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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | April《#15》

Mini Enstars News

Around early April (Maybe the 11th) we got an update that added two new functions that are pretty helpful. One of them being the ability to change your card’s illustration from bloomed to unbloomed and vice versa (only once you bloomed a card), so now I don’t have to agonise over blooming Valkyrie Nazunya! I can bloom him and still keep his visual happy and cheerful.

I can even view my Police Adonis card as his unbloomed version in the win screen. His smile suits him best imo. Tho I’m gonna miss his over the top Adonis-with-gun pose (I can still change it back).

Another new function is the ability to stop playing a produce course altogether! I think this function was used in the Chinese Enstars ver. Finally I don’t have to keep playing an old event course I couldn’t bother to finish days before and now I can start the new event immediately with this button lol.

2016-04-25 13.41.30


More updates on the Stageplay! In a famitsu online report they showed off photoshoots of the actors portraying Trickstar and they look so cute omg. They really fit the roles perfectly. Tho Mao is taller than Makoto (Mao is like 3cm+ shorter than Makoto in the game but the actor is taller www)

Can’t wait to see more pics of other actors dressing up as their characters! Seems like they might not have Anzu as part of the stageplay… which is kinda sad because she contributed to the plot too. Oh well, still got the anime… maybe?

Merch Spotlight Update


Finally more Big Omanjus are available to purchase! or at least available to preorder. Vol.3 contains UNDEAD and Valkyrie, release in July 2016, while Vol.4 will have Ryuseitai and 2wink, release in August 2016. Each one is sold separately tho, each big Omanju is 4,000 yen each. I’ll purchase Adonis because I can only afford one, tho I already preordered a box omanju with smol omanju Adonis in it so now I’m going to get two Adonis Omanju lol.

You can preorder them at prolly any online Japanese store. My top picks are either CD Japan (3,600 Yen) or Amiami (3,250 yen).


15th April ~ 25th April


The Flag’s Honor ✻ Crowned Flower Festival features Akatsuki and fine (minus Eichi) with Valkyrie as guest stars. Akira-sensei writes the story with 20 story parts. Seeing that the event is already over and this post is long due I’m gonna make it quick.

Its the start of a school year, the first years are starting their new school year at Yumenosaki Private Academy. One of the first years is Tori whose butler, Yuzuru transferred along with him, almost at the same time Anzu transferred into the school. Akatsuki has an upcoming S1 Dreamfes, the festival name being “Flower Fes”, and would like the back up help of fine, tho Eichi is hospitalized it’ll have to be Wataru and the newbies.

So Yuzuru and Tori go through intense montage training by Wataru in preparations for Flower Fes. Souma is intensely training too (for almost like 5 hours doing lessons) and it makes me wonder when did Akatsuki form when the year before Keito was begging Kuro to join Akatsuki. Maybe at the end of last year (in-game)? So maybe Souma is kinda a newbie to Akatsuki lol. Who knows. Anzu is still a lil bit timid, after being thrown into a produce course and having to take care of all these idols. I think at one point Souma princess carried Anzu to a classroom after hearing that they’re going to the same destination and it’d be quicker that way, tho it made her kinda faint or something 😆 Just like when Koga fell on top of her in the first dream fes in the main story. Poor Anzu needs a break.

Tori is apparently a big fanboy of Eichi’s, even calling him “Eichi-sama” even tho Yuzuru tells him to call him ‘President’ instead. Which makes me wonder when did he stop calling Eichi “Eichi-sama”, maybe when he actually met him lol. Yuzuru is more clingy to Tori than before, which shows how much he’s let Tori be dependent on his on as the year went on. But now he’s holding him tightly and being really affectionate. Yuzuru you’re being to sweet on Tori omg. Also apparently Yuzuru used to be a stray dog or something? Like in the past he must’ve been a delinquent until he changed his ways and started anew. It’d be interesting to see his past self but I’m not prepared lol.

Later on, Keito was going to bring flowers to Eichi but seemed to have given up and fell asleep on a bench in town. He was later woken up by Anzu, who was selling flowers and stuff for Flower Fes, and he gave the flowers to her instead. Keito and his tsundere sweet side lol. Mika is also doing a part time job of selling stuff (not sure if its flowers or bread omg), he’s selling them in town where he meets Shu who talks about stuff. He left Mademoiselle at home because he didn’t want to bump into someone and break her, they also start talking about the ‘5 Oddballs’ and how its now just the ‘3 Oddballs’. Shu talks about the 5th oddball very loosely, calling him ‘that’ or ‘that youngster’ so maybe he has a resentment towards him or maybe the 5th oddball is a 2nd year kusogaki lol. That’d be interesting!

2016-04-26 22.02.23

Akatsuki and fine does the live performance in the middle of town, which is prolly the first time I’ve seen them do a live outside of school. Yuzuru places a life sized cardboard cutout of Eichi as an ‘installment’ of the stage and talks through it to give words of encouragement to Tori who kinda finds it creepy. Tori sings his best for Eichi’s sake, hoping his voice will reach to him at hospital.

