[Unboxing + Quick look at] Brothers Conflict Precious Baby & Kamigami no Asobi InFinite

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I bundled these games together seeing that I was buying the regular edition and I wasn’t really expecting much seeing that I purchased Brothers Conflict after it was released (first press/preorder bonuses should’ve been sold out). So I was surprised seeing the bonus drama CD and photos of the CGs lol.

I will also be doing a quick review based on my impressions of my 2 hours of playing each game.


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The bonuses I got was a drama cd from Brothers Conflict (with Kaname, Natsume, Tsubaki, Azusa and Hikaru) along with small photos of Kaname’s & Iori’s CGs. For KamiAso I got the tiniest god tiddie Amaterasu’s/Akira’s CG (I’m not sure if he’s called Amaterasu or Akira) along with a tiddie calendar. Each new month is a new god tiddie.

The calendar starts from May 2016 until April 2017

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And that was the unboxing with really blurry pics, sorry for the quality but I’m working with an iPod here.


Quick Review: Kamigami no Asobi InFinite


When I looked for reviews on Amazon Japan all I got were complaints from those who were buying it thinking it was the PS Vita version and got the PSP version or vice versa. Tho the other reviews said something along the lines of it being short, the new characters are at an ok length but the original cast’s routes are pretty short… or so they say.

So with the limit of 2 hours of checking out Kamiaso InFinite I can only say…. Yeah its really fast and short. Not even 1 hour in (49 minutes) I’m already in Melissa’s route and 30 minutes later he’s transformed into a human with tiddies and not even less than 30 minutes later I’m on his second chapter. Not sure if this is short or normal in terms of pacing but usually it takes a long time to go through the common route and then go into a route.


Tho I guess it makes it easier for me because I’m so slow when it comes to finishing games but bruh. They cut corners in the story. I’ve only known KamiAso through the anime (tried sitting through it again the other day and I couldn’t make it through episode 3), but I can clearly see where they’ve cut out important story details. When you start the story you’re right in Zeus’ throne room and the heroine is like ‘Where the fuck am I?’, and I’m questioning the same. The intro where the heroine winds up in this realm ruled by Zeus is cut out, how she found a sword or something and everything else is gone so new ppl to the series have to guess or at least watch the anime.

Tho you’re prolly gonna be like “Its a fandisc isn’t it? Its for the ppl who played the first game so why would new ppl start with this?” Tbh I don’t even know if its a fandisk anymore. Its almost the exact same storyline as the first game but its kind of abridged so its easier for those who played the first game to just skim through it but even so it feels so??? Even when I was in Melissa’s route it felt so fast and so sudden, like it kind of goes like this

Melissa: Man I wish I could be a human so I can help you out more

-Scene Later-

Melissa goes to Zeus begging him to turn him human, Yui follows and is caught by Zeus who tells her if they wish together/share the same wish then he’ll grant it or something

-Scene Later-

They wish together, Melissa transforms into a hunk and thats it

Also Yui freaks out about his sexiness and tries to avoid him because she’s like “what are these feelings??”, tho they reconcile and thats Chapter 1 & we’re still at the start of the story

I don’t know why but it kind bugs me about the pacing of that. Not sure if the fans of the first game feels the same.

Anyway that aside, the only thing that makes me think that I’m going in the right direction is the ‘Brave Points’ Eye Catch that pops up when I select a dialogue choice. Seeing that theres no status screen, its the only thing that helps me lol.

The quizes happen before the start of a chapter. Theres an easy difficulty or a hard difficulty, but you can skip it altogether if you want. Its timed and theres true or false questions or multiple choices, the questions are mythology based determined by whose route you’re in. For Melissa’s it was Greek Mythology. Tho every time I do a quiz I make one mistake and get an A Rank, it seems you have to get an S Rank to get the furniture thats up for grabs (the furniture is used for the miniature garden). For some questions its hard to understand because of the kanji and the time limitation tho the spelling questions seem easy… except for the spelling of Dionysos/Dionysus because there’s a bunch of spelling variations:


Tho when it comes to correct spelling in katakana, thats when the real trouble starts lol.

All in all it was ok, not sure if I like the way they took the direction with this ‘fandisc’. They could’ve gone with the Ninkoi route and have it be like a sequel where you can romance the new characters in a new setting/storyline. Still, these are just my thoughts based on playing it for 2 hours… well not even 2 hours, I stopped at like 1hr50min. Still wondering where that Cero D comes in… tho based on screenshots I’ve seen, most of that cero D is Dionysus’ if you know what I mean…….. ;^)

He’s giving Yui the cero D if you know what I mean ;^))))))

He’s fuc

Quick Review: Brothers Conflict Precious Baby


I actually played this longer than 2 hours because I was so engrossed into trying to figure out if I’m playing this properly. I’m really bad with time management and scheduling to make my oniichans & otouto’s appreciate me more 😆

Its really incredible what the PS Vita can do, like theres two whole games in this tiny microchip. Tho sadly I’m not so sure about the voice quality… When I compared Jullie’s talking voice during the story compared to when he was explaining how the scheduling worked, it was really noticeable that his voice when explaining things was much more crisper and clear compared to his story voice? His voice at the beginning of the story is kind of muffled that I had to turn the volume up a bit but it was still muffled.

Sometimes its weird how the CGs are framed sometimes or when they appear. Sometimes it feels like they’re just there because of the hell of it.

Other than that I love the story, even tho I’m kind of frustrated with the scheduling results because sometimes its random if the guys like the activities I scheduled them with. Sometimes I want to do a family outing but the guys are like “Sorry, nobody wants to come”, only once did I get a family outing going but after that… nothing lol. Its still fun but I definitely need a walkthrough for this.

I enjoyed the anime so seeing extra bits that the anime didn’t touch on is nice. Tho its still kinda weird how most of these guys are *that* interested in their new step-imouto. I want to think that their family has this weird disease that makes them infatuated with lil sister types or some shit, tho that would be too dark for a game like this (but it’d be interesting). Also its weird that even if you put the heroine’s name as default, none of the characters say “Ema”, even her new step-mom doesn’t even say “Ema-san” during her dialogue, its just a pause.

During the 2 hour playthrough I was trying to go for Fuuto’s route. So far I got one heart filled up out of prolly 5 or something lol. He’s a big meanie but going to do it for KENN (who sounds really young here but thats the character so lol).

I’d like to continue with these games but I’m already juggling Dance with Devils and studying so juggling all three of these games while trying to study… nah bruh, just nah.

Hopefully I can just power through these games when I have my big 2 month break. But by then I’d have more games waiting for me too (Kenka Banchou Otome, Kyoukai no Shirayuki and Anata Nikki -Euforia-). Rest in pieces me.

As always, thanks for reading! Sorry for the lack of posts too.

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  1. Cool *o*
    I want to play KamiAso too. No Vita yet but I’ll play on my old PSP XD
    Never played BroCon, but I read/listen to people saying it isn’t a big deal 😐

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      1. well i hope they do, do u plan on getting the english version? i can’t really wait that long coz it takes a while to translate things…… i’m gonna start playing it when i get it!!! >w< the hype is real!!!

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  2. “Also its weird that even if you put the heroine’s name as default, none of the characters say “Ema”, even her new step-mom doesn’t even say “Ema-san” during her dialogue, its just a pause.”

    I think that is normal? Most of game is like that. But some game recently make guys call heroine’s default name.

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