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[Unboxing] 7’scarlet

Originally this came to my house on the 8th of August but because I was away at uni I had to pick it up the next day and I didn’t have time to do a post so here we are 😂 typing the intro of this at uni.

I mentioned 8th of August because it’s an important date for this game.8/8 is the date for the secret live performance by Super A-TO, in the game, so I think this must mean a good omen that it arrived at my house on 8/8….. Maybe? 😂 everything in this game is a mystery so I want to go into it spoiler free.

Anyway let’s unbox this mystery.

I didn’t buy the limited edition tho i kinda wish I did (I’m weak to those bonus small booklets). But if I did then it would cost me a lot of dollary doos when accompanied by this ami-hime SP set. So in the end I got a regular edition ami-hime SP set, which I wish some sets could do often like give ppl the chance to buy cheaper sets without having to put out more for limited edition as well.

Anyway I’m liking this trend of otomate giving amiami gr8 special sets similar with animate and stellaworth. I usually see amiami get either mousepad store bonuses or tote bag bonuses so its nice to see some keyrings and badges are thrown in too (esp. with 7’scarlet cat themed chara badges/keyrings). So thank you amiami. Also thanks for having different sets, like I could’ve gone with the cheaper ami-hime set that just had the badges but I went for the big one 😆 The limited edition ami-hime set is the same price as the regular edition ami-hime SP set, so if I wanted the limited one I could’ve settled for the cheaper one but oh well.

The ami-hime SP set includes tin badges, keyrings and a tote bag. Preordering also gets you a bonus drama CD with all the guys. I’m not sure what the theme of the drama CD is however so I guess it’ll be a surprise when I listen to it.

2016-08-09 18.17.05
worth every penny just to have them as cats

The badges are big but not too big, they’re about as big as my hash+tag UNDEAD badges. The keyrings are really cute, small enough to fit in my big yaoi hands. Tho like all bonus keyrings I get I’m like “where am I gonna put all these??”. I guess I’ll purchase a chain or something and clip them onto it and hang it on a wall as decoration or something.

2016-08-09 18.41.13
with these yaoi hands of mine i will protect you, small cat Toa

I would like to do a quick look with this game so this post won’t be too short but because I’m busy with uni work and I’m still playing Kenka Banchou Otome, I’m gonna have to hold out on playing it for now.

Other than that I’m hearing good things about this game. It got gold from Famitsu so thats good I think (sometimes they’ve been wrong in the past). The mystery and slight horror/spooky things happening has got me intrigued so I look forward to the day I get to play it!

The ami-hime sets as well as regular purchases without sets are still available for purchase in amiami. I’m surprised they’re not sold out yet but then again there hasn’t been a lot of people talking about 7’scarlet. The good thing about amiami is that they can ship internationally so please keep up these good sets. The Beast and Princess ami-hime sets look cute as well so hopefully I’ll get that too.

Hopefully I can get some posts done in these following weeks, but for now I gotta study.

As always thank you for reading!


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    1. Im glad to hear its very good! It seems to be one of those games that seem to be easy to pass on without looking into what it has to offer. I was about to pass it off but then I looked into the stuff and its opening/play movies and was like “hey this is actually interesting”.
      I hope more ppl can get behind it.

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      1. Like I heard they didn’t say they’ll choose just one to localise so if there’s a lot of noise about kenka banchou otome then it’ll prolly will get localised but it helps even more to have it high up in the poll! I’ll ask some friends to help vote too.

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