At the end of the day Yuzuru is cleaning up like a good butler he is, Tori is tuckered out and Kuro carries him around tho Shu is like ‘is that a doll you’re holding there? how cute!’. Shu pls.

And so ends the final event that won’t be a loop/repeat. Now let the repeat/loop events roll on in 😆

The Flag’s Honor ✻ Crowned Flower Festival‘s Event Cards:

I wanted to go for Keito this event but I’m saving all my resources and diamonds for an inevitable Adonis event. Hopefully the event announcement tomorrow will put me at ease because I have a few bottles that might expire soon and I want to end my suffering of being anxious of an Adonis event.

Next event might be a loop/repeat event of Sakura fes, maybe this time it’ll have a different viewpoint and may not focus on Trickstar. Theres some ppl thinking it might be Knights focused, they could be right tho because its been a while since they were in an event (if I remember things right). But if it is I’m sure it’ll be hell for people to rank. Still I’m hoping next event will have a 4*/5* Adonis card and if possible I really hope it’ll be a point bonus because I can’t handle the tensity of ranking again. Not again.

HE have mercy on us.

14th April ~ 26th April


Scout! Castle of the Ocean is yet another Marine Life Club gacha feat. Adonis and a turtle buddy. Also second time Souma has a 5* gacha card? Rules? What rules? Happy Elements does what they want. Still its a gr8 gacha card and story. Story written by Yoshino Yuki with 9 story parts.

I find myself enjoying stories written by Yoshino when it has something to do with Adonis (then again most stories that have Adonis or UNDEAD are my fav), but this one feels like its in my top 3. I enjoyed it, I could comprehend what is happening 80% of the time and it gave me what I wanted: Adonis finally interacting with small animals instead of watching them from afar. That was my greatest wish and HE granted it, thank you.

The story is about Souma taking extra care of one of the Marine Life club’s turtles, he even goes as far as to name it ‘Kamegoro’ instead of calling it my its technical name (each creature is called by its name like turtle etc followed by –san) I think Kamegoro is an Ishigame (a Japanese pond turtle) so they would have to call it ‘Ishigame-san’ before Souma nicknamed it. He takes care of Kamegoro, even goes far as to make food for Kamegoro to eat. Story takes place somewhere at the start where Anzu transferred so they’re calling her ‘Tenkousei’ again and I feel so angst lol.

Even tho its the start of the year we are already getting things established: Adonis swears to protect Anzu from Kaoru and Souma & Adonis form a ‘Protect Anzu from Kaoru’ Club (not exactly, but they say they want to protect Anzu from Kaoru) and Kaoru is making his moves on Anzu after his date with another girl had to be cancelled. He offers her to go out with him, talks about his plan to go shopping with her, he’ll hold all the shopping bags, walk her home after dark and then maybe introduce himself to her parents while he’s at it. Its good to see you back, Kaoru lol. Of course Anzu is scared and hides behind Adonis, which prompts Kaoru to give up for now, tho he’s like ‘we’ve got plenty of time to get to know each other ;^)’ well not exactly but almost like that. And I’m sitting here thinking, “You barely got Anzu to let down her barriers near the end of the year and could only get a proper conversation going at your last live performance before graduation. Son you took your time.” 😆

2016-04-14 18.05.02

Anyway, its revealed Souma really got into Marine Life and his club once he watched a documentary that moved him so much that he really gained a better understanding and acknowledgment for marine life, particularly turtles. If you haven’t known by now, turtles are Souma’s fav marine animal. So when he took care of Kamegoro he really grew attached to it (I think Kamegoro was sick or something), even getting worried when Kamegoro went missing later in the story (tho they found Kamegoro with Kanata, both of them relaxing in the water fountain). Souma kinda freaks out seeing this, tho Kanata told Souma to think more about Ishigame-san’s needs and told him to apologize. Not sure why, maybe I was reading it wrong.

But yeah, it was a really gr8 story for me. Theres a lot of elements going on there so maybe its best to read it in English (I’m sure someone out there is translating the chapters rn). My No.1 highlight is Adonis meeting Kamegoro for the first time, Souma describing how Kamegoro likes to climb on his arm and Adonis going ‘thats…. cute’. Later Kamegoro climbs onto Adonis’ arm and it shocks Adonis because every small animal he’s encountered were scared off by his appearance, which is why he watches them from afar because he really doesn’t want to scare them. So it makes Adonis really happy when small creatures like Kamegoro and Anzu (she is smol too) interact with him without being scared of him.

So thank you, Castle of the Ocean Gacha. Thank you for the precious moments you gave in  a small span of chapters.

Sorry for an extra late post, was busy last week with tests and stuff due and I used my long weekend to do other posts that have been on my mind. But at least I got it done in the end.

Thanks for reading and being patient _(:3 」∠ )_