[Magazine] B’s Log May Issue 2016 – (March)

Sorry for the wait. I could’ve just skipped this issue but because this one marks my one year of purchasing B’s Log I thought I may as well do it anyway (even if its old news now).

Without B’s Log I wouldn’t have gotten into Enstars, hell it was the first form of media that introduced me to Enstars. So I’m grateful for this magazine being the number 1 cause of me falling into Enstars hell. Also having all these magazines make a really good step ladder for when I need to reach stuff lol.

I’m gonna try to make this one quick! Also heads up, the image quality for some of these images might be poor because I’m using another website to host these images because they’re too damn big 😆 so I’m sorry guys.


HuneX App Games – “HuneX Play” | website

Around early this year HuneX opened a site for their new and upcoming App games. You may know HuneX as the company that brought Arcana Famiglia and also Possession Magenta. Seems like they’re moving to ‘free’ app games, mainly visual novels for otomes. By free I mean you prolly have to pay somewhere along the way (I have a feeling its pay for your routes kind of thing).

The titles they have available to play right now are “Arcana Famiglia – Piccola Amore“, spin off of the first series prolly without Sarachi Yomi’s art, “Ephemeral” monster boys the game, and finally “Koiseyo Otome ◊ Share House Monogatari” aka “Time to Love, Ladies! Love story of share-house”, basically you’re this one woman in this share house of guys. As of now both Ephemeral and Share House are available in English, Chinese and Japanese (however its kind of broken English).

English Websites for Ephemeral and Share House.

Slow Damage | website

The newest 18+ BL game that Nitro+Chiral have in the works has been teased! For now it’ll be called “Slow Damage” but it says the title is tentative for now. I’d talk more about it but I think I can save that for my post on the last issue of Cool-B.

Crank In | website

The teaser for the 4th title to come out of p reve/future tech lab. I wonder what it could be, theres a lot of hints relating to film/movies so I wonder what it’ll be (I already know but I’ll leave it up to the next post with B’s Log to write about it 😆 )


Ensemble Stars


At the time Valkyrie just released so this was new stuff, but months later I guess its old news lol. The profiles are the exact same on the website I think so nothing new. Seems like B’s Log has caught up with the current events, they talk about Opera & Valentines Event (which should be a month old since this magazine released). Short Story with 2-B can be found down below the post.


AR Performers | website

Rebel Cross has finally been revealed. They will debut along side Shinji, who forms a signle unit, and are part of the Artist Republic Production. The big beefy man is Daiya and the smol one with the side fringe covering his eye is Reiji.

This issue is hyping up their beta performance with Shinji in April, but it already happened by now. I’ll talk about that next issue so don’t worry. If you read the interview you can see a lot about their personalities, basically they’re punk assholes lol. Here I thought Shinji was a sort of an asshole but these guys are really up there, but they’re lovable assholes. They’re quite rude to the interviewer at times, say “no comment” a lot esp when they were asked if they have a type when it comes to women (both of them were like ‘no comment’ and left it at that).

Daiya and Reiji are osananajimi and basically have a big brother-lil brother relationship (Daiya is kinda like a big bro). They both complement each other when they talk, like legit in their sentences.  Reiji seemed to start off his singing career by doing covers, I think, and he seems to refer to himself in the third person during the interview which is cute. Daiya often goes to the gym, eats a lot of meat and all of that jazz to gain a better physique, while Reiji seems to not like meat and eats a bunch of desserts.

When asked about Shinji, who’s debuting with them, they basically just shit talk about him and its hilarious. Reiji is like “I guess if his audience is a bunch of children I bet he’d be gr8” and then is like “Isn’t that fringe of his a bit too long?”, which made Daiya laugh in agreement. Reiji sees Shinji as a kid, but Daiya is like “But he’s older than you” and Reiji is like “It’s not about the age! I’m saying he’s small”, which prompts Daiya to be like “But he’s taller–” and Reiji cuts him off 😆 Seems like Reiji doesn’t want to be called short. Then the interviewer is like do you have anything else to say to Shinji and Reiji shit bags on Shinji’s song and Daiya yells that Shinji should cut his fringe. How harsh lol.

Anyway I loved reading about these guys. I hope Uchida Labs has more stuff to show us.


