[Mobile] Special – Ensemble Stars Character Poll

To commemorate Happy Elements return to Comiket this year, they are holding a character poll for Enstars to see who will be in the top 2. The top 2 highest ranking characters will be turned into dakimakura covers! Similar to how they did a poll last time and got Mao, Ritsu and Chiaki as the top 3 popular characters and made them into dakimakura covers. An example of what Ritsu’s dakimakura cover looked like.

You can vote for your favorite character on twitter and through the game. They’ve made a special mini event for the voting period so if you have your heart set on a dakimakura cover of your fav characters being made then its best to spam the mini event in the game.

Voting period starts today (26th October 3pm Japan Time) and will end on 2nd November at midnight (Japan Time).

Twitter Campaign

For once per day you are allowed to tweet your fav character and it’ll be counted as a vote. To vote through twitter you need to go to this page and choose the character you want to vote for.

You can enter a message in the box bellow, tho its not really necessary.


Scroll down and tick the box to continue on with your tweet vote. By ticking the box it means you’ll agree to follow Ensemble Stars’ twitter account. Click the blue button and if you haven’t authorised enstars doing shit to your twitter account it’ll ask you to authorise it. Check your message once more and hit the blue button again and you’re done! Your account will automatically tweet the message to show that your vote has been taken into account.

you can’t continue until you tick the box

Once again you can only do this once a day. I wouldn’t suggest voting on multiple accounts, maybe there’s guidelines behind this prohibiting the use of multiple accounts to vote but who knows. Just do it at your own risk, I’m not advocating anything.

Note: You can vote for the teachers.


Voting via Game

They’ve created a system/mini-event during the voting period. You can get more information by clicking the banner that looks like this on your homepage:


You can vote by selecting the character you want to vote for and handing in your voting tickets. Voting tickets can be gained through four ways:

  • Logging in daily (x1 ticket given)
  • Using 100AP (x1 ticket given)
  • Using 10LP (x1 ticket given)
  • Scouting using diamonds (x1 ticket given per single scout, x10 tickets given per 10 turn scouts)

⇒ Tickets won’t be given out for scouting using produce points.

⇒ Tickets won’t be given out when scouting in birthday gachas.

You can vote as many times as you want for one character as long as you have tickets to vote with. You can cash in a huge amount of tickets at one time so there’s no need rush in cashing in a ticket each time you get one. You could prolly cash in all your tickets an hour before the deadline.


The voting screen will look like above picture. It will tell you how much AP & LP you need to waste to get a ticket, how many tickets you have in hand that’s not used and how many tickets you’ve used to vote. The grayed out button below that might be unlocked during the middle of the voting period to show what the ranking looks like, who knows, I’m just guessing here.

Note: You can vote for the characters that have already been made into dakimakura covers but if one of them ever does rank in the top 2 then they will make a different sort of merchandise for that character and have the runner up be made into a dakimakura.

Another Note: Half AP cost for every cost during the down period will not apply during the voting period. This means that courses that would cost 20AP during the break between events will cost its normal price of 40AP, so that means your AP drains like it does when you’re in an event.

Intermediate Rank

Today the revealed the intermediate ranking, tallying up all the votes up until the 29th of October. Take note that its not all set in stone, there may be people out there holding onto their tickets before the last day to cash in. So far Rei and Leo are taking the lead (I’m sure they’re gonna get the dakimakura covers unless Izumi overtakes).


Its interesting that those who were in the top 3 last time: Chiaki & Ritsu are still in the top 10, however Mao is nowhere to be seen. Also interesting that all of the members of UNDEAD are in the top 10 are there except for Adonis haha…. makes me a bit sad but I won’t give up.

Happy voting everyone! Don’t lose hope knowing that your fav character might not get 1st or 2nd place, who knows, maybe something miraculous might happen.

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    1. Well if they are gonna keep making new dakimakura covers every year then it’ll most likely be of characters from the popular units (Knights and Ryuseitai), so we’ve got a long way to have unpopular characters to get their time to shine in the spotlight 😆

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