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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | July《#16》

Merch Spotlight

We got normal and big omanju and now we have chibi omanju (about 10mm smaller in height and width). Is this really necessary? prolly, yes. The smaller omanju have different expressions compared to the original ones, theres 9 per box instead of 8 and prolly around the same price as the original ones (4,000~5,000 yen).

The store purchase bonuses look like this:

Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 7.33.37 PM

Most of those stores are based in Japan and can only ship within Japan but thanfully amiami’s got your back and can ship internationally. Still its a shame, that bonus Marvelous Tsukasa and Sleeping Ritsu is gonna be hard to get without proxy/fowarding services.

Birthday Corner

Happy Belated Birthday to Hajime and Koga! Hajime’s bday was on the 15th of July and Koga’s was 18th July.


15th July ~ 25th July


This event seems to be a break event, where nothing too serious happens and everyone are free to act like normal teenagers who don’t have to do live perfomances/heavy events for a while. Kind of like the Hot Spring Event but now its Adonis and Koga’s chance for revenge as they were left out in that Event lol. It was a short story for this event with Yoshino Yuki and let me tell you, not much happened but it was worth it (just seeing Adonis’ bobbies again is worth it).

Its been a hot summer, its alluded that Pirate Fes is gonna happen soon in the event story and almost everyone can’t stand the heat (except Adonis, I think). Both UNDEAD and Ra*bits go on a summer camping trip with the teachers and Anzu accompanying them. Tho I worry that the only two teachers of Yumenosaki Academy are going to the camp leaving the rest of the lil kiddies back at school with no supervision. Even Kaoru comes with, but I guess its because of Anzu that hes going (maybe).

UNDEAD and Ra*bits are paired off with each other at camp. Mitsuru is with Adonis, Tomoya is with Koga, Hajime is with Kaoru and I guess Rei is paired up with Nazuna? Nazuna doesn’t appear much in the event story, he shows up in the start and you never hear from him again. If I remember correctly I don’t think he showed up during the camp segment, Rei didn’t have much screen time too. Wtf.

Anyway, they’re preparing for camp, Kaoru helps out Anzu with the tent but doesn’t seem to be doing a good job because hes chatting to her the whole time so Koga steps in to finish it 😆 Mitsuru is playing in the river with Adonis, who is fishing with his bare hands and legit pops straight up from the river with fish in hand and looking too goddamn good looking that it should be illegal.


But because he said he wouldn’t do any unnecessary killing he lets go the fish. Tho its kinda cute that Adonis can fish with his bare hands, seeing that Adonis is often depicted with bear characteristics so he’s like a bear catching fish except this time he’s letting them go. Meanwhile Koga teaches Tomoya some tips on improving his dancing and being a good senpai he helps him step by step even tho he legit runs him down with extensive training.

Hajime and Kaoru are in charge of dinner. I think here Kaoru apologized to Hajime to how he treated him in Butler Cafe Event, but I’m not sure because I can’t remember much. Tomoya is pretty much a zombie right now after the training Koga gave him but homemade curry brought him back to life.

A few of my fav highlights from this event is when Adonis is waiting for everyone at the station and kinda starts to panic trying to find out how to call everyone with his phone. Like he’s legit sweating bullets poor guy. Another highlight is when Mitsuru asks Adonis to play Urashima Taro with him in the river (I’m guessing its like a game influenced by the story of Urashima Taro). In the mini-events of Mitsuru’s Event Courses its more in-depth, Anzu plays the role of Otohime, and Mitsuru plays the role of Urashima and Adonis is the turtle (Adonis denied the role of Urashima because he didn’t want Mitsuru get hurt as the turtle). The rules are that Urashima (Mitsuru) ride on the back of the turtle (Adonis) and is welcomed by Otohime (Anzu) to Ryuuguu-jou (the palace of Ryuujin). Which is pretty cute to imagine happening. If only they made a CG out of it.

Anyway, I’m off to rank my butt off for moist Adonis. Good Luck everyone!

Event Cards:

14th July ~ 26th July


Would this be the first time a character appears in both event and gacha as cards? Well Nazuna might be the first, prolly not the last lol. The gacha story is about Mika collapsing in the hallway from not eating since morning along with the sudden heatwave and Yuta, Makoto, Nazuna and Anzu happening upon his unconscious body. This story is also written by Yoshino Yuki.

More or less this story was kinda angsty for me, I cried a bit here and there. Especially when Nazuna tries his best to help out Mika even tho Mika has complicated feelings towards Nazuna after he left Valkyrie. Seeing Nazuna cut himself off when he says ‘Mikachin’ breaks my heart, same goes for when he buys food for Mika and picking out things carefully for him and only to keep his distance by letting the others give him the food so Mika wouldn’t know it came from Nazuna. Like if he knew he would reject the food… its a complicated relationship and I just… cry a bit. In the end Mika finds out, tells Nazuna he doesn’t want to see his face and Nazuna leaves. Tho it seems like Nazuna tries not to let it get to him, but for me I was a bit emotional haha. He asks Anzu to go back in there and at first Mika refuses the stuff she gives him but eventually accepted (whatever it was, I think it was a winning lottery thing for ice cream, I’m not sure).

2016-07-17 01.07.11

In the end it was a good gacha story. I just hope that one day Valkyrie will find peace/happiness.

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Koga and Mika *–* love them!!!
    I installed back this game but I’m not playing it these days x.x no time!! I missed all the b-day events

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    1. I know what you mean, theres no inbetween when you’re playing enstars. Either you play it every day or dont play it that often, sometimes it eats up all my time I can’t do anything else lol.

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  2. Actually, I don’t think Nii-chan was the first to appear for both event and gacha for the same time period. Before him there was Midori for both Mall Live and Strawberry Hunting, and even further before there was Izumi for Sea Fes and Ghost Stories, if I can recall.

    Regardless, AnSuta’s story is enjoyable to read, for someone who is trying to expand her vocabulary it makes good study material as well.

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