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[Goods] “Adonis & Koga Color Collection” – Ensemble Stars

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I was pleasantly surprised to find these guys on my doorstep yesterday after going through my final test for Japanese this semester. I’d like to thank Crimson Swordfish for selling these ‘Ensemble Stars! Color Collection’ individually, without that store I’d have to buy the whole box with trickstar and UNDEAD for 4,000+ yen 😆 . Also its very convenient having their store in Australia so the prices are in AUD and the shipping is cheaper (esp. when its at a flat rate), added bonus is that  Adonis and Koga came home really fast. Of course they ship overseas too but for a higher price.

Seeing that it is my first time shopping with them I decided to test out their services with a small order of only Adonis & Koga. I’m sorry mullet-senpais, I’ll prolly buy Rei and Kaoru next time. “Color Collection” is more like smol keychain figurines manufactured by Movic, tho they dont really come with straps so it’ll be easier to hang them on stuff and they can’t stand up properly on their own feet lol.

2016-05-23 16.09.30

I have a feeling they’re going for the poses that their unit full body portraits have. I understand why they dont have Koga’s arm posed reaching at the back of his head because it would look weird with the ‘super deformed’ style (his head is too big for his arm 😆 ). Either way I’m really happy with the paint job and small details they could fit on these tiny figures. I’m planning on buying some keyring straps I saw at Daiso so I can hang these guys on my ps vita, accompanying my Kanji Tatsumi keychain.

Speaking of which, I paid for my Kanji keychain on amazon for like 20+ USD (it was like 9 bucks but the shipping costs killed it lmao), even tho the conversion rate was better at the time I bought it, it stilled cost me a little more than I should have payed. Funny how I bought these two for almost the same amount I bought Kanji for.

Kanji did come with a chain strap thing to hang him on stuff tho that has kind of rusted, his limbs are slim in comparison to the others but I guess thats a design choice. Neither of them can stand up by themselves anyway.

Anyway, good purchase, good quality. I’m glad theres a shop like Crimson Swordfish out there for us Australians because its so hard to find good hobby shops in Australia that sells otome goods, let alone online shops. They started out as a Touken Ranbu goods shop but now they’re broadening their horizons with other goods! I look forward with shopping with them often, thats if I still have enough money…

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