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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | April《#06》


And so more smol sword sons join the family! Welcome back home, Shinano and Kogitsunemaru!

Y’all are the smallest precious sons a Saniwa could ask for (´ε`*人)

Day 376 | Saniwa Lvl 82 | Average Sword lvl late 50’s~70’s

Contemplating what to do with my life from now on

Foxy Grandpa Get!


Sorry for not doing a post last month as there were no big events happening and I was really busy. Then again I lost a lot of opportunities of getting Juzumaru, the increase luck on getting Nihongou and Akashi and prolly many more stuff that I missed out on lol. Also Higekiri and Hizamaru are now in Kebiishi Prision??? Thanks Touken Ranbu.

But in the end, thanks to Touken Pocket, I got Kogitsunemaru! Also my third copy of Mikazuki 😆 Tho I had to uninstall the app because it was too huge (1.6GB or something) and it was so weird trying to get used to playing it on a smol screen, my iPod is pretty smol. Now my journey of finding foxy grandpa has come to an end… now what should I do? Should I change the tag name of these posts? Who am I now that I have Kogitsunemaru?

Seeing that I didn’t get Juzumaru during the crafting event, I guess he’ll be my new target. The hunt for daddy long legs grandpa has commenced!

Well only once the May event starts.


1 Year Anniversary…. kind of?

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 7.00.25 PM

I missed out on my Anniversary (´;д;`) I was keeping track of my countdown until three days before and then I forgot to log in on the day because I was busy with school work (or at least working about school).

Its sad tho, I’ve been waiting for this since the start of the year and I missed out. Legit I woke up one morning and realised that I forgot about my anniversary. I hate myself for forgetting omg.

I guess I’ll have to wait until next year? Damn. I was looking forward to hearing my aibou Yamanbagiri say something tsundere or something, come on guys.


Underground Event – Shinano Edition

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 9.54.00 AM

I know its been said before but I’ll say it for just a bit, Shinano reminds me of Tsukasa Suou, not only the look but also kind of the personality because he seems to like attention from Saniwa and is the youngest child (Tsukasa is kinda clingy to Anzu and is the ‘youngest child’ of Knights lol). Even his citadel quotes makes him seem clingy and its pretty cute:

I used Iwatooshi in my team and he swept the floor clean lol. He was at around lvl70 and levelled up a bunch and now he’s the strongest sword I have omg. Kogitsunemaru and Fudou got some levels in, now they’re lvl25+ but I had to switch them out once the golden yaris became faster than Iwatooshi. As usual, I watched some more cardcaptor sakura while playing 😆 , it really helps when you’re doing something else while playing Touken Ranbu esp with these Underground Events.

Anyway welcome home, Shinano!

Prolly gonna try to get the other swords outside of events once I have free time for them, but I’m running out of space to hold swords so I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I have to buy some more space.

I won’t be having a recommended nico douga video this time around because its kinda redundant if nobody wants to watch lol.

As always thanks for reading!