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[Monthly Overview] May Releases 2016


Anata Nikki – Euforia – – 27th May- BLobby

∗ 17+ BL Game

罪ナル螺旋ノ檻 – 27th May – Spray

∗ R18+ BL Game

PS Vita

※『喧嘩番長 乙女』のバナーに使用されている画像の著作権は、株式会社スパイク・チュンソフトに帰属します。

Kenka Banchou Otome – 19th May – Spike Chunsoft Red Entertainment

※「ピリオドキューブ ~鳥籠のアマデウス~」のバナーに使用されている画像の著作権は、アイディアファクトリー株式会社に帰属します。

Period Cube – 19th May – otomate


SA7 SILENT ABILITY SEVEN – 26th May – p reve


Kyoukai no Shirayuki – 26th May – otomate


Yeah! Finally made it to post 100. Never really thought this blog would get past 50 posts but here we are.

This month is going to be an expensive one for me *strained laughter* Most of the games I’ll buy this month will prolly be added to my backlog of games. Oh boy. I hope I’ll have enough money left over to buy future games like CollarxMalice and Beasts & Princess.

Also Blackish House Side A has been delayed by a month. Who would’ve thunk it 😆

Because I found the concept and art for Anata Nikki so much I preordered it, so I guess that will be my first PC BL Game I’ll be playing for this blog. I bought the animate limited edition because of the extra bits that I thought some of you might appreciate (the extra bonus is short stories accompanied by R18 images lol). Hopefully the R18 images won’t stop my package from shipping over here because I bundled it together with Shirayuki and Kenka Banchou and thats a lot of games on the line 😆 If I can, hopefully I will stream myself playing it (its 17+ so prolly no dicks but maybe a bit NSFW). If you have suggestions of streaming places other than twitch (because I’m worried they might ban it like they did with DMMD) then pls suggest away!

Anyway I’m really excited for this month’s games, especially Kenka Banchou Otome. Sadly I’m too busy with uni to do anything (Dance with Devils is still on hold). I’ll talk about that situation much later in another post.

As always, thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “[Monthly Overview] May Releases 2016”

  1. this month is ur RIP money month, mine will be August… moujutachi, ouma ga toki, meikoi new moon… ;w; i know ur feels!!!! i’m so hyped for Kenka bancho otome, i do plan to get the OP CD. ah the seiyuu….

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    1. ill prolly buy the soundtrack to kenka banchou otome if they release it (just maybe tho)
      I think I remember June or July last year my wallet took severe damage with all the games, tho some of them were kusoge

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      1. ahhhh…. i know ur feels! i think my wallet will bleed big time on August… i’ve got CxM LE on July then moujutachi LE & 2 other games + shipping fees ….errr RIP wallet. i hope no more games comes out that makes me wanna get LE *cough cough* Yuukyuu no Tierblade *cough cough*

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