[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | October《#07》

Do you accept Hirano as your lord and savior?

Day 556 | Saniwa Lvl 85 | Average Sword lvl around 60’s

Grinding tantous on map 6-4

Daddy Long Legs Grandpa still elusive

Underground Event – Houchou Edition

Underground Event again? No Problem.

To be honest I’m only good at underground events when it comes to retrieving the event swords lol. If its an Underground Event then you know for sure I’ll be participating in it and dusting off my Touken Ranbu account. Sorry for not doing a diary for a while, its just I was too busy and I completely forgot of the past events and swords, which I regret now because now my missing swords list is increasing steadily.

This time around the previous event tantous have the chance of dropping in the boss nodes! Tho for 50 floors that I cleared none of them actually did drop so good luck on that. Houchou Toushirou is the new sword up for grabs, a sweet tooth for candy and the married ladies (husbands lock up your wives, or at least lock away this child). I guess the reason why he loves married women so much is because of his previous master, Tokugawa Ieyasu who has become one of my fav historic figure out of the three unifiers of Japan. Plus have you seen him in Sengoku Basara? (spoiler: he a big beef) Anyway, getting off-topic.

I got Houchou in about 3 days or so, kind of tempted in going further because of the extra drops on the materials that will let your swords go kiwame training. I don’t have enough to kiwame all my tantous, but its a hassle to go to all 100 floors of the underground event I may as well just do nothing lol. Anyway, welcome home, NTR sword son! I wish you could stop your NTR ways but what can ya do?

Houchou: Where the married women at?

One thing to note, its kinda weird hearing his voice sometimes. It’s like I’ve heard it before but in another pitch. I looked it up and apparently his voice actor also voiced Ukyo from Amnesia. Kind of ironic considering Ukyo was kind of NTR’d throughout each route of the game.

Also apparently his name means kitchen knife or something, which makes sense now to me after I posted a tweet commenting on how he looks like he’s ready to cut a sandwich lol

Its also kinda hilarious to me that Houchou came home a day before Hirano was expected to come back from kiwame training. Its too late Hirano, Houchou already NTR’d you.


Hirano gets kiwame’d!

I would like to thank the Konnosuke campaign that makes repair time absolutely free (aka it takes 0 time to repair a sword) so I can level grind my swords so I can finally get a kiwame! Hirano is my first tantou to reach kiwame, I was hoping for Maeda to reach lvl60 sooner because he’s one of my top sword sons but Hirano is good too.

Ngl I got a lil emotional when they revealed the new designs for the tantous each time their kiwame got announced. Its like watching your child grow up. I also got emotional when reading the letters from Hirano as he was training in another time era. His last one hit me in the honey nut feelios…


[My attempt at translating the letter]

Dear Master,

Kaga is such a nice place, I’m sure you’ll be delighted if you and I could take walk here together.

Upon thinking that I get the sudden urge to come back immediately, so I will return at least by tomorrow.

I’m not sure if I’ve become stronger, however I have a feeling you’re at the brink of tears, so I’ll return.

Please wait for me.

He’s such a cute.

Tbh I really like this new mechanic of upgrading your sword and sending them out and waiting in real time for them to come back and be super OP. Tho it’ll take a while until I see my other fav swords get different appearances. I for one hope that Kinako (Iwatooshi’s illustrator) draws Iwatooshi either the same consistency of plumpness or more plumper and maybe more tidd all I’m saying is, you can’t get better than Iwatooshi’s design rn but if Kinako can improve it more to the point my jaw drops by looking at it then ya sold me. I also hope that Kasen gets his kiwame soon because his artist has improved so much in the past year with their coloring techniques that I’m sure they can make him look even more gr8 in his kiwame ver.

Anyway it was kind of a pain to meet the requirements for kiwame but its still worth it because I got an OP Hirano in the end. Requirements like finishing map 6-4 which can get frustrating with the RNG with the previous maps and that map, reaching your tantous up to lvl 60, having all three kiwame items to send them off with etc. But like I said, its worth the change in stats (I’ve yet to top off/refine Hirano’s stats to max yet and his attack stat or whatever it is, is like 71 right now wtf). I’m sure with all these OP swords happening they’ll create even tougher enemies to balance it out.

