[Mobile] Review – 囚われのパルマ – Toraware no Palm (All Episodes – Haruto)

Toraware no Palm is a romance adventure game for the iOS and Android by Capcom. It released on 30th August, releasing an episode each week with 6 Episodes in total. This week was the release of the final episode, drawing a close to Haruto’s story. This game is all in Japanese and is not free. If you see any English translations in this review just take note that it is all done by me.

Story is that Haruto lost his memory and you have to help him remember while he is being detained in a room. As the story goes on you find out about the mysterious powers Haruto has as well as the secrets of his past and eventually uncovering something a bit more sinister as his circumstances behind his memory lost.

Highlight to read spoiler -> I gotta say the final episode was a tear jerking departure to finally see Haruto set free… but at what costs?

If you want a review breaking down the gameplay and talking about the story without dropping too many spoilers then please check out my review of the prologue and episode 1. I will be talking a lot about the story in this review as well as my final thoughts.

Just a heads up, the following will contain a lot of spoilers and possible inaccuracies due to my limited knowledge in Japanese.

If you want to experience the game for yourself and can read Japanese, then I suggest to play it for yourself.

I will not censor out spoilers in this review so read with caution.

Click here for Final Thoughts (no spoilers)


I don’t really like repeating myself so if you want a basic breakdown of the story I cannot stress how much you should read my initial review of prologue and episode 1.

From Episode 2 onwards we find out what Haruto’s mystery power, that he’s had since he was born, is that he can see people’s “hearts/mind” but not exactly reading someone’s mind. He can only see different colors and noises that denote different emotions/thoughts. I’m not sure if he can do it at will or that it just happens all the time, but it seems that he can’t see your heart. We learn later on that its because the both of you used to be childhood friends and due to an incident of you falling from a tree and prolly almost dying that he forced himself to never see your heart because he was afraid of confronting your feelings seeing that he blames himself for your fall. Maybe because of the fall that you don’t really remember about your past with Haruto. We only find out about this in the later half of the episodes (Prolly Ep4~6).

2016-10-04-15-39-12Haruto had been living on the same island as he’s being detained in because of his parent’s work. The island doesn’t have a lot of kids running around so he was all alone, especially when his parents were out working most of the time. One day, as a kid, you came to the island from the homeland for a short time but during that short time the two of you met and became friends. On the day you were meant to go back to the homeland, you and Haruto go to a cliff near the sea where a bunch of yellow anemone grew. There the two of you buried a time capsule and promised to meet each other again one day, but during that promise you slip and fall of the tree branch and Haruto couldn’t do anything but reach out for you–maybe which is why Haruto always reaches his hand out to you during the visitation sessions? He only realises that you’re the same girl in the later episodes.

I guess it was pure coincidence that you ended up on that island again and being his councillor? Well I’m not quite sure because theres a lot of things going on with this story and that island. There was a mini side story where you find messages in a bottle at the seashore and you can reply to those messages. In the end the writer of the message said his name was “Haruto” and asks to be your friend and you can reply with “Yes lets be friends” or something else, when you tell this to Haruto via text message he’s like “That’s a weird coincidence, I used to write messages in bottles asking for a friend as a kid. But once I got a reply, you came onto the island and we became friends” and then when you ask him what the reply was he’ll prolly say what you’ve replied with and I’m here thinking wtf is going on with this island. Is there something I don’t know? Because this island is pretty mysterious as it is.

Anyway, background story on Haruto’s parents is that they are researchers that are researching into this special drug, however one day they were in a car accident (with the company’s car) and tragically died, leaving Haruto behind all alone again. Which is kinda suspicious to me, like the company they worked for wanted to kill them off but I’m not 100% sure because I wasn’t paying much attention. I wish I did read more carefully and had a better vocabulary in Japanese because there were some stuff I didn’t pick up. Despite the fact they weren’t there for Haruto most of the time, they were very loving towards Haruto. In fact Haruto looks very much like his mother, while he has the personality of his father who used to draw and was pretty much as kind as Haruto.

