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[Goods] Enstars Omanju Vol.3

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My Omanjus finally arrived! And because I ordered it with amiami I got the bonus “Hai Hai” Kaoru Omanju. Kinda wished I also bought Vol.4 with Kuro and most of my faves but I gotta save up my moneys…. I’m sorry, Aniki.

Anyway lets take a quick look at these omanjus!

They’re all in these small boxes with no significant markings saying who’s in which box so its more like a random pick trying to find your fav boy and even when you open the box they’re in these black plastic bags so its double secret lol.

Sadly these omanjus sets/volumes sell out really quickly, so if you see one pop up you gotta preorder it ASAP before they run out of stock. Of course if you’re in Japan you have better chances finding omanjus in store (I’ve seen photos of big omanju Knights still exist in-store while online stores no longer sell them lol).

Anyway these things are really soft and squishy! Like wow what a stress reliever. They roll around easily in your hands and the can be squished flat or pinched. Srsly tho these are great. I tried holding all of them in my arms but they kept on falling out lol. If you want a demonstration of what its like to handle an omanju here’s one I’ve prepared earlier feat. Kaoru:

They have one of those keychain things so you can hang them on your bag or anywhere. Tho I kind of worry about the string snapping or it stresses out the omanju because I heard they kind of grow saggy after a lot of handling and pinching. So enjoy the roundness and pudginess of these omanjus while they last.

Seeing how soft and squishy these normal omanjus are it makes me wonder what the big omanjus are like lol. I’ve heard they’re pretty big (prolly the same size as an adult’s head, maybe even bigger) so maybe they’re extra squishy? The color for the big omanjus don’t look as faded as the normal ones, which is prolly the only complaint from me is that they’re just a teeny bit faded and I’m worried they’ll fade more in the future.

But other than that I love these! If I had enough money I’d buy more and become the local crazy omanju lady but that dream won’t come true. I’ve seen a bunch of pics with ppl making ‘kigurumis’ for the omanjus so it looks like they have bodies accompanied by cute animal kigurumis which I kind of want to try my hand at doing once I get the materials… it may end up being third rate but I really want to make omanju Adonis a duck/chicken kigurumi and maybe a fox one for Kaoru!

Its really fun to play around with these and I guess its worth my 4,000+ yen. If you’re interested in purchasing some omanjus, theres big omanjus (UNDEAD, Ryuseitai, 2wink and Valkyrie only tho) still for sale in CD Japan. But be warned, the shipping costs can be expensive for the big omanjus because they’re pretty heavy and big in size, the cheapest shipping method is the EMS in CDJapan (SAL despite being slower is more expensive wtf). If you want something smaller and cheaper, amiami seems to still be selling the individual wallet omanjus with zippers for like 800 yen each.

Thanks for reading and being patient! I’m almost done with this semester so just a lil while longer!

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