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[Monthly Overview] August Releases 2016


Tsumi Kui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ – 19th August – Operetta

Blackish House Side A – 26th August – honeybee black

PS Vita

CollarxMalice – 18th August – otomate

Beast and Princess – 25th August – otomate

Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon – 25th August – MAGES.

Ouma ga Toki ~Kakuriyo no Fuchi~ – 25th August – eXtend


Ah yes, August the month where games are delayed to the next month and delayed games from the past come to release. PsychicEmotion and that Marie Antoinette game have been delayed, but luckily previously delayed games fill in their spots so this month isn’t too empty.

First of all, sorry for being inactive last month. Last Enstar event kept me pretty busy and I was figuring out what to do with my magazine posts and in the end I didn’t do much. I’m sorry 😆 Good news is I’ve made progress playing Kenka Banchou Otome, nice. Bad news (kinda bad) I’m back to studying so maybe less working on this blog, who knows.

Anyway, Tsumi Kui had been delayed last month, to my surprise. So hopefully this will be the last delay because I’d like to see this release (tho take your time). Surprisingly Blackish House Side A was delayed and I didn’t even know. It was supposed to release back in June, I think, so I was surprised to see it as August’s lineup. Tho I’m still not gonna buy it, even for one route. CollarxMalice was delayed to August too, hopefully it was to iron out some bugs and stuff. Better to have a well performing game than a bug filled game. Tho who knows why it was delayed.

As for the other new games, “Meiji Tokyo Renka” seems to be getting a PS Vita port (tho for some reason I had a feeling it was already available on the vita lol), considering it was well received in Dengeki Girl’s Style 2015 Otome Award polls I’m guessing ppl will appreciate it in higher resolution on the Vita, now that the PSP is dead. I’m looking forward to the release of Beast and Princess because I never had the chance to play the first games of the series, plus Wataru Hatano is voicing a kind hearted bear guy so ya sold me there.

As for eXtend’s new and first game, I’ll have to hold out on it for now. I like the scenario and the characters seem interesting tho I have a huge backlog and I’m more interested in their other game they have in development, “Side Kicks!“. I don’t know much so far but the theme and the way cutscenes are shown in the trailer really get me pumped up. I’m sorry but I’m a sucker for 3D models especially when their textures look like water paint (?), I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been seeing that style a lot lately and it speaks to me on an aesthetic level lol. Seems like they’re going for a hero theme and it takes place in California, America in a fictional town called “Sakrada” (tho pronounced Sakurada), which makes me think of Big Hero 6’s “San Fransokyo”.

If only the CGs were animated… That’s my dream, to have otome games with animated CGs because I’ve seen some galge do that so why not have otome games go down that route. Tho I really hope they have 3D mini-cutscenes like with Scared Rider Xechs and their short 2D animated cutscenes. Either way I’m keeping an eye on it. Hopefully it’ll be gr8.

Thats my monthly round up. Next month seems to have more games that I have my eyes on, esp parade‘s new game “Room No.9[Link NSFW] (parade being the company who brought us No, Thank You!!!) which looks interesting but twisted and kinda angsty. Will I buy it? Hmmm, we’ll see.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] August Releases 2016”

    1. im thinking of getting collarxmalice and beast and princess, tho i havent placed an order yet (might get amiami set for beast and princess if its available?).
      i already ordered tsumikui in hopes itll release last month so hopefully that will come this month lol

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      1. Like I did an amiami set with 7’scarlet so I’ll be getting those badges/keychains and the tote bag and now I’m gonna do the same with beast and princess. So ya can’t have too many tote bags lol.

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      2. yeah, but i like the bags… i need a lot of bags coz of a lot of reasons. XD
        i love the keychains of moujuutachi it’s SOOOOO cute, i like the badges of cxm so i got it as well… :w:
        wonder if i will ever have enough money for other games ;w;

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      3. I’m sure its worth it (I need bags too lol). You could always buy games after their release date for cheaper if you’re short on cash. Like thats what I plan to do for lower priority games so I can save money.

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