CollarxMalice | website

Here we’re introduced with some systems: trigger system and the map. The map so far seems to be just navigating between floors of the building where everyone works at, the trigger system I’m not sure what it does right now but it looks interesting. New characters are shown, Hana seems to be a groupie or something and Isshiki (the kid voiced by Shouta Aoi) is a vocalist from a popular rock band and both seem to be acquaintances to the heroine’s lil bro.

Also I remember seeing someone say that they’re worried about no otome/romance themes in this game but look at that CG where Aiji bonks the heroine on the forehead, that enough content for me bruh (jk). But srsly tho I can’t unsee Kougami Shinya in him, its the revolver, the cigarette and jacket that just screams Kougami lol. I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re your own character but my brain can’t help itself. Still gonna wait patiently for the release of this game.


7’scarlet | website

After watching a lot of PVs of this game I thought “you know what, it might be interesting”. The magazine scans don’t let on a lot but the PVs do and it kind of gives off a horror/thriller kind of game with a twist of mystery. Even now I’m trying to understand what force is making things happen in the story but still can’t grasp it, well I guess thats why its called a mystery. So let me start over with a better introduction of 7’scarlet now that I’ve researched it a bit.

The info on the story I gathered so far is that the heroine is searching for answers as to what happened to her oniichan, her best friend tells her he planned a trip for them to go to this town where her brother was last heard of, tho he kind of disguises it as a vacation to this secluded town his intentions are to help her find her oniichan or at least get a better understanding. The game has FMVs/cutscenes and even moving images in the background like a passing scenery placed outside of the windows of a bus and moving the camera of the background to show more of it. Kind of like Toybox’s other game Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, where it boasts of 360 scenery of the background.

Much like Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, 7’scarlet is also has the lovely talents of Chinatsu Kurahana (Artist of Togainu no Chi, Character designer for Utapri and also illustrated for the Japanese release of Captive Prince, a novel that one of my friends absolutely loves) illustrating for it. So thats got something going for it. One thing I like about this game so far is that they keep the secret character a secret, no released character design, no name, just confirmation that they’ll be voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa and it better stay a mystery 😆

This issue focuses on Sousuke Tatehira, who seems quite aloof and wears them life preserver vests that just give me flashbacks to Back to the Future lol. In the sample CG above he catches the falling heroine who seems to have misplaced her footing when reaching for a book or something. He’s described as a theorist, can’t read the atmosphere and jokes just fly over his head lol.


Wand of Fortune R | website

Might be the last time I’m featuring Wand of Fortune R, only to show the illustration they had for this issue. Not much to say here except congrats on getting the second game remade too! Can’t wait for that, tho I haven’t yet bought a copy of the first remake…


Tierblade of Eternity ~Lost Chronicle~ | website

Still trying to figure out whether the style that we’re looking at is done by Ike or Kinami, or just a mixture of both done by a separate artist. They say they do separate character designs but I’m wondering if their work just stops there. The character designs of each artist complements each other so theres no clashing, plus the coloring/final lineart look similar so it isn’t jarring. Then again I don’t have good eyes.

There seems to be two different styles of heroines here, so far the more prominent one is the blue/white haired Eve by Ike. This Eve has an AI companion (a smol floating robot) that I think its name is “Cradle Caretaker”, correct me if I’m wrong, who may or may not be a secret character *wink wink* *nudge nudge*. Your main guys are happy go lucky red guy “ジュド”, super srs blue guy “アタルバ”, blonde guy that seems to be smooth with the ladies is “ヤジュル” and the blue/white guy that may or may not be a yandere is “ロウ”. The reason why I’m not writing their names in English is because I have no idea how to romanized these names lol.

As I said in my last B’s Log post, it’ll feature mechas and the world is pretty much post-apocalypse kind of sense. So far the pics in this issue show cities with overgrowth of greenery but then theres also parts of the world where its just desolate wastelands. I think what the story is going for is that Eve may hold the fate of mankind.


