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[Monthly Overview] October 2016 Releases


Memoria of a circle – 28th October – A’sRing

*R18 PC Game

PS Vita

PsychicEmotion6 – 6th October – otomate

Norn+Nornette Act Tune – 6th October – otomate

Suran digit – 20th October – otomate


October is here which means its Halloween time for the whole entire month lol. We don’t really celebrate it hardcore like in America but its always fun to experience the spooky atmosphere of the days leading up to Halloween from seeing Halloween themed fanart and stuff 😆

Anyway, not a lot of games this month as expected as the year winds down. Actually DYNAMIC CHORD feat. apple polisher was supposed to be released this month I think but was delayed by next month. Either way, gotta beef up the months seeing that theres not a lot more games left to release this year.

One thing I regret not buying this month is prolly Suran Digit, its interesting in terms of the group dynamics and hierarchy thats going on. Plus the heroine is relatable in terms of she likes to sleep lmao. But considering I have a mountain of games to be finished I may as well save up for next year’s games (like KLAP fandisk).

I hope I can put a lot of posts this month considering last month was pretty barren. Maybe Halloween themed posts? I dunno, I’m not sure if I have spooky things to post about. I hope I can get the chance to draw something special for Halloween because its kind of one of my fav yearly festivities. I feel like I might do some review this month, but I can’t guarantee because I’m a lazy asshole.

As always thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] October 2016 Releases”

  1. this month i have suran and magic kyun coming…. i kinda have to take it really slow… or else i have no games to play at the 6 weeks break… you know the longest break ;w;
    i as planning on getting norn9 FD but then again it wasn’t that interesting so meh.
    i hope wof r2 comes out this year, since there’s really not much games left for me until next year another big pile of games will drown me.
    got to work hard for it QAQ

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    1. Yeah I was never interested in norn9 either, also don’t they have another FD or something. I can’t remember lol.
      I think Code:Realize FD comes out this year too. Not sure if I’ll buy it seeing that I haven’t finished the first yet. I still have a huge mountain of games to play so I got the big summer break covered 😂
      Anyway good luck and work hard!!

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      1. talking about backlog i’ve got corda 4 and maji4 to finish… i think corda4 will last me a while so i will finish that this or next month and leave magic kyun and suran for holidays >v0
        thx! good luck to you too for finishing that long backlog of urs www

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