BL gaming

Anata Nikki Livestream

Will be streaming Anata Nikki, a 17+ BL game, so if you’re under the age of 17 be warned (or at least don’t watch). Its a dark, twisted and fucked up game, I cannot stress enough that this is not recommended for the faint of heart. So please be very wary before watching!

Click here for the stream:

Please note twitch can have a 30second lag so Im sorry if responses are late

Edit: Thanks to those who were able to come and watch! If you want to watch what you missed out here’s the video (apparently twitch muted some parts, sorry! Also sorry for other parts where audio fizzes out weirdly, not sure why it happened tho) Sorry for inconvenience, seems like the video was automatically deleted after 14 days. Its been a while since I used twitch and I thought that they still had the save forever feature. Silly me. I did manage to save the other videos but couldn’t save this one… I’m so sorry.