[Goods] Spotlight – Haruto Body Pillow (Toraware no Palm)

Capcom has announced a Haruto Body Pillow Cover! If you haven’t seen a demonstration of it on the Capcom Stage at the Tokyo Game Show, then check it out on this video. The body pillow covers are illustrated beautifully by Chisato Mita, the character designer and illustrator for Toraware no Palm, and has two separate “top” and “bottom” covers and a cover that goes underneath that is a special illustration where Haruto is wearing nothing but his undies ;^)

It’ll be sold only at Capcom’s online shop and is expected to release in December 2016.

+ All images in this post are originally from the online shop

3 Covers in Total:

1) Underneath cover w/ special illustration

2) Top Cover

3) Bottom Cover


        > 1) 180cm x 50cm

        > 2) 84cm x 50 cm

        > 3) 106cm x 50cm

Material: Microfiber


With this body pillow you can originally have Cover 2&3 on top at all times or you vary it to make it look like Haruto isn’t wearing pants but still wearing his top garments 😆 Its up to you. Its interesting that the cover itself is 180cm tall, considering Haruto is 178cm tall so its almost like you’re actually hugging Haruto.

The 180cm Cover with Haruto in his underwear has a zipper on the end. Also when you’re purchasing this, you’re only purchasing the covers so the pillow itself is sold separately. I only have a 150cm body pillow so if I did buy this I’d have to get a new pillow… As you’ve noticed, Haruto’s underwear is the one from in-game and is also the collab underwear from BETONES. It’s kinda strange that they’re keeping his face a secret in the 180cm cover seeing that they do show it off at Tokyo Game Show but oh well lol.

Preorders started at 4th October and will end at 31st October 10:00 AM (Japan Time). However yesterday they kept selling out and saying theres no more stock left, the same says so today so I’m not sure if they’re accept anymore preorders… Capcom, listen closely. Don’t underestimate a girl/woman’s need for a Haruto Body Pillow Cover. Now its sold out in under 24 hours of starting preorders. Just when I was starting to think for getting one myself because it releases near my birthday.

The covers costs 25,000 Yen (price has tax included). I’m not quite sure if Capcom’s online shop accepts foreign credit cards or ships internationally, so maybe if you want to purchase, it would be better to purchase through a proxy service that will do it for you for a fee. That is, if theres still any stock left to be preordered (Come on Capcom, restock or something).

Still not sure if I would like to buy one (if theres stock) but if I do I know I’ll be heavily judged by everyone around me haha.

Thank you for reading as always!

* Edit: They will start accepting orders again on 12th October from 7pm (Japan Time), lets hope this time their servers can handle all those orders

*Note: They are no longer accepting orders, even though the preorder period ends at 31st of October they’ve decided to stop accepting orders. Which is funny because on the 12th October when they started accepting orders again, about 4 hours later it was unavailable to order (I forgot and checked the website too late). Sighs. If only they allowed more orders.


Shopping Links:

Haruto Body Pillow Cover

Release Date: December 2016

¥ 25,000 (including tax)

Capcom Store

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