[Game Diary] あんスタ- Ensemble Stars | September 《#17》

Mini Enstars News

Unit CD 2nd Volume

The second volume of Unit CDs’ sample songs are here. So far we have UNDEAD and 2wink’s samples, whose CDs will release this month. Tho for some, the videos may be blocked because of your region/country (if you’re from Australia like me, then these videos may be blocked). THANKS FRONTIERWORKS. Because of this region locking, people have reuploaded parts of the videos on twitter, so if you’re dying to see the samples because you’re blocked my best advice is to search for it on twitter.

The album covers for Knights and Akatsuki look pretty cool and by that I mean god is it beautiful. They really stepped up their game with these second volume albums.

Monthly Broadcast “Ensemble Studio” September Edition feat. Kuro’s, Mika’s and Sora’s Voice Actors

If you haven’t been in the loop, the monthly broadcast that is “Ensemble Studio” is hosted by Leo’s voice actor and has other character voice actors as guests (varying each month). Theres different segments such as the introductions batsu game where the voice actors have to introduce their characters based on the random prompts they get (e.g introducing a character in English) and Leo’s voice actor decides whether its good enough or whether they have to take the punishment, which differs from time to time. The running gag is this weird tea they make the voice actors drink as a punishment, I kind of dub it “pee tea” because it looks suspiciously yellow and whenever the actors drink it they gag and go “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU MAKE ME DRINK??” 😆 Spoiler: almost every time Leo’s voice actor gives everyone a batsu no matter what lol and every broadcast everyone has to drink the pee tea.

Sometimes they introduce new stuff like new characters on these broadcasts, sometimes new merch and stuff. This broadcast they announce the second running of Enstars Stage Play, this time all members of Fine and Ryuseitai will appear (sadly it seems like Hajime will be the only ra*bits member on stage so far).

Anyway its always great to see Kuro’s voice actor, what a babe 😆 Mika’s voice actor is pretty cool too and Sora’s voice actor is cute, applause to Sora’s voice actor for making up a song on the spot to introduce his character.

2million Download Celebration


To celebrate 2 million downloads, we get a special gacha where we can only pay 145 diamonds to get a guaranteed 4* or up of your chosen idol boy (you do a 10 scout so you’ll get 9 other random cards). At first it was only for your first try but later they gave us 150 diamonds aka a free scout and made it so we can do two tries of the guaranteed bonus.

choose your best boy for a guaranteed 4* or higher

There was also a campaign where they gave away items and diamonds for 7 days as part of celebration. The campaign will go for until 13th of October. The gifts are as followed:

  • 20 diamonds
  • 3 story keys
  • 2 bottles
  • 5 konpeito

Of course our cheery friend Keito will greet us on the screen during this campaign.


Birthday Corner

Happy Birthday to Chiaki (18th September) and Ritsu (22nd September)!


15th September ~ 25th September


Fight! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival 2 is the sequel to last year’s sports festival except this time its focusing on the tea club (Ritsu, Eichi, Hajime), tennis club (Nazuna, Izumi, Tori, Makoto) and ninja club (which only consists of Shinobu). This story was written by Yoshino Yuki.

Ah how nostalgic, I covered sports festival last year as my first few diary entries for Enstars. Still this event is kinda like a filler where nothing big happens and its just there for a breather episode lol.

Eichi appoints Ritsu and Hajime as cheerleaders for white team and red team respectively (Anzu gets to make the outfits I think). Because this is another side to the sports festival, we get to see what the others are doing during last years sports festival. Sadly we don’t get to see a lot of Anzu’s limbs in this event like they did last year where we saw her torso… ngl I miss her limbs its like proof that shes there or something.

Anyway we see Nazunya throwing beanbags into a basket but accidentally gets hit by a stray bean bag from Tori who is really sorry about. Eichi gets into the festivities and participates in the beanbag event which he apparently read about in a pamphlet or something when he was in bed, so it seems like he was looking forward to the sports festival.

We see the borrowing race where they are given prompts of items they have to borrow and run with in a race, Ritsu got the parasol prompt where he had to borrow his Oniichan’s and tried to avoid an awkward interaction with Rei (but it ends up being pretty awkward, I would’ve loved it if Ritsu just grabbed the parasol out of Rei’s hands without saying anything and just ran with it). Mao and Izumi both got the glasses prompt, which got Izumi excited at the idea of prolly dragging Makoto through the race but alas Mao was faster to Makoto than Izumi and he had to borrow Keito’s in the end. Of course Keito was blind as a bat without them that he had to sit down and wait for Izumi to come back with his glasses.

bringing back that event tradition

I don’t know why Makoto is carrying two pairs of glasses in his card, like even in the story he suddenly had his glasses back on when Mao took them from him but then disappeared again once Izumi came on the scene like whats going on.

There was an obstacle course with Hajime and Shinobu, Hajime not going so well and getting his hair tangled up in the netting or something and as you can see Shinobu got 1st place in his card. I guess that ninja training worked out well (I bet he watches “Sasuke” that obstacle course show lol).

Later Hajime and Ritsu do their cheerleading bit while Ritsu is in the comfort of his chair and shade. Nazunya becomes a commentator/announcer for a rely at some point of the event.