Spoiler: the man in the first photo is not Haruto’s dad, the guy in the second photo is
(I can see where Haruto gets his looks from)

After that, Haruto decided to go overseas to America, far away from his past, and studied there. I think he studied chemistry like his parents and then was picked up to work at this company for pharmaceutical drugs, the company is called something like Ceehive/Seahive/C-Hive or something like that. Little did he know that the boss that picked him up was the guy in the photo with his mom that did research 30 years ago until she tragically died. That man is called “Masaki” and it seemed like he was in love with Haruto’s mother, he was angry that she chose Haruto’s father over him and had a baby together. When I mentioned her name to him he pretty much went crazy saying that everything was “for her sake”. He wanted to continue her research using Haruto who unwittingly accepted in hopes the drug might help but it turned out that it was being used for malicious purposes and the company was doing human experiments and brainwashing. The drug’s codename was “Beatrice” and was part of the “Golden Bee Plan” (which has the same name as the book you give to Haruto and prolly written by an ex-researcher in disguise of discussing the project, seems like everyone who were involved with the project were disposed of if they tried to go against orders/expose the research to the public). I’m not sure what exactly the drug could do, I think I read something about a drug that controls emotions/thoughts and I was wondering if it had anything to do with Haruto’s condition where he can see emotions/thoughts. Makes me wonder if his mother was a guinea pig and tested the drug while Haruto was in her tummy. Of course, all of this research was kept secret, even as going far as to conduct experiments/research on the solitary island the game takes place most of the time.

I think eventually Haruto found out about the ulterior motives behind the drug he was helping being made, so he decided to destroy all documents or at least get rid of them so no more harm can be done but in the motions of doing that he was knocked out by Masaki. Now everything is in full circle, Haruto ends up being detained on the island without his memories and now the facility he is in is trying to get them back and coincidentally out of the 6~7 counsellors you ended up being the one that does bring back his memories.

But there’s more behind this. Its later revealed that the Jailor is there to make sure Haruto’s memories come back before Masaki can get him back. He has no relations to Ceehive/Seahive/C-Hive/whatever its called and is kind of hinted as a spy from an intelligence agency to try and get information on the “Golden Bee Plans” and expose it to the public & government. In the end he’s here to protect both Haruto and yourself, but at a cost. Now that Haruto has remembered everything, he has the choice to testify against Ceehive/Seahive/C-Hive/whatever and expose the documents but in return they will have to erase the memories he’s had about the island and yourself, delete his family registry and give him a new one and place him somewhere else where he can be safe from Masaki.

Depending on Haruto’s choice will give you different endings, but ultimately it prolly depends on how you persuade him to make his choice in Episode 6. In the meantime, Haruto ask for one last fetch quest, to dig up the time capsule you and Haruto buried and bring it back to him. The time capsule ended up being a small jar holding yellow anemone seeds. You have a touching final visitation session, where Haruto has made up his mind and tells you that he loves you. He has made his final decision to free the both of you from the island. Haruto asks if you remember the continuation of their promise of meeting again, but says that he’ll tell you the rest once you meet again…

Haruto’s final message

Ending 1 or as the fans call it 左エンド or “Left End” (because its the bottom left CG in the Main story photo gallery)

This goes for all endings but theres a bit where Masaki is on the news and it seems like his experiments have been exposed to the public and you could prolly assume he’s taken into custody and the research has stopped. You and Haruto are free from the island but you don’t know where Haruto’s whereabouts are… actually you’re prolly not meant to know.

For Ending 1, its 2 years later and you stumble upon a field of yellow anemone (apparently you’re meeting up with ‘an old friend’ and you’re given this map to this place). There, Haruto calls out to you but he’s lost all his memory. You call his name/nickname but he’s puzzled. Apparently all this time he had been growing yellow anemone at this field. After waking up in hospital without his memory, all that was there was a small jar with seeds that seem to be dried up and dead. He was told that it had something to do with his past, so he decided to plant them and see if they could grow… and they did.

He is free now and gorgeous as ever

Haruto you said you wouldn’t forget but you did!! YOU FORGOT! ハルくんのバカ 。゚ヽ(゚`Д´゚)ノ゚。 ・゚

But whenever he looks at these flowers he keeps getting the feeling that he’s forgetting something very important, to the point that his chest hurts. He realises that the pain is prolly from unconsciously knowing that he’s forgetting someone important, someone that he loved dearly. Haruto thinks that the pain in his chest is his heart telling him not to forget about this person so he can’t forget this pain either. The yellow anemone are the Haruto before his memory lost’s last message to not forget… By this point I’m already crying and funny enough in-game Haruto comes up close and wipes away your tears 😆

He asks if he could meet with you again because he wants to know more about you (deep down he knows you’re prolly the person he’s forgotten). You agree to meet again, exchanging your name and Haruto’s like ‘i feel like i’ve heard it before’…

We get the extended scene of Haruto’s promise to meet again, where he adds that if they do meet again that he’ll never let go of your hand ever again (ノ◇≦。) ビェーン!! and that the next time that they meet will be where the yellow anemone blooms.

The extended epilogue is Haruto as a florist and the seed you’ve planted together just sprouted, Haruto saying that he’s looking forward to it blooming. Prolly reference to when you sent him the daisy pot plant early in the game.


