He resides in the stairwell. To trigger him, you have to descend the stairwell from the rooftop and if you count a 13th step that isn’t supposed to be there, you’ll be trapped into a nightmarish version of the school and Utashiro will appear.

He likes to tease his “prey” (the people who trigger him/follow the instructions of the rumors), especially when it comes to girls and to him the heroine/you is the perfect prey, or so he thinks. Heroines in drama cds don’t have names because they’re self-inserts but for the sake of this review I’ll just give her a name, lets call her “Ojouchan”. So after getting trapped in Utashiro’s nightmare school and being prolly sexual harassed by him, Ojouchan grabs a mop and wacks it at him to get him to undo the nightmare spell and runs away. Ngl I laughed a bit when that happened, Ryouhei’s cries were priceless.

He appears before her the next day as a normal student only to bring her back to his nightmare world and get his revenge/continue where they left off last night and materializes a bed just for her. I don’t like where this is going 😆 He tries to get her to sleep in order to scare her with a monster but it backfires when it turns out shes so sleepy she doesn’t even care. She hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately and thanked him for making her fall asleep, which makes him all tsunderey and confused as hell.

Utashiro really craves to tease her, scare her and make Ojouchan cry but every opportunity he gets it turns out to make him seem nice which he’s not please about lol. So he sticks around her to get to see her cry. He tries for another strategy by trying being “really kind and affectionate” to tease Ojouchan, even going as far as clinging onto her (that possession trick where the guys become invisible and untouchable) and going all いちゃいちゃ and revealing his finger fetish lmao (the CD jacket should’ve given that away). Tho he realises this isn’t technically being mean to her and its hurting his pride instead lol.

He continues his kindness by going to Ojouchan’s place in his small baku form and eating the bad dreams she’s been seeing all this time. I guess at this point he’s fallen in love with Ojouchan and decides to keep coming back to eat her bad dreams but at the same time its making him sick. Utashiro drops the bomb on how yokai are born, from people’s wishes and thoughts. If a person wishes so badly then it’ll happen, prolly in the form of a yokai. Back in the old days baku were common, but as the thoughts of humans changed, the existence of certain yokai started to deplete and Utashiro’s baku friends started to disappear.

Utashiro gets more visibly sick and Ojouchan notices.They try to come up with a plan to stop the bad dreams. One way other than continuing eating her dreams is to go into her dream and find the yokai that is causing all the trouble. Ojouchan wants to go into her dream alone but in the end they decide to go together, inception style. They find the yokai and turns out to be Utashiro’s baku friend but it seems like they’re too corrupted to be saved. Its thoughts of not wanting to disappear alone and having a grudge against humans for forgetting baku/yokai is what corrupted the baku friend. With the power of love and each other, they lay the rogue yokai to rest.

Utashiro and Ojouchan are now officialy bf and gf after that shit, Utashiro still being tsundere and helping Ojouchan fall asleep with occasional いちゃいちゃ that doesn’t help her fall asleep lmao.


Merry/Mary | CV: Kousuke Toriumi

Merry/Mary/whatever his name is is a ghost based on the urban legend of Merry-san/Mary-san, a ghost/spirit that uses a cellphone to haunt you. First they’ll call and say they’re outside your school, then the next call they’re near your house, another call and they’re right in front of your door and the final call… they’re right behind you and then you die, maybe. I’m not sure which name is the right one (Merry or Mary), lets just call him Merry for now.

He resides in the broadcasting room. If you hear his broadcast at night within the school you’ll get a phonecall from him, picking it up will trigger him to appear behind you.

Merry is a very shy ghost that doesn’t like having eye-contact with Ojouchan and would ‘possess’/cling onto her so she doesn’t have to look at him and they can still converse. He’s a bit of a stalker too lol. When he’s in his high school student form, he’s Ojouchan’s kouhai, even in that form he still doesn’t like having eye-contact. Their first meeting was at school at night and Ojouchan accidentally triggering Merry, which moments later she ran away crying. Even in the daytime where he introduces himself as a student then as a ghost she still gets scared of him lol I ain’t gonna judge tho because sometimes Kousuke uses his most creepiest voice with some sentences for no raisin.

