[Unboxing] BIG HAUL EDITION (its huge) – Kyoukai no Shirayuki, Kenka Banchou Otome & Anata Nikki -Euforia-

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I was starting to worry for my package because there was an R18+ bonus in it and I was fearing customs would hold it back (I’m not sure if Australia is cool with importing explicit pics of dickles or anything), but here we are!

I guess you could call this my early Christmas and birthday gift to myself? lol. All of these are limited editions from Animate and damn, thats a lot of moolah spent.Which is why I was really worried if customs withheld my package because of one optional R18 bonus lol. Theres a lot to go through so I’ll try to separate per game.

Kyoukai no Shirayuki

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This one came with a lot of drama CDs lol. It may seem like 3 drama CDs but theres a fourth one inside the limited edition package. This is the limited animate set which came with a clear file, a mini bromide, 3 drama CDs (two of them featuring Kaine, Nazuki and Yura) and 6 keychains (no Heroine, Utsuro or Maki, sadly). Inside the limited edition package is the game, another drama CD and a mini booklet.

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The booklet had profiles, rough sketches of characters, an extra illustration by Kinako with the Kyoukai girls (the heroine, the queen and Ataru) which was really cute, and prolly my favorite part was the “What if” section with rough sketches of the CGs and a ‘what if’ scenario thats purely for comedy. It was gr8. I think this one is by far one of my favorite bonus mini booklets because it has some art unseen by public eyes and being a fan of Kinako its like the perfect gift (Kinako pls release an artbook of your works I’m willing to pay).

The heroine is adorable and seeing early designs of Shikimi makes me laugh omg 

Some examples of the ‘What if’ section (scenarios in the game rewritten for comedy), rough translation:

CG 1

Saji: That girl’s underwear is definitely white!

Shikimi: You’re wrong. They’re black.

Yori: Can’t you guys talk about something else? I mean we’re in a police box so please stop maybe?


Kaine: ……….

Mashiro: Somehow Kaine-kun looks like he’s in agony… Surely he has something on his mind…..

Kaine: (I wonder if Snow White has underwear under that skirt…. She’s wearing them… right…?)

Finally the small character straps! I remember the design being different when I first saw the set on the website (tho I can’t remember what they looked like). Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but I remember seeing the sample straps as the normal chibi characters without the pomegranate (prolly remembering it wrong).

Anyway, they’re small but just right. Not as big as the Enstars Unit rubber straps. The colors are aight and right now I’m trying to figure out where to put them. Maybe I should put all of them on my vita? lol. They’re pretty cute btw.

2016-06-08 11.08.38.jpg


Kenka Banchou Otome

2016-06-08 11.14.59
Sorry for the bottom blur

Kinda hoping there would be a limited edition package for this too but sadly no. But I still like the goodies that came with this animate set! I got a clear file (that opens up, unlike the other clear files I get that open halfway), 3 drama CDs (the one with the special paper case is prolly the limited edition bonus, not part of the animate set) also nice theres a drama CD with my main yakuza butler boy Sakaguchi, a Short Story and 5 badges that are really small and cute wtf.

I haven’t really looked into the short story book thing (theres only one story in it). I’m more or less saving it for after I play the game so its like an after story for me lol. The badges themselves are really smol which makes it cute, especially when the designs are gr8. The clear file also has pocket thingys so nothing can fall out, also the front design is gr8.

I’m gonna play this game last because ya gotta save the best till last. Also it’d be a good game to wash out the after taste of kusoge if I ever happen across any. Like I’m excited to play it but I’ll have to be patient. And I will!


Anata Nikki -Euforia-

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Ah yes babbys first BL game purchase. I’ve played BL games in the past but this is the first time I bought one, at least its 17+ restricted so no one will have to arrest anyone. This one is also an animate set bonus, I could’ve bought a normal edition but I wanted to buy this one with the R18+ bonus for you guys. Tho I’d still have to censor it just because.

The animate set is a small bromide and an R18+ short story collection with explicit cover illustration. The small bromide is about the same size as the Kyoukai no Shirayuki one.

2016-06-08 11.21.52
a better look of the bromides

Inside the case is a card with a serial code (prolly for the browser/app game), a polaroid picture of someone? I think its a picture of one of the band members who contributed a song for the game, a how to play manual, a special booklet, the game disk and a bonus disk which I think is for the opening movie song… I’m not sure. I can’t remember lol.

The booklet has profiles, short stories and event CGs. Also you can tell its a legit photo because it still has the ‘fujifilms’ on the back. I think they gave them out at random.

Also whats this black book you ask? Well thats for me to know and for none of yall to find out… (jk)

I know its upside down but it was either that side or the other more explicit side

Ok I’d like to thank the ppl who thought it was a good idea to have that book a black cover because I had to have my packages repackaged by my forwarding service and I didn’t want the poor soul repacking my games to see someone’s asshole. Thank.

Actually I was under the impression that there would be more illustrations per character’s short story but it seems to be just the one character. Now I have to find a good place to hide it so no one can ever see it. If you want to see it for yourself then click here, sorry for extra censoring.

The game itself will be like Cero D (restricted to those younger than 17), so hopefully there won’t be anything too explicit for all y’all eyes. I’ll be streaming it on my Saturday (thats an Australian Saturday, might be a Friday for those in different time zones), not sure on what time it’ll be but I’ll make sure to make an announcement when I can. I won’t be going off and playing it by myself so everything will be played on stream so we can all enjoy it, even if it may become really dark and gruesome.

I just can’t wait 😆

I’ll be playing Kyoukai no Shirayuki right after I post this, so I’m off! Thank you for reading.

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  1. Amazing *O* so many games!!
    I wished I could play Kenka Bancho and this BL *–* hehe
    I’ll follow your tweets then 😀

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    1. I wouldn’t say I’m rich, its more like from left over money from my birthday and christmas. Tho I think after this I really am poor lol, no more big hauls for me.

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      1. hearing that makes me salty, i don’t get money for my birthday nor christmas ;w;
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      2. Aw that sucks, I’m sorry if I made you salty I really didn’t mean to.
        I’ll be cheering for you, for the sake of you and your husbando! Don’t give up.

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      3. i think over here you just buy the thing… u know the thing u stick on envelopes…?
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      4. Do you mean stamps? Like I think sending letters or envelopes are easy but if you have packages or boxes to send its a whole new thing? I’m not sure lol.

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