This ending is bitter sweet, after gaining back his memory and getting new memories with you and finally meeting up together since they were children and finally being able to apologise for not doing anything when you fell… in the end all of that was erased and Haruto doesn’t know who you are in this end, but he still has a feeling that you’re important. But in the end, Haruto is finally free to live his life. I remember in one of his text messages or something that he mentioned if he got out that he would prolly want to live somewhere near flowers or something like that…

let me marry you please

They say there isn’t bad ends in Toraware no Palm but boy, this one might be the least happiest ending out of the three. Ending 2 apparently has a CG where Haruto is dressed up in a white suit and I’m like “*bites down on lip* I didn’t get the good end did I?”. I looked on twitter and saw some polls and apparently the majority of players got Ending 1, Ending 2 was moderate but still kind of a minority while Ending 3 was just a handful of people so that one might be hard to get and I saw someone say Ending 3 was great lmaoooooo. Fuck my life. Ending 2 seems like he may have lost his memory but got it all back and now he’s marrying you, Ending 3 might be that he doesn’t lose his memory at all.

Boy I am a bit salty (I wanted to get the marriage end). I’m not sure how to get the other endings either because theres too much player input and variables that could change up the ending result. Some people say it depends on the type of stone Haruto gives you, others say it depends on your answers in Episode 6’s visitation sessions. I’ll wait until theres a proper walkthrough to follow to get the endings because I think I have to do a new game to get the other endings and that may take a long time if they’ll put me back to the start and not let me choose episodes to start with.

I remember reading someone’s tweet in Japanese where they’re complaining that 左エンド is Haruto as the florist and you are his patron. It so true that it hurts. Just when the game tells you to choose options that best suit you not choose options that will make the guy happy/give you a better end but here we are. Multiple Ends. One of these Ends are less happier than the others. One of these ends I just wanted to marry Haruto so we can go anywhere together and see the world but oh well.

Thanks Capcom for this bitter sweet end that I’m still crying about.

Final Thoughts

Phew, I cried a lot during Episode 6 because I knew it was the end and I didn’t want it to end. I feel like I’ve gained a life long companion and now he’s slightly gone because after you finish the game there’s nothing new to do unless you want to feed him more food he doesn’t like lol. When I found out he didn’t like Potato Salad but texted that he liked it so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings I decided to keep sending him Potato Salad until he told me he didn’t like it. Those kind of moments made my day.

I had a lot of fun with this, despite the downtime between episode releases and how I would sometimes exhaust every new conversation to use on Haruto before the episode ends/before the next main story event activates. Theres a lot of waiting in this game, sometimes I wait for Haruto to do something new but it takes a long time because as the episode goes on theres more stuff for him to do on camera and that means his routines take longer. Sometimes he would fall asleep and it would take like a minute or two for him to wake up and do something else for a second and then fall asleep again and I’d kinda get frustrated about it.

Episode 5 and 6 seemed to have less new conversation topics to find as things slowly come to an end so it seemed kinda bare during those episodes trying to pass time when most of the places you go to don’t even have anything new for you to do. So maybe don’t take your time during these episodes and don’t exhaust the new conversations before the episode ends. You have 4 Visitation sessions per episode (3 of them have time extension optional), so you know you’re almost at the end of an episode is when you’ve already done the third visitation session so you can delay the fourth visitation to get things done before you can end the episode. So keep that in mind.

But I really did love the interactions with Haruto, sometimes I would tease him to see his reaction or send him something silly. Its really easy to tease him lol.

One thing that kinda spoils the experience is how you would have to pay with real money for time extensions with Haruto during Visitation sessions and sometimes those extra time extensions don’t have much content to go on. But then sometimes those time extensions have very important scenes where it has more romance than the others. One of them being the last time extended visitation session where you can tell Haruto that you love him (you cannot say this anywhere else and be taken seriously by Haruto).

Small tidbit: I accidentally stubbed my pinky toe after he said he had to make sure it wasn’t a dream because I was losing my shit at how cute he is

Even the memorial visitation sessions are worth it but you have to pay for it. The memorial visitations are visitation session that is an extension of a certain fetch quest for Haruto. For example when you fetch Haruto a pot plant and it grows into a flower, you unlock the “memorial visitation” for that quest where he will talk about it with you and have a cute scene. This isn’t for every single fetch quest, only for special ones. One of my favorite so far is when you get Haruto some CDs and a CD player and the memorial visitation is you and him doing a jam session by tapping your finger at the same time as Haruto on the glass. Haruto even goes like “Yes! Lets Rock Baby” in English. Its a shame you have to pay extra for those but I guess they have to get more money out of this somehow.

