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[Bunny Diary] Bunny gets a tumblr

Almost forgot to mention that I made a tumblr blog that will accompany this blog. Not sure what to do with it tho, it might be like my other twitter but maybe this one will have more stuff, like screenshots or translations if requested and other stuff.

I won’t be writing posts on it like I do here, I may not even be that active there but its good to cover all bases with social networks (except for facebook). Plus tumblr has better themes and theme makers out there so I can finally get my dream blog theme (jk jk).

^click above to tumblr link^

Its still pretty new, nothing much in there because I’m not sure what to put in it so far except for automated announcements, some reblogs from my art tumblr that hardly gets used and maybe even announcements for streams. If you have any tumblr blog recommendations that I should follow pls tell me! If you follow me on tumblr I’ll make sure to follow you back!

Again I won’t be really active there, just like how my main tumblr is hardly touched and considering that sometimes its not the healthiest place to be in (the atmosphere can sometimes be suffocating, im sorry).  But I’m hoping it’ll be a good place to communicate with ppl, wordpress seems to be limited when it comes to interactions.

Just a few days until I can post regularly and be free from exam/test anxiety. Thanks as always!


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