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[Magazine] Hash+Tag (Feat. Ensemble Stars)

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Sorry for delaying this one. I’ve been waiting to do a post about it since around April/May. Better late than never. Tho this one will be a short one because its a pretty thin magazine.

I got the Animate Set which included 4 Badges of UNDEAD. Worth the money? Prolly 😆

I already did a post running down what Hash+Tag (shopping links on the bottom of the post, there should be some copies available in CD Japan) is, its a spin off magazine by B’s Log that bases each issue on a concept. This issue is based on #脱がせたいカラダ。aka everyone takes off their clothes. This is the first issue and its main scoop is focusing on UNDEAD from Ensemble Stars. It also came with a big poster of the cover as well as a Yume100 poster with Avi (these posters are too big for me to scan, I’m sorry).

The magazine itself is kind of like Girl’s Style’s My Star, theres interviews with fictional characters and special illustration for the magazine. Its not only focusing on Enstars it also focuses on other App games and otome games (PC, PS Vita etc), theres even the cast of Dialovers talking about their bodies lol.

I’ll only share scans of  the big scoop with you guys. With the Enstars bit they mainly focus on UNDEAD but they also have pages dedicated to the other units and their thoughts on their members bodies 😆 They have an interview with UNDEAD, asking out of the members, who has the most sexiest body or something (they use the word エロ気), Adonis is oblivious and is like ‘If its ambition then I’m sure everyone has it’, Koga refuses to answer if I remember correctly and Kaoru and Rei are like “Definately Rei”/”Of course Kaoru”. Its a really good read, tho I’m sorry I can’t translate it at the moment. Hopefully someone already did.

They also have profile pages dedicated to each member. Like each page talks about their charm points or something along the lines of that and apparently Kaoru is pretty confident with the nape of his neck (even tho he covers it with his mullet).

I’ve yet to completely read the magazine in depth but it was good in terms of extra content about the characters. They haven’t announced their latest issue yet so I’m not sure if they’re going to continue making more but if they do I’ll be interested (if they keep giving out these free posters/pinups). All in all it was aight.

Anyway, enjoy these posters I scanned. Sorry for the poor quality here and there (some were a bit too big for my printer to scan properly). As always thank you for reading!


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  1. Hi there! We already follow each other in twitter but haha (≧◡≦) I just never got the courage to say I love your blog. I never thanked you for these scans so I’m doing that now ;; and would it be okay to translate the Hash+Tag Undead interviews? (With credits of course!)

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    1. Ah, I knew I recognised that username lol. I’m happy that you love my blog! Also its ok to translate the hash+tag undead interviews, I don’t mind.


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