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Status Update & Post Updates

Unfortunate news about the laptop I mostly use, after 6 years of using it, it seems like its on its last legs. The charger no longer works and it needs to replace its battery soon, but considering its an old macbook model I’m not sure if there is a place out there that has replacement parts. So maybe this is the end for it. I mainly blog on that laptop so it might be a little bit of a problem in the future/right now.

Right now I’m going to try to use my other old laptop but considering it heats up and when it heats up it lags, its troublesome when charging and isn’t quite comfortable to blog on than the old macbook, I might think about buying a new one or hopefully I can find a place that has spare parts (I’m hoping for the latter because I have a lot of good software on that laptop). Luckily I backed up my old macbook but it seems like the thing I backed it up on can’t be accessed on a windows laptop so blog materials are locked away for now 😆

Anyway, onto what was updated:

Hopefully this setback won’t affect the blog posts but considering that laptop had my photoshop and this one does not, it might be a hard time to do edits and stuff like translation. Just when Aoi’s episodes starts tomorrow… Now I can’t translate about looking at his butt too. Jk.

Thanks for your patience.


3 thoughts on “Status Update & Post Updates”

  1. Oh man, that really sucks! Mine lasted 8 years and then one day, dead as a door nail :C
    I hope everything gets better soon, it’s crap that you’re locked from doing edits T_T

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    1. I can alway look into getting photoshop on my other laptop but the fonts won’t be the same 😂
      Hopefully I’ll get everything to work out in the end.


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