Kousuke’s voice in this really expresses Merry as this “shut-in” character that is awkward when talking to others, has their creepy lines they utter sometimes and really gives off this stalker feeling lmao. Good work there Kousuke. Tho Merry has those moments where he’s being kind but he sounds like a weirdo, which I love lol.

Merry’s powers consists of calling cellphones at will, hacking into calls (Ojouchan tried to call for the police and he hacked into her call lol) and transforming into a small ghost to go into electrical stuff to check out whats going on with it, like when Ojouchan and Merry were stuck in the broadcasting room and the electricty went out, locking them in because of the autolocked door lmao.

From the beginning it seems like Merry has fallen in love with Ojouchan, tho he keeps scaring her with his yokai form and even if he wants to stop his feelings for her he can’t 😆 Seems like she’s been scared of him because she keeps getting “cursed messages/emails” and thinks the ghost/evil spirit behind those messages are from him. Tho they gain an understanding when Merry clears up the misunderstanding by saying he doesn’t do that kind of stuff to spook ppl. Merry is like “yo i won’t forgive those who are here to bully you senpai” and sends a text message to the senders of the “cursed messages” as ‘Merry-san’ and inviting them to come to the broadcasting room at night.

So Ojouchan and Merry go to the meetup place, having Ojouchan pretend she’s also here because she got the message too, only to find out that the girls from her class are the ones who sent the cursed messages to her. And so the haunting begins. It was interesting to hear that they actually recorded girls screaming for this part seeing that typically the only person voiced is the guy. He spooks them away by pretending to take Ojouchan as his first victim and telling them to never send those cursed messages. In the end, Merry was glad to use his spooks to help out Ojouchan because he was always upset with himself because he would spook ppl by his presence.

Merry confesses his feelings for maybe the 3rd time but this time with confidence and Ojouchan feels the same, even if he may be a yokai. And they lived happily ever after lol.

Final Thoughts

The new characters were aight. I’m not sure if I found a new favourite out of these two, but I think I favor Utashiro more (prolly because of Ryohei lol), Merry is cute too but still not sure. Like you can’t get a lot of character development in 50 minutes of dialogue compared to hours of a route in an otome game, which is why I wish this series could be turned into an otome game 😆 If otomate can get its drama cds into an otome game ASAP then why not make it into an otome game rejet? It was popular enough to get a sequel, come on. There needs to be more content of monster boys/yokai in otome games. Either way, I enjoyed listening to these drama cds (well not as much as I enjoyed Love Cuisine).

Sad to see some things omitted from the sequel that was in the original CDs. The major thing missing is the Animate date that happened in each drama CD lol In every CD from the first one, they would have a track dedicated to you/heroine and the guy going to an animate store and checking out the merchandise and the guy going “what is this ‘Animate’ thing?”. It would always crack me up. Sadly its omitted from the sequel.

Seems like the sequel has better sound design and new soundtracks/BGM playing in the background. I particularly liked the noise distortion they used when Merry was calling you on the phone. Also interesting to hear them keep hinting about Hanawo, the toilet ghost, apparently something’s up with him this time but too bad I’m not gonna buy his CD. I’ll miss him and his toilet.

Another neat thing I noticed this time around is the hidden messages on the back of the cover in the track listings. Each letter is highlighted to make out a secret message. I only found out about this when I read Zakuro’s jacket spine protector paper thing where he hints about there being a secret message in the track listing.


⇑ Utashiro’s secret message spells out こ こ に い て (Stay here) and Merry’s secret message spells out に げ な い で (Don’t run away).

I love the concept of Yuugen Romantica and the different characters and personalities. It’ll be a lil sad if this is all the content they’ll give to us. Ngl the sequel CDs for the original characters sometimes repeats the content from the first CD and doesn’t have much progression going on, but thats a story for another time. Just *coughmakeanotomegamecough*. Plus I really like the artist’s style and it’d be interesting to see more CGs from them (the heroine looks cute too).

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy these extra illustrations from in the CD Jacket.

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