As the event wraps up it seems like Eichi had to take a rest from the excitement of throwing beanbags for the whole of the sports festival (or at least thats what I think). Izumi tsunderely offers to help out Anzu with clean up and everyone pitches in.

Event Cards:

Not going balls deep in this event, just deep enough to get enough resources for my revival event. I haven’t made much progress with that and my time is almost up with the revival event so I’m gonna have to spend everything I’ve got to get some good cards.

I hope next event will be chill because I’m sitting on a bunch of resources right now and I need them for revival. But one thing I’m hoping for is a Mitsuru Gacha because he is long due for one since the start of the goddamn game. Come the fuck on Happy Elements, give my boy a gacha.

14th September ~ 29th September


Scout! 1001 Nights is an UNDEAD gacha where they are given idol work to do a radio show but everyone is worried about how Adonis is not good at talking. Story is written by Akira, so you know its gonna be deep.

Basically this is the gacha story where we get deep backstory on Adonis. Like the whole story is leading up to the part where Adonis talks about his past. But first off lets take a run down of what happened in the first bit.

UNDEAD are having a little underground live as extra idol work, Kaoru gives Adonis tips because Adonis is a lil conscious about how fans see him like a bit scary etc and that it might ruin UNDEAD’s reputation online if fans badmouth about them or something along the lines of that (I might not be correct). Kaoru is like, yo try to copy my signature smile and Adonis is like *forces a smile* “like this?” and Kaoru responds “cute, but a little awkward”. Damn right Adonis is cute, look at him.

2016-09-14 16.37.21.png

They do their side job of a radio show, Kaoru hasn’t showed up so its just the three of them in the school’s broadcasting room (the broadcasting committee is too busy so its just them and Anzu trying to figure out how to work it). Rei is sleeping, Adonis is freaking out because he’s too nervous and unsure what to do and Koga is being his almighty self on air and hardly keeping things together. Meanwhile in the library or some place similar to a library, Nazuna helps Kaoru research on Universities. Apparently Kaoru is making a plan just in case he wants to live a normal life and not be an idol and that makes me so… kinda sad but relatable. I know that feeling of thinking of the possibility of my dream failing and having to think up of a backup plan.

Eventually Kaoru drops in before the broadcast can really go down the shitter and saves everything by calming down/distracting Adonis from the thought of having to talk on air and get him to talk as if he was conversing amongst comrades. Rei eventually woke up, that old grandpa. Kaoru got Adonis to open up on air and talk about his backstory. Let me tell you this is gonna get deep so I recommend you reading a full translation of this gacha so you can get accurate info.

So the things I’ve learnt from this gacha story is that:

  • Adonis’ homeland is located somewhere in Arabian Pennisula, as its own small country
    • Adonis’ father is the country’s “boss” or something (the way he says it almost seems like Akira-sensei is hinting that his father is the king of the small country, but thats just a theory its not true yet)
    • Rei studied in Adonis’ homeland in a school funded by Adonis’ father, there he learnt about idols in Japan
      • This prolly means that Rei and Adonis met before UNDEAD was formed I think
    • Adonis, his mother and his sisters had to evacuate from his country to Japan as conflict around them started to get too dangerous
      • His father had to stay behind because of his position
  • Adonis’ mother is part of the orchestra, she once toured in Adonis’ father’s country and thats how they met
    • Apparently his father loves his mother more than anything in the entire universe, even if they’re apart
    • His mother would sometimes travel to perform, sing and dance to the world, even those who have had misfortune such as those who lost their homes and those who are living in oppressed areas
      • You could say Adonis looks up to his mother because he wants to be just like her, making people smile even for a moment in their troubling times
  • Adonis wants to become an idol because he believes that music is a language that is known all around the world, so theres no language barriers
    • He says how hes a bit clumsy and bad at talking but he knows that its the only way for him to communicate his feelings through dance and song and that he wants to deliver a song of happiness
    • He wants to see his dream through, his dream of having everyone smile and be happy, maybe even world peace so no one has to suffer
  • The way he talks about the conflict and the children involved in it seems like he’s either seen it first hand or something (or maybe thats just me)


I’m sure theres more that I’m missing out but yeah. I really loved that Akira-sensei dropped all this info on Adonis’ backstory, it makes me appreciate Adonis more and more reason to protect him lol. I also love how Akira-sensei dropped this too at the epilogue:

For those who are not familiar to this saying “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?”, its kinda like an old phrase of expression one’s feelings. It originated from Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki (something Rei references to Adonis) from the Meiji Era, back when there wasn’t a proper way to say “I love you”. Of course, Adonis meant it literally and he isn’t familiar with the saying but Anzu still kinda freaked out when she heard it so suddenly lmao. The last CG of Kaoru laughing with his UNDEAD bros was really precious because it seems like a genuine smile, like he’s enjoying his time with other guys. Anyway thats my take away from that scene.

I really loved this gacha story, prolly really up there with Gunman Kaoru, White Day Event and Police Adonis Gacha. I guess its because it has my main boys in it but either way it was a real treat to learn more about Adonis. So thank you Akira-sensei.

As always, thank you for reading!

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