Blackish House | website

Oh boy. Gotta love me some drugging, chained up scenarios in my otome games. Never gets old, I just love

I know its meant to be dark but mmmm come on. I knew you were bad news, Tougo Kisaki, but this is just a new height of abuse with you. My concerns for the heroine only grows stronger with each new B’s Log Issue. Anyway in this issue we get two CGs where they’re in the midst of sexy times, tho it aint lookin so sexy with one guy puking in his mouth and the other one being a yandere. Sadly next issue won’t show any sexy times CG with Gou, I should know I already checked.The article says that most of these guys have some past trauma of some sort, so it makes you wonder what got these guys like this but it also reminds me of how in Diabolik Lovers each guy had a terrible, traumatic past and they all turned out having issues and directing them on the heroine with abuse so…..

Diabolik House anyone?

Regular Edition Boxart, sorry for the blur here and there.


Cheer Boy | website

The first CD should’ve released 1~2 months ago so this is kind of old news. But I am here to confirm that yeah, the heroine of this drama CD series is a teacher, the counselor for the Cheer Club and also Childhood friends with the red guy/brunette kid up above (he calls the heroine “Neechan”). Theres a relationship chary showing the relationships between the characters and the heroine/you, tho I forgot to scan it, sorry. The theme for this CD is “When you try your best but can’t quite make it/succeed”, which will feature red guy as main and blue guy as sub/supporting.


Ouma ga Toki ~Kakuriyo no Midori~ | website

The first game to be released from eXtend, who have only published 2 drama CD series so far (the one with the mofumofu idols). The story is that the heroine gets “spirited away” into a different world, lets just call it the spirit world. I think she can’t return to her own world so she sticks around, and prolly goes to a school in this world or something? Sorry for being vague.

The heroine is Mio Sakaki, her design may not be flashy but I’m aight with it. I could’ve scanned the introduction pages for these guys but that would be too many images to upload, sorry. So starting with the guy in the middle of the picture above with white hair is Hayate, a spirit that dwells in trees aka an “Echo”. He can only repeat other’s words and can’t speak for himself or so it says, just like the Greek Myth “Echo”, a nymph whose story still gets me a tad bit emotional lol.

Next up is the guy with black/green hair and red eyes to the left, he is Tokiwa, a Konjichou (Golden Bird/Garuda, a legendary bird which favors dragons and live on them according to weblio). He’s apparently a detective too, chasing ppl in the spirit world. He has a strict and harsh attitude towards humans, particularly towards the heroine, Mio. I think he has a sweet tooth. The guy below him with brown hair on the left page is Souta Ishizue, a human just like Mio who had also been drawn into this world, prolly before she did. Seems to be a playboy. The guy with glasses on the right page is Yoimiya, an instructor in Chinjyu Gakusha (a school, I guess, in the spirit world) who is also a human. He’s kind but somehow has cold eyes, seems to spoil his students.

Finally we have foxy grandpa himself Tsukishiro, what more can I say, he’s a fox guy. Where can I insert my money? Jk. If I were to get this game it’d be mainly for this guy, tho the Echo guy has me interested too. May or may not play this game, it depends on my funds 😆


Psychedelica of the AA-nisus | website

I didnt pick this up on the last issue but apparently the heroine is voiced! Nice! You can turn on and off her voice, but for me it’d be better if her voice is on so it’s easier to read 😆 Also “Wolf Clan” and “Hawk Clan” have actual proper names, Wolf guys are the ‘Volg Clan’ [ヴォルグ] and the Hawk guys are the ‘Falj Clan’ [ファルジ] (I’m guessing how they’re romanized, I’m not sure how they are spelt in English). There seems to be about 3 factions of ppl? If I’m counting it right lol. Theres the wolf clan, the hawk clan, the ppl living in the tower (the heroine and the master of the tower) and then these new guys above whose faction I’m not sure.

Hugh seems to know of Jed/Eiar (the heroine), and is quite mysterious himself. Not sure if he’s friend or foe, but he is one of the romanceable guys. Lawrence is a dude living in the town’s church, and is pretty much a substitute priest but not really a priest lol, he also takes care of the orphans. Elric is one of the orphans living in the church, always seen hugging a rabbit. He has a foul mouth and is cheeky, usually provides info about the town to the heroine. He also seems to have that red eye going on like the heroine, also that bunny is really cute wtf.