Presenting: Stronk Hirano

I also sent off Gokotai to get kiwame which I’m excited about but I feel sorry for his small tiger friends because they kind of fuse into one big tiger once he gets kiwame. The neat thing about kiwame is not only their appearance change but also their dialogue. With Hirano he’s more resolute and is always thinking about the best for you/saniwa and doesn’t want to let you down after making him kiwame’d. Pretty sweet.

Tho one thing that worries me is how their damaged state shows off more skin and makes them look more vulnerable (even tho they went through tough training to get stronker they get more owned in their kiwame sprites?? 😆 ) Like with Midare, Yagen and Gokotai in their injured states they’re sitting or kneeling down on the ground making them seem more vulnerable. The awakening states also takes off most of their clothes like, is that really needed? I guess its to reflect on what Kancolle did with their injured states. Still, look at poor Maeda, he loses his shirt in his kiwame awakened state and his cape just falls away…


+Images from wikia

I’m looking forward to more development on more kiwame for the rest of the sword boys. No need to rush or anything… at least move onto giving kiwame to uchigatana or the wakizashi.


Hanamaru — Thoughts on the anime


Its good shit.

Its nice just watching the sword boys do just daily tasks and shit, and then the occasional angst/sortie missions. It kinda does fill in the blanks with imagination in the most mundane gameplay of  Touken Ranbu like internal affairs where the swords are tasked to tend the garden or horses and it gives more personality to the swords and how they interact with each other. Tbh I was shocked to hear Uguisumaru talk in the anime because I haven’t gotten him in-game and I was like “Wait… he sounds like that?!” 😆

Also it helped me pick up on some of the story plot like, I never knew it was set in 2200-something AD and that they use this sundial thing to go back in time to different eras. It brings in some lore like Souza and his modern day tractor vehicle which he calls his “playmate” (which is letter given to Hachisuka) and the always unending in-joke that Hasebe loves his aruji. Speaking of aruji, they don’t show the saniwa’s face let alone their full body. They’re always hiding behind closed doors and Hasebe is usually the only one that can communicate to them (also they like keeping the boxes from the mailman, hey thats just like me). I would love the last episode to reveal the saniwa and its just a shiba inu with a bunch of ripped up papers & letters around. Which got me thinking, if its set in the modern future then why do I get letters in the game and why is there an old gramophone to listen to the 1st anniversary lines of a character?? What lol.

Anyway its just nice to watch everyone interact with each other, plus there’s heartwarming moments like Episode 2 where all the toushirou tantous wish to see Ichi-nii and Sayo wishes to meet his nii-sama (early in the episode he gets a dakimakura that has the same colors as Kousetsu and its so cute).

Tho ya gotta remember that all of this cute stuff its just the entrée for the 2017 ufotable Touken Ranbu that might be more angsty/bloody than the super chill anime that is Hanamaru. So I’ll enjoy this while I can.

That’s about it for this game diary. Again, I’m so sorry for not doing another game diary since April. Hopefully I’ll be playing on and off more often than just not playing it for months on end. Also might not be able to do proper edits now that my only laptop that had photoshop is kind of in limbo right now and I can’t use it… so I’ll try my best with what I have right now.

Sometimes I wish it had more gameplay that could get me more invested but what can ya do. It would be nice if there was a side gameplay where the state of your vegetables and horses affect the comfort of living for the sword boys etc but maybe that would be too much commitment for casual players.

As always, thank you for reading!




*Small Tidbit: Remember that R18+ Situational Drama CD where you bang sword dudes? Well there’s a sword in that Drama CD that’s also called Oodenta (however they look totally different). Pretty awkward knowing that someone out there made a drama cd where you bang Oodenta, and now theres a sword man with the same name in Touken Ranbu.

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