[Game Diary] あんスタ- Ensemble Stars | October《#18》

Mini Enstars News


Unit CDs Vol 2 — Sample videos for Knights and Akatsuki Unit Songs were released a few weeks ago and the CDs just released today! Tho the full songs were leaked yesterday so lol. Take note that the videos may be region blocked in certain countries (E.g. Australia), there may be reprinted videos floating out there on twitter or tumblr that isn’t region locked.

Jacket covers for Ryuseitai and Ra*bits also released. Their albums will be released in November 23rd.


Ensemble Stars announced that Happy Elements will be attending Comiket again this year! In commemoration for this, they will start a character poll today at 3pm (Japan Time) which will continue until 2nd of November midnight. [The character poll already started as I was writing this post up]

The two highest ranking characters will be turned into dakimakura covers, just like with Mao, Ritsu and Chiaki who also ranked in the top 3 last time. Kinda wondering if they’ll let Mao, Ritsu and Chiaki back into the character poll but that would mean they would rank in the top two spots again because they’re so damn popular.

I’m betting that either Knights characters or Ryuseitai characters will rank highest, maybe Rei or Wataru might be in there too. So early congratulations, KnightsP and RyuseitaiP for winning the character polls again.

I’ll just wait forever for an Adonis/Kuro/Koga dakimakura. I’m sure others feel the same salt as me when it comes to their fav boys who aren’t popular enough 😆

I will write up a separate post on how it works.

Birthday Corner


It was Yuzuru’s birthday on 18th October! Happy belated birthday, Yuzuru, you one hell of a butler.


15th October ~ 25th October


Trickstar and UNDEAD join forces again (last time was Band Ensemble Event) to enter into “Rock Fes”, I’m guessing its an independent event where a bunch of artists gather. Story is written by Yoshino Yuki with 14 story parts.

One thing to describe this event story is: filler. Its that filler episode where they’ve got nothing else to fill in the gap between last event and the next so lets just do something kinda random. Then again, this one is kind of reminiscent of Band Ensemble but the focus of that one was Mao and Ritsu’s relationship and in this one it didn’t have much other than Koga really, really, really wants to go to Rock Fes but Rei is like “yo we’ve got Halloween Party event to prepare”.

Its a shame tho, seeing that Subaru had been ignored by Happy Elements for months now and he finally gets his event and its not quite technically about him nor does it really go in-depth on his past. Like, I keep hearing rumors that his dad may have killed himself and I really need clarity. Subaru is here to help out his friend Koga into getting into Rock Fes and that’s it.

It was cute to see everyone (aka mainly Subaru, Makoto, Adonis and Anzu) trying their best to help Koga get him to participate in Rock Fes because he really loves rock. Even though Anzu had Halloween Event to prepare for she still pitched in, to the point that she got eyebags from overworking. Poor gal, someone cut her some slack pls. Its especially cute to see Adonis happy knowing that Koga is happy too.

There’s really not much I can add to this event story summary. It really did feel like filler, most of the chapters were focusing on preparing for Rock Fes and the last two chapters were them in Rock Fes but all in all it was short. Like what else could you do if you’re not the main scenario writer and prolly not allowed to write up the angst backstories of characters, like the real shit. Most of that is left up to Akira-sensei, so I hope one day he’ll write an event story on Subaru’s backstory as well as Koga’s.


Event Cards:

This event wasn’t as crazy ranking as last event with Shinobu as rank so I managed to get 2 copies of Adonis’ 3* card without putting much effort. I also got Koga’s card so yay for me.

Hopefully next event is another Halloween event because I really love Halloween events because everyone gets to dress up as monsters and stuff and this is the closest thing I can get to Monster Boy content lmao. I really hope for either Valkyrie or Switch to have Halloween cards, or maybe both! Mika loves scary stuff so I’m sure he’d love this kind of event.

I do wish they could make 4*~5* card versions of Frankenstein’s Monster Adonis and Priest Kaoru but that will never happen.

14th October ~ 29th October


Finally a Theater Club Gacha (at least one that wasn’t a slightly half-assed collab story gacha) with special guest Natsume. This one is written by Akira-sensei so you’ll know it’ll be good. It has 7 story parts in total.

I’ve haven’t rolled for this gacha so I’m not sure what the story was about but apparently the first seconds of the gacha story was Tomoya in a dress. Tbh the dress is so gorgeous, I’m kinda jealous? I should’ve rolled for this gacha because my vocal units are still weak and Tomoya looks so beautiful/handsome in his cards. Congrats on that 5* gacha card, rabbit son.

As always thanks for reading! Sorry for the late post.

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