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[Unboxing + Quick look at] CollarxMalice

CollarxMalice Limited Edition

(Better photo quality prolly because of the lighting lol)

I received my copy about 3 days ago but was busy with assignments but in the end I just gave up so here we are! I bought my limited edition at CDJapan so theres nothing special about this unboxing except for the usual bonus pictures CDJapan gives you, and because of that I’ll also be doing a “Quick look at”. Just a reminder, “quick look at” posts are me giving impressions on a game after playing it for 2 hours or so.

Purchasing at CDJapan gives you two bonus pictures of Kageyuki and Takeru. Preordering it gives you a bonus CD and you get another bonus CD with your limited box along with a small booklet and of course the game.

The small booklet has character profiles, promotional images and other things like the X-Days Countdown summaries that you should read up on (if you can, theres a bunch of kanji there lol). Its not necessarily spoilers, it helps you understand the backstory of the incidents that leads up to the start of CollarxMalice.

Quick Review


First thing I’d like to address is that you know how I said that the X-Days Countdown summaries has a lot of kanji… well so does the game 😆 When they provide glossary definitions of certain words I don’t recognise and I look at the glossary entry, all I see is unknown kanji and I’m like yep, this will be one hell of a ride. Most of the kanji that stumps me is for technical terms I’ve never heard/read about. Not sure if this is a good game for beginners at Japanese but most of the time I just try to guess what kanji I’m looking at.

Anyway, the aesthetic and style of the game are on point, all artistic elements meld together so nothing looks out of place. I’ve come across a few otome games where the GUI seems out of place to the style of the art and atmosphere so its nice to see all elements such as backgrounds, sprites and GUI are brought together almost seamlessly. I prolly sound like an asshole talking about this, but I guess I’m just easily impressed by its style.

Mm that aesthetic

In 2 hours I limited myself to, I was still in the common route. I had to play one hour more or so to get into a route so I’ll say its not too short and not too long. All the time I was playing it I was unsure if my choices were affecting anything and somehow wounded up in my main man Mineo’s route (I trusted my otome game instincts to get me there). I think one of the first choices in the game ends in either continuous of the story or a dead end. So I have a feeling there may be a few bad ends by bad choices ahead of me. One thing that was interesting was that they didn’t have a tutorial message on how to use the trigger system, luckily beforehand I read the manual to see that you have to hit the ○ button at the right time 😆

So far I have a few guys on my suspect list. Why should I have a suspect list? Well because by showing the antagonist group’s faces on the website, you get this feeling that there might be another person behind the shadows controlling things, a character you might not suspect at first. So I’m keeping an eye out for that, tho I have a strong feeling it might be cut down to these two people I’ve been suspicious about. Who knows, I may be wrong about there being another person behind the scenes.

Funny thing is that when they were recapping X-Days incidents and you hear the distorted voices of the Adonis members, one of them was clearly Toriumi. Like even with the distorted voice I can clearly hear Toriumi’s mannerisms in his voice. Like I can smell Toriumi coming from the PS Vita speakers, its that obvious (prolly a weird way of saying it, I’m sorry). Others are less obvious because of the intensity in the distortion. Tho its getting distracting trying to decipher who is who when listening to the distorted voices, sometimes I miss out on story bits because I’m too focused on hearing certain mannerisms in the voices. Anyway, thats my problem that I’ll have to deal with.

One thing that I’ve been mulling over is how the story could’ve started when the heroine was found in the church and then we have a short recap of what happened before this incident happened, kind of like in medias res. I felt like it may have needed a more exciting beginning but then again the prologue video of recapping what these incidents are was needed so who knows. I’m prolly wrong but thats how I feel.

I would like to continue playing it to get deep into the mystery and to get to know Mineo more so I’ll be looking forward to playing more. Until then.

Thanks for reading as always!


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