[Character Songs] Dance with Devils Unit CDs (Lindo vs Jek) & Ensemble Stars Unit CDs (UNDEAD + 2wink)

So the unit songs I ordered last month finally came, so I guess this will be a big haul of character songs lol. I bought the Dance with Devils Unit song with Lindo and Jek because why not? Actually I really love Wataru Hatano and his singing voice and Yuto Suzuki creates a perfect harmony when they’re singing together, I couldn’t get the song out of my head lol.

As for Ensemble Stars second season with the Unit songs, of course I would buy UNDEAD and 2wink seeing that I bought them last time. This will be a mini review on these CDs seeing this is all I can do for now without my usual laptop (luckily I have paint tool SAI on this laptop to make the featured image).

Boy! I love the melodies of Wataru’s and Yuto’s voices in this, especially when Lindo and Jek kind of compete against each other with their one liners and it shows off their personalities. Like Lindo wants to protect his imouto while Jek just wants Lindo’s imouto for other gains and is just seducing her lol. Btw the song in the video goes for about 4 minutes in the CD so theres more where that came from.

With these unit song cds you get a drama audio part, a monologue for each guy, the song and then the instrumental karaoke ver. The monologue parts were alright, they were just talking about their feelings, themselves and their goals. Of course Lindo would be talking non-stop about his imouto and his forbidden feelings (Jk I don’t think he talks about her for the whole thing, he talks about his past self finding out he’s a dhampir etc), however I did get kinda bored listening to him yap about it that I kind of skipped it. I’m sorry Wataru Hatano, I love you deeply but Lindo… it feels even weirder when Lindo and his imouto are really blood related (cousins). Jek on the other hand we get some backstory on him and how he used to be human before Nesta turned him into a vampire, and now he can be beautiful forever lol. Deep down secretly I wish there was a route for him maybe (not sure if he had a route) because I want to know a bit more about him but what can you do. He’s prolly a sadist and won’t treat Ritsuka right so no.

The drama audio part is great. I laughed a little too hard than I should’ve. The setup is that Lindo is on the hunt for vampires in the city while Jek is on the hunt for exorcists. One thing leads to another and Jek ends up posing as a fortune teller and Lindo is there to get his fortune told (neither of them realise the other is their enemy 😆 ) Jek tries to bullshit his way into making Lindo believe he’s a real fortune teller by telling his ‘fortune in romance’ and guessing personality traits of the girl he loves.

Jek is like “um…. she’s a very cute girl” which makes Lindo jump out of his seat or something and get so excited going “YES! SHE’S CUTE!! SHE’S THE CUTEST IN THIS WHOLE WORLD” which freaks Jek the fuck out. The hilarious antics keep going where Lindo reveals the girl he likes is actually his sister but not really his sister (which makes Jek confused and worried) and Lindo talks about protecting her through padlocking her windows which makes Jek go “Ok hold the fuck up, you did what?!”. You know you’re messed up when the secondary antagonist starts to question your actions/thoughts and calls you out on it. Later Jek gives Lindo some romance advice on how to tell a girl his feelings for them and the last minutes is them trying to one up each other with their confessional lines, which is too much for my heart to bear. The end of the drama part is them parting ways and going “Next time I’ll find that vampire/exorcist” 😆 Both this drama part and the song was worth buying the CD for me. I haven’t laughed out loud like that for a long time. Truly an experience for your ears.

If you’re interested in other unit songs there’s Rem vs UrieMage vs Shiki and Maksis vs Roen. You heard it right, there’s a unit song between Maksis (spoiler: Ritsuka’s demon father) and Roen, it’ll be the next one to be released. I’m crying at their song because they’ve got Roen dressed up in Scottish garb and it sounds like country folk music is going on in the background. Rest assured, Maksis won’t be singing and it’s just Roen singing about wanting Ritsuka’s hand in marriage and Maksis cutting in going “yo are u srs”. Tho its really Roen/Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s voice that makes it worth it.

I’ll think about maybe buying Mage vs Shiki and/or Maksis vs Roen. Who knows.


If you’re region blocked try this link out (warning there might be inappropriate ads on top or dating ads, I’m sorry but this is all I’ve got)

For me I liked Darkness4 as soon as I heard it on the video sample, Destruction Road took a little while for it to grow on me. Destruction Road feels like an upbeat rock song while Darkness4 makes me feel emo because of the lyrics, the song feels fitting for a farewell song like in the White Day Event where it was revealed that UNDEAD will break up once Rei and Kaoru graduate. The lyrics really hit home and I cry every time. Destruction Road on the other hand is pretty uplifting like the road trip never ends with UNDEAD (tho in the album cover it looks like their car has broken down lol).

It’ll take me a while to gain an appreciation for these songs like I do with the first album with Melody in the Dark and Honey Milk wa Okonomi de. But Darkness4 is a definite competitor for being my top fav. Like I joked on twitter, Destruction Road seems like an opening song to an adventure anime while Darkness4 is the ending song where everything is gloomy and the heroes are at their lowest point.

If you’re region blocked try this link out (warning there might be inappropriate ads on top or dating ads, I’m sorry but this is all I’ve got)

I’m starting to form a bias towards the first albums compared to the new ones. I’m sorry lol. But I really do like 2wink’s new album, Soma Saito seems to be working hard at trying to differentiate the twins, I think in the first album it was a bit hard to tell who’s who but in this one you can tell, especially with Heart Prism Symmetry  (the first song) where Hinata is the more upbeat voice while Yuta is the deeper and slightly mature voice. Both songs for this album feels really upbeat but I’m not sure if it captures the same feeling I have with the first album. I guess because the first album had more techno and the second song was interesting with its slight Chinese musical style to it. Either way the songs really bring out the pop&cute side to 2wink, but it feels like both songs are kind of similar to each other. Like maybe if the second song was different in terms of beat or something drastic in comparison like with UNDEAD’s two albums (for example, the rock of Melody in the Dark and then the stark difference in the soft, romantic Honey Milk wa Okonomi de etc) I may would have enjoyed the album a bit more.

Anyway these unit songs are aight, I think I’ll have to listen to them more often to gain a better appreciation as I do with the other Enstars unit songs I have (I’ve been using them as my alarm so no wonder I got so used to them). One thing I’m a tad bit disappointed in is the fact there isn’t any bonus drama parts or bonus card give away, like I’m willing to pay more for that rather than have it cheap 😆 Its a shame because the new album covers would make great cards and I would’ve loved to unlock the costumes for them to wear. Look at how cute 2wink’s costumes are. Why can’t I unlock them in game. It seems like they don’t want to give out bonus cards anymore, I bought the UNDEAD novel with a slight hope I’d get a serial code for their cards but found nothing so now I’m a bit salty/sad.

I do hope they add drama parts for Valkyrie and Switch because they missed out on the first volume and I would love to hear them interact with each other. Also I do wish they consider making albums for other units like Deadmans (Keito, Rei, Koga) or Knight Killers (Leo, Kuro, Eichi, Nazuna) or the original members of Valkyrie or old Fine (if they ever introduce the remaining ex-members of Fine). It would be interesting and I might be willing to buy.

As always, thank you for reading!

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