Kyoukai no Shirayuki | website

Still waiting for my copy of this lol. I usually have a rule about not talking about a game in these posts once its already released but theres info in these issues that are nice tidbits of info to have. This issue talks about the guy’s biting places, y’know, the CGs where they bite tiddies.

Kaine’s bite to show ‘ownership’ is the “breast”. He’s impulsive to break things that he holds dear. Nazuki bites the heroine’s arm as a ‘sign of love’. For Nazuki who ‘doesn’t have a heart’, the heroine is an existence he yearns for strongly. Yura bites the heroine’s thigh as an indication of ‘ thoughts of wanting to dominate’ (ok this isn’t me talking this is the article talking here), he doesn’t want to give the heroine to anyone else. Shikimi bites the heroine’s left wrist as ‘proof of desire’. As he doesn’t know pain, he wishes strongly for wanting pain, more than anyone else. Saji bites the throat as indication of ‘strong desire’, he purely asks love from anyone. Yori’s bite on the ear means ‘temptation’, lies and betrayal is part of his negative nature, he invites the heroine to the mirror world. Utsuro bite on the top of the foot shows ‘subordination’ (tho google translate says ‘slavery’), having no will of his own he is pretty much a doll that follows/obeys. Maki bites the back of the neck to show ‘obsession’, he knows the heroine and the Queen more than anyone, and embraces an obsession for the heroine.

Phew. That took me a long time to read/translate, but it was worth it because I learnt some stuff along the way. Plus it got me hype for playing the game. Nice.

PsychicEmotion6 | website

Introducing a new character “Kirara Mion”. Kirara is the heroine’s childhood friend and a close friend she relies on. loves cute things and is apparently an otokonoko, a crossdresser or as other ppl put it bluntly “a trap”. Kirara will prolly not be a romanceable character, but its always nice to have a cute friend by the heroine’s side supporting the her.

Kirara is the cousin of Hidaka, the guy below with the brown hair and headphones. Hidaka is also a ‘capture character’. So you have the planet princes, Hidaka and the other guy with orange hair w/ his fringe pinned back as the ‘capture characters’. The heroine is the reincarnation of Kaguya Hime and if she doesn’t marry the princes then it’ll bring the whole downfall of space/the universe. Thats a lot of responsibility.

Extras: Ensemble Stars! Short Story & Idolish7 Idol Talk

Enstar Short Story is with class 2-B, this time they’reat a cute general store where Arashi finds a aroma candle, Ritsu sleeps on the sofa in the store, Koga is out of it, Mao is trying to keep the gang together and Yuzuru buys a plushie for bocchama because he worked so hard.

Idolish7’s idol talk is where fans write in questions for a pair of characters and they’ll answer them. This time around its the Izumi’s bros turn to answer questions sent in by fans.



Reader’s Most Anticipated Game Titles:

  1. CollarxMalice
  2. ↓ Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
  3. ↑ Hyakka Hyakurou
  4. ↑ Blackish House Side A
  5. ↑ Kiniro Corda4
  6. [NEW] Hakuouki Shinkai Hana no Shou
  7. ↑ Kamigami no Asobi InFinite
  8. → Wand of Fortune R
  9. [NEW] Psychedelica of the AA-nisus
  10. ↓ Utapri Music3

Top 10 Mobile Games/Apps of Interest:

  1. → Ensemble Stars
  2. → Yume100
  3. [NEW] Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket
  4. → Idolish7
  5. ↑ Akanesasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau
  6. ↑ Boyfriend (Beta)
  7. [NEW] Ikemen Sengoku
  8. ↓ Tokimeki Restaurant
  9. ↓ Ai Chuu
  10. [NEW] Second Secret

Top 10 Animate Game Sales Ranking:

(Based on sales from February 1st ~ 29nd)

  1. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade (Animate Limited Set)
  2. Utapri Music3 (Animate Limited Set)
  3. Hyakka Hyakurou
  4. MoshiKami (Animate Limited Set)
  5. Sangoku Rensenki ~Omoide Gaeshi~ CS Edition (Animate Limited Set)
  6. Eikoku Tantei Mysteria The Crown
  7. Lucky Dog1 RAKIDO mania
  8. Dynamic Chord feat. reve parfait Append Disc
  9. STORM LOVER 2nd V
  10. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade

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