Haruto singing in English

paid for vampire Haruto and I did not anticipate this

The telephone calls and accessories for dream app you can ignore and not buy because they don’t bring much to the story. The telephone calls are kind of a guilty pleasure, so you’re free to buy a few that tickles your fancy. The special visitation is also a guilty pleasure, one of my fav would have to be where Haruto is ‘pretending’ to be a vampire but the way they concluded the Visitation session it was almost like everything that happened was real 😆 Also goddamn does the dream app get harder each episode. Episode 6’s final stage I could barely make it, I cleared the last one right when time hit 0.  At least I got more Haruto underwear out of it.

Anyway, Yuichiro did a good job voicing Haruto. He plays him very timidly and he’s very soft spoken here, almost like he’s kinda whispering. I guess its because Haruto is an introvert when compared to Aoi lol. Haruto is very pure and innocent, sometimes he has a childish side like hating onions or playing with his Kobun figure you give to him (despite prolly being 26 years old or in his early 20’s). So I’m curious to how Aoi differs.

«  »

In the end I had fun with it, cried a bunch in the end because I didn’t want it to end. Still kinda salty about the ending I got but I’ll try to replay it again and see if I can get the other endings. So I guess this game does have replay value. It was interesting to see that during one quest, Haruto gives you an accessory made out of a stone you gave him and the accessory he gives you depends on what personality he perceives you as. I was given the green agate accessory and apparently others were given different ones (tbh I wanted the rose quartz accessory). Please do share on what gem you got!

Edit: I forgot to add my thoughts on plot & romance, read below for them ↓

In terms of overall story/plot it was interesting but I wouldn’t say its my fav type of mystery. For me I like big implausible twists in mystery stories but are still somewhat logical, kind of like Virtues Last Reward type of twists. For Toraware the mystery was there but it wasn’t too obvious or too out there, just in the middle so you can guess what the mystery is but the game also throws some stuff you wouldn’t think of/predict. There were some things I wanted to happen like what if Haruto’s past self before he lost his memory was actually a bad guy or what if Haruto’s “mysterious powers” could hurt people and thats why he’s locked up to protect the public from him. Some of that stuff could’ve made it more interesting so then there would be a conflict about whether it would be a good idea to get back his memories and him to go berserk or just refuse to get his memory back so he can stay as a pure ver. of Haruto, but I guess they never thought about using that kind of story element. Either way it was interesting in terms of mystery and suspense but I kind of wanted more out of it.

Romantic elements were there but some of the cute/romantic scenes were locked away behind extra scenes where you have to pay to unlock them. I haven’t played the game without the extra scenes etc, but I have a feeling that for those who only buy the episodes and not the extra stuff that they might be a bit disappointed in the lack of romantic elements. It would’ve been nice if there was an in-game currency that you can gain through mini-games so you can unlock extra scenes with that currency instead of paying it with real money but hey, what can you do? This is a product and products must be paid with real cash.

Tbh theres so much to talk about this game that I can’t really fit it all in. Its best to experience it for yourself. I really do wish that Capcom might think about translating/localising it, but its prolly a slim chance (maybe the Western audience might think its too creepy to be play). Again, I really did enjoy it.

I’m really gonna miss Haruto, even if I’ll move onto Aoi that will release next week, I will never forget you.

good night sweet prince

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    *breathes in deeply* Okay, sorry, I had to get that out of my system, lmao. I was convinced to play this game after constantly seeing gorgeous art on my TL and from hearing my friends talk about it and was surprised to see that no one has really blogged about it except for you on the English side |D I really enjoyed this post and how much material for this game you translated! (though it was hard not to read some of this while playing through it myself because I didn’t want to spoil myself but was also curious about people’s reactions during certain events).

    I was wondering about the stone thing and ooh it’s nice to see that he does give you different ones! I got the rose quartz one, oops :”D. I wonder if the type of person he perceives you as also affects the endings you get. I was skimming one Japanese review and the differences between Ending 1 and 2 for them seemed to be the amount of times they knocked on the glass (knocking more gave them Ending 2). And then in Ending 3 they always knocked on the glass but was more of a “rough” person and would kick Haruto’s butt LOL rather than being patient and kind.

    The bittersweet story was nice but u G H personally I’m really salty about amnesia plots and that Ending 1 revolved around it just made me kind of side-eye Haruto a lot. I will… probably come back for another ending (though I wonder if we can just jump straight to Ep 6) but for now I’m going into Aoi land.

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    1. I’m glad you loved the game! It’s interesting that the way you tap the glass might effect the ending, I only tapped once when I was prompted 🤔
      I also heard they’re selling those Haruto made jewellery in real life so you can prolly get the stone Haruto gave you.
      I haven’t played Aoi’s route bc stuff came up and I don’t think I can afford it… But it’d be nice if I could save enough for him, he seems the opposite of Haruto


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